20 Holy Spirit Prayers For Exams

Do you need the guidance of the holy spirit in your exams? Are your exams close and do you want them safe in the hands of God? If such a question plague you, I am here to tell you it is not strange to ask the holy spirit to help you in your exams.

The holy spirit is a healer and comforter sent by God to guide us and fill us with the power of God’s spirit. It guides and is ever present in the children of God, being a gentle spirit that tells you what to do.

Your upcoming exams are around the corner, and you want the holy spirit to help.

Check out these holy prayers that can help you in your exams.

20 Best Holy Spirit Prayers For Exams

  1. Dear lord in heaven, your child is here bowing before your feet again. I am asking your holy spirit to feel fill me up and help me through my exams. I thank you for how you have helped me in the past exams. Dear lord, I want your holy spirit to show me the right choices to make as I write my exams. Let me pass in flying colors and bring glory to your name. Amen.
  2. Oh lord of host, you are the merciful savior and friend of the hopeless. My exams are close and I want you to send your holy spirit as a comforter during these times. God, I know that you have always seen me through situations, and I worship you for it. Let my exams be a thing of joy and let your holy spirit make every paper smooth. Amen.
  3. Dear father, I thank you for you are good. You made the heaven and the earth, all glory and honor be ascribed to you. I, your servant kneeling before you asking for your holy spirit divine to make this exam before me one of the best I have written. I know you can do all things and don’t disappoint those who call you in time of need. I accept the teachings of the holy spirit in my exams from the beginning to the end. Amen.
  4. Dear God, my exams are close and I ask that you bring your holy spirit to guide my hands as I write. You are the most powerful force in the universe and all forces respond to your commands. I want your holy spirit to use its divine power and make this exam pass with no hitch. When my hands go to write, let your holy spirit be with me every step of the way.
  5. Dear Christ in heaven, you made the universe with your words and all the beings in it. I am thankful for how far you brought me in my education. I seek your holy spirit to shower me with a sharp memory in these exams. As I read for my papers, let your holy spirit grant me the ability to remember all that I have read. Amen.
  6. Jesus, I come to you today a humble servant. I pray for your holy spirit to cover all the atmosphere of my examination. Father in heaven, through your holy spirit I reject any form of distraction in the examinations hall as I write my papers. I give you thanks because I know you have answered all my prayers. Amen.
  7. Dear lord God. My heart is calling out to you for your holy spirit to grant me my heart desires in my upcoming examinations. You have always made a way where there was none, and now I beseech thee to do the same again. Prove yourself in my life today by helping me with my examinations. Amen.
  8. Our father, glory of the highest praise be unto your name. My examinations are important to me and I am here seeking your holy spirit to help me study. I want the peace the holy spirit brings to help me focus as I prepare for my papers. God, you never forsake your loved ones and I know your holy spirit is already with me amen.
  9. Abba father, you are good. There is none compared to you in all heavens and the earth. You sent your holy spirit to help your children on earth. I am here because my exams are close and I need your holy spirit to keep any form of sickness from my body as I write my papers. I proclaim in your name that I will be healthy and fit for the duration of my exams. Amen.
  10. Dear Jehovah, you alone are to be praised. You have offered me protection during all my school years and I am forever grateful for it. My exams are bearing close, I want your holy spirit to descend and take control of all my forthcoming exams. I ask that only your will be done in my life, and every question shall be divinely answered through the hand of the holy spirit. Amen.
  11. Dear lord, you are the prince of peace and the host of angels. I have come asking you for your mercy and favor upon my life today. With a solemn heart, I ask that you send your holy spirit to help me focus on my exams. Let everything I am in line with my exams and put away anything that will cause me to lose focus. I am totally in your hand’s lord.
  12. Oh God, you are my shield and you have made sure I will want for a little. Today I am much grateful for the gift of life I give all thanks to your name. You have proclaimed in your word that I shall want for little. Prove yourself by allowing your holy spirit to fill me with your supernatural power, let my exam result be something that will make me rejoice. Father lord, do this and I promise I will return to you with a testimony of joy and praise. Amen.
  13. You are my messiah oh God of heaven. Nothing on earth happens without your permission and all the angel of the host bow to your outstanding power. I beseech thee for the holy spirit to manifest itself in my exams. Let every paper I write to be written with ease. Amen.
  14. Oh lord my God, you are the beginning and the end, none exist in all of creation like you. My exams are coming dear lord, and I ask for your holy spirit to disappoint any forces that have conspired to make it go wrong. Such plans from the devil would be thwarted in your holy name. Amen.
  15. Oh God almighty, you are the author of my faith I place my life in the hollow of your hand. My exams are here and I ask your holy spirit to possess me and take away anxiousness as I write my papers. I pray for the power brought by your spirit to remove any nervousness in my being as I write my exams. Amen.
  16. The lion of Judah, oh lord you are wonderful. You made me in your image and promised me the good of the land. Let your holy spirit shower my blessings in my exams, dear lord. I need your blessings in my exam so that reproach would be far. Amen.
  17. Dear God, I know you have been there for me all my life. I see your presence in my life and how you have worked your miracles in my education. God, you know my education is important too and my upcoming exams are around the corner, let your holy spirit descend and make my exam scores perfect. Anyone that is to score me will feel the divine touch of the holy spirit. Amen.
  18. Dear lord, you are my king. My exams are close, and I ask your holy spirit to be with me. Let It whisper in my heart every correct step to take. I know your word promises you to have no desire to see me fail, show yourself in my exams. Amen.
  19. Ancient of days and the king of Judah. You were here before the beginning of time and will be hereafter. Spare me the sorrow of failure oh lord as I write m exams. Let your holy spirit ward off any stench of failure and wrapped me in the cocoon of success. Amen.
  20. My father and lord. I have been faithful to your word all these days of my life. I ask that your holy spirit not forsake me as I write my exams. I will go into every hall surcharged with your power and understanding. Amen.
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The holy spirit is a comforter for all children of God. It is here to keep us safe and close to any distance we might feel from the most high.

Your exams should matter to you, and inviting the holy spirit is a wonderful thing to do.

The presence of the holy spirit brings upon all who ask a feeling of calmness, focus, and understanding.

Ask God for his understanding in your exams using these simple prayers with the holy spirit, which invites Success and distinction in all your papers.

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