20 Prayers For Licensure Exam

Getting your licensure examination and passing is a task that can be filled with some tension.

You may have studied and practiced but you still feel the jitters when you think about the examinations. Why not take to God in prayers and feel his wisdom flow through you?

Prayer points are often missed and asking God for the right thing or knowing what to say is also important.

I have carefully listed out specific powerfully divine prayer points, these will help you communicate your thought on getting your licensure to God.

You can go through our list of prayers for your licensure exams.

20 Best Prayers For licensure exam

  1. Dear God, you made a way in the wilderness, and no name holds more authority than your name. You care about my life, and as your child, I have come asking that my licensure exam become a success. I know and am convinced that you have already done this for me. I give you thank father for your answered prayers. Amen.
  2. Holy father, the highest king of Israel. Wonderful is your name, I am on my knees with a request that only you can answer lord. I pray you to make my licensure exams as easy for me as possible. Let it pass like the gentle wind and bring gladness to my heart. I pray and ask all this in the power of your holy name.
  3. You saved Daniel from the lion’s den Oh lord and I call upon you today to act in your might and splendor. Father lord, bring me the peace that only you can bring as I write my licensure examinations. Let this examination be a blessing in my life, I will not live to regret this decision. May your light continue to shine upon me all my days. Amen.
  4. Oh lord, your wonders are beyond compare. Let your mercy be given upon me as I write my licensure exam. I rebuke any distractions from my surroundings and let my focus be total while I take the exam. Dear God, you do what no man can do and I believe strongly you will see me through the examination. Amen.
  5. Father in heaven, you are the bringer of peace. I am bowed before you asking for the divine strength you give the later saints upon my life. Let this power flow in me as I write my licensure exams. I reject any form of laziness or weakness in my bones. Fill me with your grace oh lord I may rise and shine in honor of your name. Amen.
  6. I Bless you oh lord for you are kind above all. As I write my licensure examinations, let your wonderful grace go forth and prepare a suitable position for me. I commit myself and everyone who handles my exams that this grace extends to them. Let my licensure exam, bring peace and joy to my family and myself. Amen.
  7. Dear God my heart is heavy with the thoughts of my upcoming licensure examinations. I have been burdened by the heaviness of the task before and I am kneeling in your presence, asking that you lift this burden from me. Show me your love by making my load lighter, let your angels guide my hands as I write these exams. Amen.
  8. Dear lord, you are who you are, and your word is final. Bring me the wisdom of Solomon oh lord as I write my licensure exams. Let me know what the ancients know and open my eyes to see beyond this mortal realm. Let your wisdom cover me as I study and follow me through to the exam hall. Amen. Because you keep your word always, I will give thanks to you oh king of the heavens.
  9. Oh God of creation, your standing in my life remains my utmost priority, you have blessed me beyond everything I have asked. I say thank you, God. I humbly present myself self-asking for your favorite one more time as I take on my licensure exams. Let this exam be written only once, I declare that because I am your child, I will not write this exam twice. Amen.
  10. Dear lord, you’re an ancient one. Your place belongs in the heavens and I worship for how you have given me unmerited grace. My licensure exams are near dear God, let my expectation not be cut short. I pray for your visitation on the day of my exams, let it fill me with confidence so that I will write and pass excellently. Amen.
  11. Abba father, my licensure exams are nigh. I command your dew of knowledge to saturate my every sense as I study and prepare for my exams. Let my brain recall if I have read with the grace of Solomon. Any question that may be hard should become simple, I ask that you push me to overcome all obstacles. Do this lord, and I will forever give glory to your name.
  12. Holy spirit of God I welcome your presence in my life today. You have been more than a companion and have strengthened my faith in you. Holy Spirit divine, I plead for you to remove any trace of confusion as I write my exams. Let the understanding of the three wise men become one with me, oh lord I ask this in your righteous name.
  13. My father, you are all I know and I am happy you have become more every day in my life. I see the wisdom and your works whenever you speak to me dear lord, thank you for not leaving me. I write my licensure exams soon, and I am seeking it to be with no problems. Let any obstacles be cleared before the final day, I commit to the weather and hall under your watchful eyes. Amen.
  14. Jesus you are great, you know when I need you most and you listen to the deepest desires of my heart. I give thanks because you chose me to become your son. Lord, you know how important my licensure exams are to me. I ask that you fill me with inner peace when I take my licensure exams. Let me stay far from any negative thoughts and actions, only you will prevail. Amen.
  15. Dear lord, you are my messiah and I am your humble servant. You have spoken your decree in my life and all the things I have done have been in line with your word. You have promised me the riches of the earth, and prosperity in all I do. My licensure exams are here and I ask that you take charge of every aspect of my exams. From the beginning to the end. Amen.
  16. I have come before you my savior because my heart is heavy. My licensure exam is filling my soul with fear and I ask that your grace make me bold. Please, father, I want you to embolden me with the heart of a lion. Let your strength flow through me as I write my exams today my father.
  17. You are I am that I am, and the kings of kings. The host of the heavens bows before your throne. I ask for your faith as I write my licensure exams. Let my faith be increased and any spirit of doubt be washed away by your outstanding power. This exam will be a stepping stone to greatness for me oh lord.
  18. My father, my lord. You have kept me steady through trials and temptation, as I write my licensure exam. Please let this exam not be disturbed by any external factors, any wrong presence, or other students. I will not be made a subject of ridicule; I ask for your divine will to prevail. Amen.
  19. My father you are Good. You made the universe from nothing and I believe you will see me through as I write my licensure exams. As I am on my knees lord, I pray you to hear my innermost cry and come to my aid. This cup shall pass over and I will give glory and honor to your name.
  20. Dear lord, I commit myself to your hands. My licensure exams are near and I rededicate myself unto you. Let my heart sing songs of thanksgiving and appreciation to your holy name. I offer my body as a token unto you lord, show me your eternal gift of success. Let your word be a light shining unto my paper, and pen, and surround me with your soothing presence as I write in your, mighty name. Amen.
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Prayer is the key when you want to talk to God about special things or anything you want.

If you have your licensure exam around the corner, it will help to bring you peace and real focus. This will lead to success in all the exams you hope to write.

When you pray and ask God for success in your licensure exams, it’s helpful to tell God Exactly what you want. Make a note to keep your prayer life active and holy you communicate with God.

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