21 Prayers for Text Anxiety

Prayers for Text Anxiety

Anxiety can be triggered by pressure or fear of the unknown. Tests can put a lot of pressure on one’s shoulders especially when you have to do very well to launch your next step, platform, or career. This pressure causes anxiety, but this is not a thing to be afraid of as a Christian. Rather … Continue reading

20 Test Taking Prayers

Test Taking Prayers

Advancing in most educational systems or bodies usually involves one or two forms of test-taking. Some of us, have experienced this from our high school days to college. I am glad you have decided to commit your test to the hands of God. When you pray to God about your test, you are letting him … Continue reading

44 Prayers for Maths Exam

Prayers for Maths Exam

So, you’re struggling in a math exam and have no clue how to solve it. I can definitely relate to that: there were too many times when I was close to flunking an important course. There’s no point in feeling desperate though because math isn’t the one assuring your grades! You do! With the right … Continue reading