50 Catholic Prayers for Back to School

Going back to school places an added responsibility on you. You may not know all that will unfold as time goes by at school.

However, you can enjoy a successful outcome in the end when you prepare to be diligent and committed to school activities.

Also, you should set goals and, very importantly, commit your goals, plans, and the unforeseen into the hands of the Father by saying a prayer.

These Catholic prayers are for students who have high hopes that they will be successful in their academics, and so they place them before the father as they prepare to get back to school.

Here Are 50 Catholic Prayers For Back To School

  1. Dear Lord, I thank you for the joy of this period. It is such an honor to get to this level, and it’s obvious that your help has brought me this far. I thank you, oh dear Lord.


  1. Father, I bless you for having the sanity to go to school. You have helped me so much from last year up until now. I appreciate your support of my mental capacity and strength to study hard. You have indeed helped me.


  1. Heavenly Father, I acknowledge your help towards me. Thank you for accommodating my excesses and holding my hand till this point in time. You are good, and your mercy endures forever. I bless you, Lord.


  1. I give you all the glory, Lord, because you have been so good. I appreciate your loving kindness and your help in seeing me flourish in my academics, to your praise and glory. Amen


  1. Dear Lord, I praise you for your mercy and perseverance thus far. Thank you for holding my hands and leading me through the tough stages that I encountered during my last session at school. When I look back, I can say nothing less than “thank you, Lord.”


  1. I bless you, Father, for keeping and sustaining me. Time and time again, it becomes obvious that you hold the future in your hands. Many died at school during this period that passed, but you never for once pushed me aside or cast me away from the presence of your love. I thank you.


  1. Lord, I extol your holy name for your provision. My experience before the break was “heavenly.” You kept providing for me without ceasing because you are all-sufficient. I bless you, Lord, because you are set to do greater things for me as this new period begins. Amen


  1. I bless you, Father, for your presence in my life. Thank you for seeing me through the hurdles of school and bringing me back to a new experience with you. I acknowledge you.


  1. My redeemer, I pray that you help me to be conscious of your promises to me. Help me not to slip out of your plans for my academics. Amen


  1. Father, I pray for greater grace in this season. Hold my hand through this period and uphold me at all times. Amen
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  1. Abba, I pray that as I resume, my experience of your love will be on a better level. Open my eyes to get a glimpse of your life for me, and in the end, help me to improve in my academics for your glory. Amen


  1. Dear Lord, teach me to be grateful at all times. May your sufficient grace overwhelm me and lead me to the place where you want me to be in my academics.


  1. Father, I pray that you enable me to accomplish the academic goals that I set for myself. May the situations that trouble me not be what I fix my eyes on, but may my focus be specific.


  1. Dear God, I ask that you open me up in this period at school to grow all-around. Bless me and make all things grave for me in my spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and academic lives. I look up to you for help, and I pray. Amen


  1. Heavenly Lord, I pray for inspiration from your throne. May difficult times not sweep me off my glorious academic destiny. Push me further with a strength that is beyond me, I pray. Amen


  1. Father, I ask for the ability to love people that I get to meet as I return to school. May my love life not decline but increase. I pray that you help me to have empathy for the people that I will encounter as I move around in school. Amen


  1. Blessed Father, I pray for favor before my lecturers and friends. May my life not be so ordinary that no one sees a reason to favor me. As I encounter them, may they love me. Amen


  1. Lord, I pray that the wrong people will not really be around me as I return to school. May my associations be the ones you have set for me, and may I receive the Spirit of discernment to know who to be with and who not to be with. Amen


  1. Father, I pray for direction at school. May I not move blindly without hope of what the future brings at school, but may there be clear-cut directions and steps on what I ought to do per time. Amen


  1. Blessed Lord, I pray for your blessings in my life. Shower me with academic excellence, and as I begin with you, in the end, may my testimony be grand. Amen


  1. Dear God, I pray for a successful schooling exercise. As we began, I trusted that you would come through for me. As I continue, my belief is that, as you have helped me in my academic endeavors thus far, your help will not cease from me. I pray. Amen


  1. Bless everything my hands touch and cause systems to favor me as I continue to pray. Amen


  1. Dear father, I pray for the grace to be zealous and display fervency in my academics. May no form of laziness get a chance in my life, but I ask that you put in me an intense desire to study more than before. Amen


  1. Heavenly Lord, I pray for an increase. As I have recognized that the best and most reliable love that I can get is from you, I ask that you amplify my efforts. Because my outcome at school is loud, I pray. Amen
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  1. Dear Father, hide me under the shadow of your wings. Save me from the wicked, and let a covering be upon and over me. I receive divine protection as I move around at school. Amen


  1. Heavenly Father, may I not drop along the way. I pray that you equip me with what it takes to be consistent. Order my steps in the right way and be my present help. I pray, Amen


  1. Dear God, I depend on you. I pray that you meet my needs according to your immeasurable blessings. May no force of lack push me into what I ought not to do. Help me with the ability to build the trust I have in you. Amen


  1. Heavenly Father, I pray for understanding. As I set out to know more at school, may the knowledge not go to waste, but as you fill me with understanding, may all that I will acquire be understood.


  1. Father, help me to know and sieve away important knowledge from irrelevant ones. May the information that I will gather at school be needed and timely. Enable me to stumble on what I need to know, and in the end, have your way through this period at school, I pray.


  1. Dear God, I pray for guidance on how to do things the right way. May the information I have acquired not cause me harm as a result of my ignorance of how best to appropriate it. Make me wise and exceptional. Amen


  1. God, I pray that you shut the mouth of every spirit speaking negativity into my mind. Garrison my heart with your words and promises towards me, which are good and perfect. May your sweet spirit uplift me. Amen


  1. Heavenly Lord, teach me to trust in you better. I pray that you hold me close as I look to you as my very present hope. As I return to school, may this period not be a hectic one for me, but I ask for your grace and patience.


  1. I speak against every bad news from home or any of my loved ones. I pray that you secure them from every form of mishap. I pray that you keep distractions far away from me at school. Amen


  1. Heavenly Father, I thank you for calling me your own. I bless you for making me excellent and of surpassing quality, just as you are. I pray that as I resume school activities, this exceptional spirit of yours may manifest in my life. Amen


  1. Dear Lord, I pray that you help me to protect my sanity. May every experience that I go through not have a space in my life. Save me from worrying about the next step to take and where help will come from. Be my shield and guide. Amen


  1. Father, you are my strength. As I step out to resume school, I receive divine energy. I know that my source will not run dry, and as the days unfold, they will teach me to trust in you more. Amen
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  1. Dear Lord, lead me and guide me. I pray against every form of confusion. May my life unfold as you have planned it, and I pray that my education will not go otherwise. Amen


  1. Heavenly Father, I pray that you make me a wonder in school. May my life have no element of a normal student, but as you make me outstanding, may my life praise you in the end. Amen


  1. Dear God, I open my heart to receive the gift of men. I pray that you strategically place men to favor me and bless me at school. May you see me in every face, and may my eyes be opened to know the people you will send my way. Amen


  1. Heavenly Lord, I pray that my spiritual life will not run dry. May my experience with you get better and sweeter as I continue. Amen


  1. Dear God, I pray for a focused mind. Save me from the confusion that plagues people around me and equip me to grant help to people in situations of dilemma at school. Amen


  1. Father, I receive the grace to follow your will and plans for my life, no matter what wants to stand as a hindrance. I may not respond to the responsibilities I have at school according to the environment in which I am situated. I bless you, Father. Amen


  1. Dear God, help me to be meek as you continue to help me. May the devil get no space in my life to instigate pride of any sort, but by your spirit in me, may I always acknowledge you as the source of every good thing in my academics. Amen


  1. Father, I pray for a heart that perceives your instructions. May academics not blind our eyes from paying attention to spirituality. As I pick up what you are saying per time regarding school and other aspects of my life, help me to run with what you are saying. Amen


  1. Heavenly Father, I ask that you hold my hand throughout this academic journey; may it not be that at any point in time I miss touch with you. Amen


  1. Father of light, may your angels spread all around me to guide and speak to me whenever discouragement wants to set in. May I not miss the instructions from your sweet, small voice in everything I engage in at school. Amen


  1. Dear God, I have a retentive memory. I pray that you bless me and enable me to know way more than my instructors. Amen


  1. Heavenly Father, teach me not to get weary of thinking that my efforts are in vain. Help me cultivate a diligent, dedicated, and committed spirit at school. May you be the driving force, and I pray that you accelerate my energy. Amen


  1. Dear Lord, I pray that my academics will be a compendium of the supernatural. May my inputs and outputs at school make you smile. Thank you, God, for having promised that you would not forsake me or move away from me. So I ask, dear Lord, that you make my academic pursuit a successful one. Amen

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