20 Test Taking Prayers

Advancing in most educational systems or bodies usually involves one or two forms of test-taking.

Some of us, have experienced this from our high school days to college. I am glad you have decided to commit your test to the hands of God.

When you pray to God about your test, you are letting him grant you the divine power of his grace. This spiritual power can transform a simple test into one where you score above your expectation.

Also, praying before my test put my mind to ease. I feel God as he works within me.

See our list of test-taking prayers you can find.

20 Best Test Taking Prayers

  1. Dear God, You have always seen me through even when I don’t deserve your mercies. I am grateful that you are not a man to fail me. My test is upcoming father, I am kneeling here and asking for a breakthrough. Let this cup of failure pass over my life. I am your servant and anything that isn’t of God should not be found in my life. Dear God, failure is not part of your promises for your children. Let me pass my test so I will declare your wonders and mighty works to all living things. Amen.


  1. The lion of Judah, you alone raised the dead and walked on the sea. I am awed by the magnificence of your splendor. Jesus, my test is nigh and I am afraid of writing. I have studied but the devil still torments me with fear. Oh lord of host, let your angel strike out every spirit of fear from my heart. Let the boldness of a lion dwell within me. As I write this test, I will do so in confidence, knowing that you are always with me. Amen.


  1. Hallow be the name of the lord who sits on the throne of heaven. You have reigned in my life since my birth and I am thankful to Jesus. I come to you father you give me your protection as I write this test today. Let your shield protect my thoughts, my pen, my paper, and everything I come in contact with today. No evil thoughts from the enemy shall have their way in my life, my test will bring me to a much better place than I have been amen.
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  1. Elohim you are God, as I begin my test for the semester I pray you to remove all distractions from my life. I rebuke any form this distraction may take and I ask for your wisdom and strength to triumph dear lord. Do not let evil prevail over my affairs, take control and help me remain focused as I take my test. Father, I pray you to answer my prayers; I ask your angel to cast away any forces that will prevent my request from being answered. Amen.


  1. Dear lord, I am preparing for my test. You have been with me and helped me through my difficult days. Let me test be a successful father. As I spend time studying, give me the wisdom and grace to outshine my peers. You have said that it’s not by the will of man that we can make it; you told me it is you that showed mercy. I call on Your mercy today to make my studies for this test a successful one. I will sing unto the lord to say thank you for what I know he will do for me. Amen.


  1. Oh christ in me. I am here seeking your supernatural shift in my life. I’ll soon be taking my test and all I ask is for you to give me the spirit of discernment. Let your holy spirit tell me what to do, let it take my hands as I study and take my test. The way of man is not your way oh God, I ask that you bring this presence and put the devil to shame. Amen


  1. Everlasting God of creation. Let your name alone be worshipped, as I take my test today I commit my body to your hands. No form of illness or affliction shall be my portion, I speak by the power of the name of Jesus, that I am healed from my head to my toes. This test will not cause me to break down. I am forever in your dept oh lord, grant this desire of my heart and watch me dedicate my life to you alone.


  1. Oh lord, I love you, for you always answer me when I call upon you. As I take this test, let your angels silence every force that wants to sow any doubt in my heart. I reject and rebuke any plot of the enemy to have a doubt of success. You will show your mighty works and fill my heart so I remain firm like a rock. Taking this test will bring me tremendous joy in the lord’s name. Jesus, you are good, thank you for listening. Amen.
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  1. Jesus, you have blessed me since I started my education. Where I have been confused, you have brought clarity. Father lord, as I take this test any form of confusion in my life shall be trampled upon by your divine power. Dear Jesus, I pray you to take the wheel and drive the direction of this test to a bus top of success. Amen.


  1. Father lord you have placed your name higher above all names. Let your name and power manifest today as I take my test. Let me not take this test in vain, this test would add up to my exams to pass me with distinction. Amen.


  1. Dear Jahweh, I will take my test in a few days. You know I have been studying properly so that I can ace this. Jehovah, please let me recall easily when I sit for this test. I ask that the questions asked will be ones I can answer. I know such doing are easy for you to do, and you have promised to help those in need. Answer me oh lord as I pray to you. Amen.


  1. My father in heaven be thou glorified. I have been concerned about my test and I am here on your altar to plead for your grace. You know my struggles and how much effort I have made to correct them. I have more than doubled my studying and have been more focused than ever. I ask that your grace be sufficient for me as I take this test. Amen.


  1. Our father in heaven, not one is like you. I am taking my test this morning; I pray that your holy spirit comforts me. Let it still any troubling spirit within my soul, during my test I reject any form of tension or stress. Let your holy spirit guide me, lord. Amen.


  1. You are the author of everything, Jesus. You are my king and messiah. I have a test to take soon; I want angels watching over me lord. Let the test time be in my favor, I shall finish within the required time and have all the questions answered. Amen.
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  1. My God, you made the earth in seven days there is nothing above your doing. This test I am about to take is in your hands. Let the wind that brings failure to be far from me. I declare I will be for success and will be victorious. Amen.


  1. Christ our savior, this test I want to take is a precursor to my exam. The school year has started on a good note all thanks to your grace. As I take my test for the year, let the wisdom of Esther be mine, I bring upon my head the grace that followed King Solomon. Amen.


  1. I am that I am is your name. You have become a friend to me, my lord. This test I am about to take is already a success. I have faith that you have answered my prayer. I am here to give thanks because you promised to answer us before we ask. Thank you, Jesus amen.


  1. Blessed lamb of God, thank you for the breath of air. Dear lord in my upcoming test, direct me toward those who have good intentions for me. Any ill-hearted persons shall stay far from me. Amen.


  1. The creator of the universe is you, father. No one else can take your glory. The test I’m taking is a stepping stone in the right direction. Oh, lord let favor be my portion, let my future be secured in your hands, as I make my future may I not make mistakes. Amen,


  1. Dear lord, this test im taking would not be recorded as a disappointment in my life. I rebuke anything that will allow such to come my way, let your power prevail. Amen.


All these test-taking prayers mentioned here in this article have the potential to change your life. Having faith goes a long way in turning your dreams into reality.

When you pray, take these points to heart and remind God of his divine promises for your life.

As you write your test and pray to God, I know God has already fulfilled his will for your life. Do not relent for God is in control.

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