60 Thank You Prayers for Passing Exam

When one’s effort yields profitably, it is a thing of great joy. Same way, happiness fills your heart after burning the candles at night, paying the price to study, devoting yourself to tasks… and you experience good success as a result of God’s grace plus your efforts.

To appreciate God for the grace to write exams successfully is crucial. Having an excellent result gives a sense of pride which can get negative if not well channeled to God’s help.

You can say any of these prayers to thank God for passing your exam.

Underneath Are 60 Thank You Prayers You Can Say After Passing Exam

  1. Thank you, dear Father, for your constant help. Thank you for my life and the opportunity to breathe this fresh air. I acknowledge your help with my academics as well. I am excited. I’ve got your help. I express my thanks to you.


  1. Father, I appreciate this rare chance to think straight. So many things might have happened along the way to serve as a barrier to my education, but you have remained faithful up until now. Thank you, Lord.


  1. I acknowledge you, heavenly father, for the grace to accumulate knowledge. Everything I read during the last exam was always possible because of you.


  1. Dear God, I do not take for granted the chance you’ve granted me to retain all I read during the last exams. You’ve made me enjoy bliss, and I’m thankful.


  1. Heavenly Father, I can’t forget to say thank you for granting me the skills to prepare for my last exams. Thank you for seeing me through all my courses too.


  1. Abba, thank you for your steady love. I’m glad I was hale, hearty, and full of strength to write my exams successfully.


  1. Dear God, I stand in awe of your omnipotence, acknowledging how far you’ve helped me in the last exams. Thank you for your unexplainable love in and through my life.


  1. For all the support, love, motivation, and encouragement I got from my friends and family members, I thank you, Heavenly Father of light.


  1. Thank you so much, Father, for equipping my teachers to impact me with the needed knowledge to end up as an exceptional student. I appreciate you, dear Father.


  1. I do not take the guidance I receive from my parents and counselors for granted. Blessed Lord. I appreciate your spirit, which always guides me as I move about in school and settle down to study.


  1. Father, I appreciate your kindness toward me. Thank you for showing me mercy even during the period of my examination.


  1. Observing the situation of my health gives me more reasons to acknowledge your goodness in my life and your mindfulness with regard to my academics.


  1. Excellent Father, I thank you for everything you do, which is beautiful. I appreciate you seeing me through every stage of my life. Thank you for leaving your prints as the doer of every good thing I enjoy as well.


  1. Abba, thank you for the excellent results. Through all odds, you made me stand tall. Your kindness never ceases.
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  1. God of academia, I appreciate your outstanding nature. Your impact has rubbed off on me to the point that right now everything I do excels, even my academics.


  1. Thank you, dear Lord, for this success story. Who am I without your grace? Thank you for making this achievement, not a myth.


  1. Oh Lord, I acknowledge your almightiness in and through my life. I’m grateful for your investments in my life to become what I am today. Thank you for this big win as well.


  1. Indeed, it is not by my strength, but I thank you, Lord, for making me stand tall in my academics. May this grace not cease in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Father, I bless your name for making me resilient. It was not so easy to push through exams, knowing the circumstances I was surrounded with, but you didn’t just make it possible; you made me successful.


  1. I bless you, Lord, for perseverance throughout this period. Even when the storms came, you didn’t permit me to lose hope and give in. Thank you.


  1. Abba, you chose to reward me beautifully even when my sleepless nights and stress couldn’t defend me. Thank you!


  1. Thank you, God, for looking upon me with a face of mercy. I appreciate this result from the depth of my heart, and I thank you as the doer of this beautiful thing.


  1. Heavenly Lord, I say thanks for this exam. Thank you for bliss. It feels so beautiful to be successful. Receive all the praise and honor that is due.


  1. Dear Lord, thank you for not letting what I fear take over me. Thank you for helping me crown my exams with success, even when it seemed so difficult to prepare for them.


  1. Thank you, faithful Lord, for the difficulties I faced during my exams. It made me study harder and, most importantly, trust in you for success. Today, I’m smiling because you made it beautiful in the end.


  1. I bless you, Lord, for letting peace overflow. You brought serenity to my heart even when the devil almost destabilized me with thoughts of failure.


  1. Thank you, God, for the grace to focus and work hard during these exams. I appreciate your grace in succeeding. In truth, it has been sufficient for me.


  1. I never knew I could stretch so much in my study of books, but you helped me through the process. I appreciate you, Oh Lord, for making the storyline end beautifully. You are good to me!


  1. Lord, for your unending mercy, I am grateful. I know that my academic success is a product of your mercy and kindness toward me.


  1. Thank you, God, for answering my prayers. I asked that your grace cover up for my excesses and the mistakes I made. And in the end, you came through for me. Thank you!


  1. For sound mind and serenity, I glorify you, Oh Lord. Thank you for preserving my mind and keeping it so secure. It is obvious that your hand is in my life, and it is obvious in my academia.
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  1. Thank you, Heavenly Lord, for the time and efforts you enabled me to put into the exams that passed. The results make me more broken and thankful to you, Lord.


  1. I know I have the mind of Christ. I know God’s spirit lives inside of me. It is evident around me and obvious in my results. I bless you now and even forever.


  1. For the gift and ability of education, I thank you. You’ve granted me the opportunity to learn and widen my horizons in terms of knowledge, and I’m grateful, even for my last results.


  1. Father, I appreciate your understanding. This rare ability you’ve gifted me with is a source of pride. I thank you for the understanding you granted me to attain this height in my academics.


  1. Step by step, you’ve never failed to lead me, Lord. I thank you for the ability to grow. Thank you for all the knowledge I’ve gathered at school. Thank you for the bliss-filled results as well. You are amazing!


  1. For every step that I took before and during my exams, thank you for speaking to me. Your direction has brought me thus far and granted me this pleasing result, I see. Thank you for all the experiences I’ve had. You are a great counselor!


  1. Thank you, Abba, for this glorious result. I acknowledge your great and consistent grace. For holding my hands and granting me a smooth transition, I am grateful.


  1. Father, thank you for wisdom and discretion on what to do and what time to do it. Thank you for helping me through my decision-making. I’m full of gratitude, Lord.


  1. Thank you, Father, for the supply of resources. You made it possible to get my fees paid and all my textbooks in place, and now the result is a pleasant one because of you.


  1. From all indications, there was no progress toward the goal I set for my academics, but, Lord, you made it exceedingly possible. I am exceedingly grateful for your disposition towards me. You are kind!


  1. Thank you for your daily provision and guidance. I had all that I needed daily, with fewer distractions to think about provision. This result can only be achieved by your mighty hand. I bless you, Abba.


  1. Father, your love for me and the world around me has granted me so much assurance that my examination is already a success. And now, my result is a symbol of what you have done. Thank you, Elohim.


  1. Dear God, thank you for blessing me throughout this period. Thank you for your fruitfulness at every turn I take. I also express my gratitude for this result. You have helped me!


  1. I enjoy this sense of achievement that radiates around me even after seeing the results of my examination. I bless you, dearest Father, for the ability to reach this milestone.


  1. I appreciate this opportunity to write exams and come out successful. Thank you for permitting the potential in me to find expression. May this lead to other hidden abilities coming into the limelight. Receive my praise, oh Lord!
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  1. Thank you for this result. I appreciate the new level of focus that this result has brought to me. It is so colorful to experience this feeling. May this result in greater possibilities for me, I pray.


  1. I acknowledge God for the zeal and motivation to constantly keep in check throughout this period. By your mercies, I am where I am because you never stopped reminding me of my dreams through the obstacles I face.


  1. I’m excited and satisfied that my efforts during the last examination period yielded bountifully. Thank you, Lord, for this feeling of fulfillment. I’m fired up for greater outcomes in no time.


  1. Thank you, Lord, for the confidence and increased self-worth I now experience. I’m open to a greater belief in you, Lord, and in myself, and I am more rooted in the belief that my dreams are possible.


  1. I appreciate you for this result, Lord. By your steadfast love, it has brought to my doorstep friendships and impactful connections that will birth something positive. Thank you for the alliances that are yet to be formed. I praise you.


  1. This level of growth I experience is a blissful one. Thank you, God, for what this opening represents. I pray that you get all the glory in the end and that your fragrance of hope engulfs every other aspect of my life.


  1. Abba, thank you for your presence that I felt around me all through my stay in school, including during my exams. I acknowledge all you’ve done for me, dear Father. My heart beams in gladness and gratitude to you alone.


  1. Elohim, from the rising of the sun till it goes down, I won’t stop giving thanks to your holy name for this great feat. Your greatness has not ceased one bit. Thanks a lot, and may you receive the glory.


  1. Thank you for the excellent spirit you put into me. I’m outstanding because your hand is evidently upon my life. I say thanks, Father. Your spirit in me is indeed an advantage.


  1. Father, thank you for all the choices I made at school. I appreciate you for the courses I wrote, and thank you for being such understanding teachers. Thank you always.


  1. I bless you, dear God, for my instructors. I’m glad that it has been an amazing time of learning. Thank you for granting me understanding and favor before my teachers.


  1. Your goodness is indeed all over me. Thank you for standing by me through my exams and even now. Thank you for your kindness toward me and for helping me see academic success as a possibility.


  1. Thank you, Elohim, for treating me well. I appreciate your commitment to academic excellence. This amazing blessing can only be traced to you. Be praised, oh Lord!


  1. I bring you thanks for success in my academics.

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