70 New Year Prayers for School

It’s simply beautiful to begin another new year at school. It is also a chance to plan your grades and decide how the year will end for you as a student.

No matter how crucial planning is for the whole year or even less, you need to say a prayer to the Father, who will grant you the opportunity and more.

This prayer is for someone in school and is usually declared in the new year.

Underneath Are 70 New Year’s Prayers For School

  1. Dear God, I thank you so much for how far you have helped me throughout the last year. Your faithfulness is indeed grand. Even through the tide at school last year, you remained so good to me. I thank you, dear God.


  1. Dear Lord, I pray for your guidance and protection in my life this new year. As I plan to go to school, may the joy of this new year continue even in my academics, in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Father, as I begin this new year, I receive the grace to focus and be intentional about my life in this new year. Help me to fix my eyes keenly on your promises for me, even in my academics. Amen


  1. Dear Lord, I ask that you free me from every form of distraction in my academics so that this year I will accomplish my goals and still stand strong in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Father, I am still amazed at the kind of love you showered upon me in the year that has passed. Your hand was always available to hold me, even in times when I was not as sound academic as I ought to be. I bless you!


  1. Heavenly Lord, I ask that you grant me the grace and all that it takes to lean on you in this new year. May the tough situations around me not overwhelm me, and may you be my anchor even as I kick off school activities this year.


  1. Abba, I open my heart to receive the wisdom that comes from you and you alone. May I not go over and over in the wrong direction? Teach me not to make the same mistakes that closed the door to certain opportunities at school for me. Amen


  1. Dear Lord, enable me to trust in you much more than I ever did last year. Direct my way in the path of righteousness so that my outcome even at school will be outstanding.


  1. Abba, teach me to do the things I ought to do at the right time and with the right frame of mind. Teach me not to permit my mind to wander.


  1. Father, show me mercy and help me to consistently live a disciplined life so that I won’t end as a failure in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Abba, as I set out to smash my academic goals in this new year, I receive help from above and inspiration in times when I’m discouraged to continue. Amen


  1. Dear God, I receive strength from above to brace up for the challenges that tend to come my way in school. May no difficulty sweep me off my feet. Amen


  1. Lord, help me not to seek my academics over you in this new year. May my desire not wander mindlessly and without aim. But as I submit under your leadership, may courage be my reward. Amen


  1. Dear Father, put in me the quest to live a balanced life. May the things that I should pursue not pursue me in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Oh Lord, beyond the nominal quest to study and pass exams, I receive divine help to seek knowledge in school in the name of Jesus. Amen
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  1. Dear Lord, I open my heart to listen to your voice as you speak and direct me in school. Teach me to hear you more clearly. And may popular opinion not be all I depend on. Amen


  1. Abba, I obtain peace and calmness even during periods of testing and examination. I refused to be tense and occupied with anxiety in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Dear Lord, enable me to fix my eyes on you and be content in every circumstance. May I find rest in you and be super content with what you have for me. Amen


  1. Father, I ask for your protection even as I get ready for school this year. May no weapon formed against me prosper, and as you lead me, I will receive abode under the shadow of your wings. Amen


  1. Abba, I receive what it takes to recognize your love and care for me. May I not feel lonely but recognize all your blessings around me. Amen


  1. Dear Lord, I march forward at school with great strength, and I receive the ministry of your angels to surround me even in my endeavors at school. Amen


  1. God, as I move around school, I receive guidance and direction from you, the father of light and every good thing that has existed.


  1. As I navigate at school, may the remaining part of the year be a blissful one. I receive help in my academic career in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Father, I receive the help and know what it takes to be receptive and follow your plan. Please help me to stay on track with your plan for my life, including my education.


  1. Dear Lord, I open my mind for your showers to overfill my barns. May I not get worn out in the pursuit of my education. Amen


  1. Father, I thank you for never ceasing to grant my needs. I appreciate your provision in school last year. I appreciate you because I know that you will do much more. Amen


  1. Dear Lord, I thank you for being good to me at every point of my life. Even as I step into school this new year, may goodness and mercy overwhelm me in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. God, I pray for the strength to be a compassionate student. May my educational pursuits not blind my eyes and ruin my relationship with school in this new year.


  1. Lord, as you grant me the grace to cope exceptionally well in school, may I not stop being gracious and kind to people around me in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Heavenly Father, enable me to find joy in what I do. Help me find joy in my lectures and lecturers. Teach me to do what is right when I ought to. Amen


  1. God, as I look up to you at school this year, during the ups and downs, may your light shine through my path in this journey in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Abba, I receive constant inspiration from you to be excited without ceasing or weaving. Amen


  1. Dear God, help me find delight in my books. As I study, continue to lead and direct me so that I will end as an exceptional student. Amen


  1. Heavenly Lord, help me not to be inconsistent in thanking you. Throughout my schooling exercise, may I not stop being thankful at all times.


  1. God, I pray for your forgiveness of sin. May my sins not shut the door on your help in my life throughout my schooling experience this year. Amen


  1. Abba, as we step into the new year, I tap into your sufficient grace to lead me through school as I open up my heart to you in your name. Amen


  1. Father, I pray for your wisdom to lead me through all my activities this year. May my actions be geared towards you, and may there be no trace of self-centeredness in me. Amen
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  1. Dear God, I ask that you overwhelm me with your unconditional love. Teach me to believe in you non-stop and not lean on what I know. Amen


  1. Father, may my decisions be guided by your principles. Let me not run in the wrong direction as I further my education in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Abba, with your hand in my life, I am completely assured that your hand will fall graciously upon my life, and may the evidence be obvious. Amen


  1. Father, I ask that you take away every form of guilt and unfavorable memory of last year’s incident at school. Make me not spend my energy on things from the past. Amen


  1. Dear God, I ask for your wisdom and relevant knowledge to guide school activities in this new year. Let your help be obvious in all I do in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Abba, help me to manage my time with all diligence. May I not live life without paying attention to things that matter, but as I look up to you in school, may your help come through for me. Amen


  1. Dearest Father, I open my heart to seek you without weaving. Touch my heart and make me align with your will as you lead me in my academics in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Abba, enable me to trust you and your choices for me. As I entrust my life in your hands in this new year, I know that I will not be put to shame. So, I ask for your help. Amen


  1. Dear God, I ask for your safety during my schooling exercise. May no plan against your will concerning my life come to accomplishment. Let your verdict for me unfold. Amen


  1. Lord, I look up to you for contentment. May my attention not be focused on people, things, and how I am not doing as well as them, but teach me to behave exceptionally. Amen


  1. Dear God, I pray that your provision will not cease in my life this new year. In the name of Jesus, may everything about me be supernatural, down to the provisions in school. Amen


  1. Heavenly Father, help me to set my mind on things that matter. May my heart be set on things above so that my school will yield more profitably in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. God, I look up to you for strength. May the cares surrounding me not sweep me off my feet, leading me into obscurity. I pray that you will continue to be my consistent help. Amen


  1. Dear Lord, I receive the power to stand tall through tough situations. I am overcome by the power of your blood, and I receive the strength to do what you have called me to, starting with school. Amen


  1. I receive divine guidance, Abba. May my ways not be natural all the time, but as you grant me grace, may my life not be explained without a trace of the supernatural at school. Amen


  1. Dear God, I open my barns to receive in abundance your good tidings for me. May my mindset not be eroded by the activities of the environment, but may school activities become more interesting to me. Amen


  1. Father, I pray for favor before my lecturers. May my teachers be favorable to me. And may your love strengthen our relationship. Amen


  1. Dear God, teach me to build relationships that are profitable. May I be thoughtful about my connections and not be swayed by discouraging talks at school in the name of Jesus? Amen


  1. Heavenly Father, may school activities bring joy to me. Help me not to be stressed and worn out suddenly. May I not give up but march on stronger in the name of Jesus. Amen
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  1. Dear God, teach me to be full of gratitude. Help me to always get back to the help you prefer for me when I am discouraged. Hold my hand and encourage me. Amen


  1. Heavenly Father, I receive divine supplies. Jireh, let my needs not overwhelm me, but as I look to you, may school be interesting in this new year. Amen


  1. Abba, I ask that you protect my loved ones, which I will leave behind for school. See them through and let the works of their hands prosper. Safely hold them steady and able.


  1. Dear God, teach me the best possible ways to approach my academics. May I not be a victim of things that I should avoid.


  1. I receive clarity and definite understanding at every point when I sit in class. May distractions find no place in me. As I study, I won’t be confused. As I write exams, I cannot help but pass with clear distinction in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Dear Lord, I extol you because I foresee a great time at school. I had faith in you that you would not permit me to go through circumstances where I would be torn between two decisions and eventually shut the door on listening to your voice and facing the battle alone. May my gaze continue to be on you. Amen


  1. Abba, like your little baby, may I enjoy your presence at school? Please do not leave me, but keep me steady and heighten my hunger, desire, and passion for you. Father, be with me through it all, I pray. Amen


  1. Elohim, let help come through for me. May I not struggle with academics, but as I study to show myself approved, I pray that you approve me and call me by yourself and for yourself as a powerful ambassador on campus in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Dear Lord, take away from me, far from me, every spirit of laziness. I am aware that you have not made me a sloth. So, I am determined to perform better this year so that my set goals will be in the mud at the end, in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Lord, I open my mind to be impacted to love you with my intellect. Even as I plan my school’s activities, may my intellect not be dormant, but as I clinch to you, put in me the quest and zeal to pursue knowledge. May knowing relevant information and gaining crucial experiences drive me in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Dearest Father, inspire me, keep me in check, and keep me motivated. May every wind not blow me away or change my destination. But put fresh fire in my marrows and help me to see reasons time and time again as to how important my result at school is to shine the light of your kingdom.


  1. Father, everyone around me is blessed. Even as I brainstorm certain ideas that I need to go on and on with in my life, I receive directions from heaven. May my choices not be self-centered but divinely guided. Amen


  1. Thank you, heavenly father, for you are the father of all good things and you know everything, even the level at which I am in my pursuit at school.


  1. Dear Lord, as I continue to look up to your good and perfect plans for me at school.


  1. Father, I am full of thanks and much more grateful knowing that schooling for me this year will birth amazing testimonies in my life and the lives of my family in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Lord, I thank you for assuring me that school can only go right with me. May I not deviate from your ways in the name of Jesus. Amen

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