Prayers for Exam Success for My Daughter

Many parents worry about their kids’ good grades in school. As a parent, nothing will show your love and concern more than praying for your kids at exam time.

Let’s get to the prayers for exam success for your daughter.

1. Lord Jesus, please bless and protect my daughter as she begins her exams today.

I pray that you will be with her at all times, guiding and protecting, and helping her to succeed in studying and passing her exams. Help her to stay calm, focused and not get distracted by school dramas or other people’s opinions. Please support her in being at the top of the class, passing all classes with distinction or better. In Jesus name we pray Amen.

2. Dear God, please guide my daughter through her exams. Ensure that she is ready for the tests, and help her to retain the information she has learned. Please allow her to pass all of her tests, and be given the opportunity to advance to grade 3. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

3. Dear heavenly father, please bless my daughter in her exam. Help her to get a good grade and remove all the fear and worries. Thank you for your blessing for the exam. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen

4. Dear Jesus, thank you so much for the wisdom and guidance that You give my daughter. Help her to know what she needs to do in order to pass her exam. Please help her to be focused, motivated, patient and give her wisdom when faced with an unexpected situation. Please protect her from other distractions during the exam. In Jesus name I pray Amen

5. Dear God, please bless and guide my daughter with wisdom and focus as she takes her very important final exams today. Strengthen your trust in the Almighty, who is able to accomplish all things and make possible for her today’s success. Please God, protect her from all evil thoughts, words, or deeds that may come into her life; both physical and mental, spiritual and emotional. In Jesus’ Name…Amen

6. Dear Lord, Grant my daughter JOY, Lord help her to have joy in all things. Grant her confidence and peace of mind. Help her to be calm, strong, and positive during this exam period. May she enjoy studying even though she has a lot of work to do. Help her to understand that you always help those who rely on you and trust you. Thank you for your help in advance.

7. Dear God, this is my prayer for my daughter as she prepares to take her exams. I pray that she will do well and pass with flying colors. Please help her stay focused while she studies and help her during the exam period. Amen.

8. Dear Lord, please bless my daughter as she prepares for her exams and help her achieve her goals. Please bless her with a clear and understanding mind so that she can perform well in all of the exams that she has been preparing for. Please bless her with good health, happiness and success.

9. Lord Jesus, let your light shine on my daughter and all her studies to help her be successful. Let the sun shine in her mind and guide her through this test. Fill her with confidence so she can face whatever testing brings and passes with flying colors. May the wisdom of God’s words direct her pencil as she fills in the answers. Teach her how to study, Lord, so she will find success in every area of life, as You did for me. Make all things skillful in her hands as she prepares herself for any challenge that comes before her.

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10. I pray that God will be with you as you take the exam, help you concentrate, and focus on what is being asked. Let there be nothing to distract you, help you maintain a positive attitude toward this challenge, but allow your knowledge and hard work shine through. Amen.

11. Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I pray that you will grant my daughter the grace to remember what she has already learned and to look carefully at what she doesn’t yet understand. Please help her to use her time wisely so that she may be well prepared for my examinations. Thank you for hearing my prayer, Amen.

12. I ask that you please help my daughter be successful in her upcoming exams. She is an intelligent, responsible young woman and a hard worker. I am so grateful for this gift of education and want to ensure that she will be ready for her future challenges. With your blessing, I believe that God will watch over her and help bring these positive changes!

13. Lord, please help my daughter pass her math exam tomorrow. I know that you are a god of knowledge and wisdom. Please watch over her as she studies for this test and let her be confident in the knowledge that she has obtained through your help and guidance. In Jesus name Amen

14. Dearest Father, I pray for my daughter today. Please let her succeed in her exams and help her focus on the things she needs to do well to pass. May you protect and guide her in all she does. Amen.

15. Dear Lord, I pray that my daughter will be successful in her upcoming exams. Please bless her with the wisdom and knowledge to study effectively and give her the ability to get excellent results. Thank you Lord for your mercy, grace, and love through Jesus Christ our savior. Amen.

16. Dear Jesus, I am coming to You tonight to ask for your help in this difficult time. My daughter is due to sit exams in 3 days’ time, please be with her during this time of stress and let the knowledge that You have given her through me and her father be made available to her during these exams. Oh Lord Jesus I pray that your Holy Spirit will be with her as she studies and that he will illuminate all areas where she needs more information so she may pass with good grades. Thank you for Your answer in Jesus’ name Amen.

17. Dear Lord, at the time of this prayer my daughter is preparing for her final exams and I am asking you to please bless her with success. Bless her as she studies and give her encouragement when doubt creeps in. Let this preparation be a holy experience as she seeks your strength and wisdom to be successful in these exams. May Your favor rest upon her and enable her to conciliate with others as these days are very stressful. Please God, shed Your grace upon those who will be helping her by answering their prayers too.

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18. Dear Lord, please help my daughter pass her math exam tomorrow. She has been putting in a lot of effort and studying hard to do well on this test. I ask that You protect her from all sources of stress, give her courage and confidence as she prepares for the exam and allow her to be fully prepared for what is required. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

19. Dear God, please watch over my daughter as she approaches her exams. Keep her safe and bring her back to me whole and healthy, so we can celebrate together the success of our hard work. Thank you, Lord.

20. Father God, I come to you now and ask that you bless my daughter in her exam tomorrow, thank you for all your blessings good or bad but most of all I pray for her success in this exam, Amen.

21. Father, I ask for all of your guidance for my daughter during this exam. Give her a good night’s rest and guide her through the studying process as she prepares for her examination tomorrow. Please help her to remember all that she has studied and that she understands the answers when asked by the examiner. In Jesus’ name, Amen

22. Dear Lord Thank you for the opportunity to share. My daughter is very worried about her exam tomorrow, please be with her in Jesus name. Amen.

23. Dear God, I pray that my daughter is the best she can be and that she understands what it means to be a good student. I pray for her academic success so that all of her hard work will not be in vain. Please guide her on the right path and give her wisdom, patience, and courage to complete any task set before her.

24. Lord, please help me to find the right words to pray for my daughter as she prepares for her upcoming exams. Help her to feel confident in her abilities, and that she will do well on the test. I know there are many things in life that she is struggling with right now, but Lord, I also know that you can help her. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

25. Dear God, please give my daughter the gift of knowledge and wisdom to answer examination questions properly. Praise her with success and secure knowledge. Protect her from the evil activities of exam cheaters and exam invigilators. Amen.

26. Dear Lord, please be with my daughter as she prepares for her exams. Please help her to do her best and give her wisdom in making decisions. Please help me as I guide her on this journey so that she does not make any mistakes. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

27. I pray that you would continue to bless my daughter with good health and strength as she prepares for her final exams. Please remove any obstacles in her way and strengthen her during this time. May she pass all of her exams with flying colors, blessing in every area of life, bringing great joy to those who love her and her family. Amen.

28. Dear God, please guide my daughter during her exams. Be her strength and help her to pass with flying colors. Give her inspiration and wisdom, so that she may excel in all areas of education. Watch over all students today as the staff and students try their best, and grant them success in passing their exams. In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask these things of You. Amen

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29. Dear Lord, please bless my daughter with all the strength and grace needed to pass her exams this week. I will pray that your angels protect her while she studies and You protect her health so that no illness or disease will hinder her performance. Please allow her to remember everything learned so far and open her mind to an even greater understanding. Grant her the ability to focus completely on what is at hand and not let outside distractions interfere with studying. Give her the stamina needed to finish her work as quickly as possible.

30. Dear God, please help my daughter to pass her exams. Please give her the wisdom and guidance she needs. Please help her remember what she has learned in class and allow her to use this knowledge in the exams. May she do well and make you proud of her efforts.

31. Lord, I come to you in the name of your son Jesus Christ, who told us to pray without ceasing. I pray that you give my daughter wisdom and knowledge as she takes her exams tomorrow so that her obedience will be pleasing to you. May she use the gifts You have given her to glorify your name, Amen.

32. We pray that you guide my daughter on the road to success. We ask this in your Holy name, Oh Heavenly Father, Amen.

33. Dear Lord. Please help my daughter pass her exams tomorrow. I pray to you that any fears, worries, and stress she has in preparation for the exams be taken from her and replaced with joy, confidence, and peace. Guide her mind, body, and soul through this time. Give her focus so she can use her gifts and talents for your glory. Shine your light on her. Heal her if necessary, strengthen her if weak, guide her if lost, and bless every step of the way

34. Dear God, as we start the school year, please help my daughter get through each test with ease and grace. Give her the wisdom and knowledge she needs to do well on each exam, so that she may realize her fullest potential. And please bless her teachers with strength and wisdom to help guide them all through this new academic year. In your name, I pray, amen.

35. Father, bless my daughter in her exams. I pray you will give her an understanding mind and help her to absorb all the necessary information that she is studying. Give her the confidence and wisdom to utilize what she has learned well. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

36. I pray that the Holy Spirit will touch my daughter’s heart, mind, and soul. I ask you to guide her in each step of her life. Through the books that she reads, through her prayers and studying, through her exams and reports. Help her to grow in faith and knowledge.

Hopefully, these prayers and sincere intentions help guide your daughter toward her exam goals.

I am sure she will do well in her forthcoming exams. God will be there in spirit with her. This is a prayer from me too.

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  1. I a widow pray that every prayers prayed for All our children that are going to their exams, my God Almighty will meet them at the very point their needs in Jesus mighty name Amen 🙏🏽.


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