50 End Of Year Warfare Prayer Points

As a result of the mercies of God, war may not be prevalent around us, but we ought not to forget about those who are in the midst of it.

It is important that we commit them to the hands of God for peace over their territory.

You can say these prayers for the restoration of their physical and mental health and their environment, and to ensure that they end the year in safety.

Underneath Are 50 End-Of-Year Warfare Prayer Points

  1. Pray for security for the military personnel scattered around. Thank God for putting the interest in their hearts and the passion to secure people all around.


  1. Pray for God’s hand to be upon all the military teams. Ask the Lord to guide their families. May no harm of any sort befall them so that they will have no cause for worry in the field or while executing their assignments.


  1. Pray for the wholeness of the people in the military. Ask God to grant them emotional well-being and strengthen every feebleness in their hearts. May their hearts not be weak or get completely discouraged at any point.


  1. Pray for the physical stability of the people in the military. Ask God to protect them physically from harm and every terror planned to sweep them away. May the hand of God be their abode.


  1. Pray that God keeps them alert so they understand the next step to take at every turn they make. Request that the Lord make their senses sharper and more keen to perceive.


  1. Pray for the leaders of the military team. Ask that God guide their decisions and grant them exceptional wisdom. Teach them the ropes of what they ought to do and help them discern the right timing to execute their actions.


  1. Pray for peace in towns and villages where conflict is raging. Ask that the Lord bring reconciliation to those areas and save the inhabitants from being hurt.


  1. Pray for physical healing for those who might have been hurt during the times of war. Request that the Lord hasten their healings so that they will be whole in no time from now.


  1. Pray for the emotional well-being of the military personnel and the people who are going through hard times emotionally due to the loss of a loved one or property. Ask that God heal every form of emotional hurt that they feel.


  1. Ask that God grant the military team terrific wisdom to make strategic decisions. May their choices be helpful in improving the security system. Pray that God, who holds the world in his hands, gives them clues to the routes they ought to take and inspires them on the best ways to ensure their personal safety.


  1. Pray that the Holy Spirit consoles the hearts of the inhabitants who live in places where their farmlands are destroyed and, as a result, are currently going through a period of unrest as to what to do next and where to turn to God.


  1. Pray that God shines the light of hope upon the victims of the war. May the military personnel gain the strength to push on and not refrain from moving on. For those who are confused about what the future holds and how they will move on, please grant them hope.
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  1. Pray for the mercy of God upon those areas that are currently going through unrest. Ask that God uses the military personnel to bring serenity to places that need peace, and may new things come alive in those areas. Amen


  1. Pray that God protects the civilians even as he shields the military. May the outburst of pain in war-torn areas reduce to the barest minimum. Even as he restores peace in those areas, may he make provisions available.


  1. Pray that God restores the goodness of the land and all that has been lost in multiple folds. May his favour be upon them, and may they experience beauty for ashes. As God restores their land, pray for fruitfulness in their fields and replenishment of their souls.


  1. Pray that the proliferation of instructions for massive destruction be abolished. Ask that God bring poverty to the perpetrators and sponsors of this state of unrest. May the wicked witnesses who have refused to speak out but keep disseminating information for penetration and destruction come to their end.


  1. Pray for the displacement of groups of people. Disarm the works of the wicked. May the military personnel see reasons to rejoice as their strategies and plans bring about peace.


  1. Pray that the use of immature soldiers to fight wars comes to an end. Ask that God select the soldiers by himself and for himself. And as God picks them, may he equip them with all that they need to always come out successful after every war.


  1. Pray for the end of exploitation in areas of war. May child trafficking come to an end. Free all those in captivity and those that are blinded, made to feel inferior, and work like slaves; open their eyes to reality, and free them from ignorance in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Pray for the restoration of infrastructure. Ask that all that was lost be restored: clean water, an enabling environment for education, good clothing, and a friendly market environment. May war-torn environments be renewed much more than they were even before the war. Amen


  1. Pray for the restructuring, renovation, and innovation of communities, homes, and schools. In areas where destruction due to war has been experienced, ask for restoration. May the structures that come be way better than the ones available before the war.


  1. Pray that the future of the children in those affected areas will not be compromised. May the doors be opened for the provision. Ask that the Lord makes a way for their education to get better and more opportunities be opened to them to ensure their growth. Pray for an enabling environment with terrific blessings upon the lives of the students to pick up much more than they ever imagined they could.


  1. Pray against the religious conflicts that tend to arise among diverse social groups. Pray that majority religious groups will not rise up against minority ones, and even in diversity, may the Lord unify them. Ask that God protect the minority groups and cause his grace and help to abound with them.
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  1. Pray that the Lord breaks down every form of hardheartedness between people. May his power swallow up every cause for disagreement. Pray that the Lord causes dialogue to go smoothly and make conflicting parties come to terms that dialogue is a fruitful way of resolving issues. May God’s peace reign.


  1. Pray for the preservation of natural resources. God has blessed and placed great wealth and resources in every land; may his investments not be wasted or depleted. Pray that there will be no exploitation and depletion in the cause of the ongoing war.


  1. Pray for the protection of the environment and everyone in it. Ask that the areas where conflict is more prevalent begin to experience a new turn, and may the wildlife around them not go extinct, but may the new beginning favour everyone around.


  1. Pray for the frustration of corrupt military personnel. Their plans may face numerous frustrations. commit the political system, which will sponsor the running of other sectors, into the hands of God. May all the systems submit to your authority, oh Lord.


  1. Pray for the media that, in times of conflict like this, they will remain uncompromising. As they go about gathering news, may the protection of God be a part of their reward. Ask that the journalists be empowered divinely and that they be covered from every conflict.


  1. Pray that God grants the people in conflict strength, grace, and courage. Pray that God amplifies the voice of those who are in the foreground, voicing out for the peace of the area. May exceptional strength be available to them.


  1. Pray for the restoration of health everywhere. Ask that the father grant stable mental health to everyone who was afflicted by or suffered loss from the outbreak of war. Revive sanity to every broken heart, oh Lord!


  1. Pray for the workers who are involved in providing services for areas in conflict. May the humanitarians and philanthropists who provide goods and services in areas of war be blessed. Provide for many others who have helped and/or are willing to help. Grant them the grace to remain consistent in giving in Jesus’ name. Amen


  1. Pray for the extinction of weapons of war, sexual violence, racism, inequality, verbal abuses, slavery of every sort, and wicked practices against humanity. Lord, let every weapon used in war intended to cause destruction have no fruitful impact. Amen


  1. Pray for the justice of persons who are displaced. As they stay away from home during this period of time, ask that the Lord, in his infinite mercy, be with them. Pray for refugees as well. Ask that the Lord grant them peace and let their joy overflow even as they are far from home.


  1. Pray for the conclusion of sponsored terror. Ask that the Lord end the flow of the funds used to sponsor terrorism, and as its evil plots are uncovered, may good tidings follow suit, including the restoration of pleasant experiences in places that suffered ruin.


  1. Pray for the termination of destructive ideologies. Request that tyrant groups be put to shame and their memories be rendered blunt with weak ideas.


  1. Pray that those beautiful sites, eye-catching aesthetics, and recreation centers in areas of conflict be preserved. Most especially, ask that the Lord, in his unconditional love, show mercy to the inhabitants of the areas where conflict is prevalent.
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  1. Pray that the use of explosives and other harmful weapons of war has come to an end. May massive bombings and landmines come to an end. Ask the Lord to make the hearts of the wicked ones calm and still.


  1. Pray for those who are victims of war and unfavorable situations. Ask that as they settle down in refugee camps, the presence of the Lord be with them. Request that divine provision will be made available for them and that God will supernaturally make their needs available.


  1. Pray for the end of chemical weapons. Ask that God make the tense environments of war calm and that even as people remain indoors in conflicting areas, may they not lose touch with hope.


  1. Pray that the perpetrators of unfavorable situations and war become conscious of the importance of humanity. May the government also see reasons to step out in protection of humanity and recognition of human rights?


  1. Pray that God will make people who are interested in war and degrading treatment cease from such acts. Take away every form of inhuman treatment as well and help cruel people to be sensitive.


  1. Pray that the people who are detained and the people who are captured as a result of the war benefit from God’s preservation. Ask that the merciful Lord make the hearts of the capturers to know and practice empathy towards the people in their custody.


  1. Pray that gender inequality will cease to exist in conflict areas. May the lives of women and female children be protected. May children not be deprived of what they ought to enjoy as well. Ask for their protection.


  1. Pray against the negative use of technology. Ask that indiscriminate weapons go extinct and every technology used that is not profitable come to an end.


  1. Pray that the Indigenous people of every conflicting community be kept safe. Request that even as they insist on remaining in their land and protecting their properties, the Lord will grant them wisdom and ensure that they are safe.


  1. Pray for justice and God’s judgment against people who enjoy treating humanity with cruelty.


  1. Pray that the economy of war-torn areas comes back to life. May their land blossom, and many of them will have had greater experiences than they ever have. Pray for God’s multiplication upon them.


  1. Pray for the protection of those whom the war has affected. Ask that God provide a safe place for them to lay their heads, and may his presence abide with them there. May no outbreak of disease, storm, inadequate food, or heartbreaking situation make their hearts crumble.


  1. Pray that empathy will spread about humanity, and people of diverse belief systems and backgrounds will become united in love with hearts full of peace, warmth, and kindness.


  1. Pray that the use of explosives, drones, and other mass weapons of destruction in communities and highly populated areas be abolished in Jesus’ name. Amen

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