37 Powerful Prayers to Pass an Exam for Catholic

When things are difficult, you can always turn to the Lord, who generously provides us with all that we need. When exams are approaching and your nerves are high, try this prayer and you will surely pass!

These Catholic prayers can be used to pass an exam. It’s effective and can be used for the following: passing driver’s license exams, written tests, final exams, and others.

37 Catholic Powerful Prayers to Pass an Exam

  1. Our Lady of Fatima, of heavenly direction, shield me from all evil and watch over me as I take my exam today. None of the fatherland’s enemies shall harm me, as you bring peace on earth and justice for all. Amen.
  2. In this prayer, I ask saints to pray for me and to ask for their special intercession on my behalf.
  3. Lord, I am in need of your help! Please stay with me and guide me to success. Please give me the strength to do well on my exam and always teach me how to study better. Lord, help me to pass my test so that I will have time for other things in life.
  4. Dear St. Joseph, heavenly Patron of students, I come to you with heartfelt trust and confidence. Virgin spouse of the holy Mother of God, foster father, and protector of the members of Jesus Christ by your care, intercede for me that my studies may be a spiritual stimulus for my life. Obtain for me the grace to learn what I must know as a student in order to be good and holy. Deliver me from all temptation to laziness and procrastination; banish all temptations to pride; inspire me with the will to take advantage of your aid in my studies so that I may succeed in passing each exam.
  5. Dear Lord, I offer you all the trials and difficulties of my life. I entrust them to you and ask for your help in order to bear them with love, patience, and acceptance. Help me use these situations as opportunities to increase my faith, hope, and charity. Thank you for everything with your love Jesus. Amen.
  6. Dear Lord, please hear this humble prayer. Through your grace, I am sure to pass my exams and become a successful doctor. Amen.
  7. I call on the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. With Your help and grace, I will pass this exam successfully and all that follows it. Amen.
  8. Saint Joseph, faithful follower of Jesus and protector of families, please assist me in obtaining the strength necessary to complete this exam. I promise to use all my efforts in learning the material and allowing it to enrich my life so that I may share with others what I have learned. Saint Joseph, pray for me!
  9. Dear Father, I know that You are always with me. I believe in Your love and power, and I ask You to help me pass this exam. Amen.
  10. Dear Jesus, please take this exam for me. Please help me to do the right thing when I answer these questions and not think too much about the answers. Please teach me to have faith in myself and believe that you can give me an answer if I ask you properly.
  11. Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and my Mother, you have always been a model of faith for all Christians; help me to pass this exam and give me the grace to be faithful to God in all circumstances. Amen.
  12. Dear Lord, as I prepare for this important exam, please help me to ensure that my mind is clear and at peace. May You cleanse my thoughts so that I can focus on the matter of the test and not be distracted by other worldly matters. Please give me the confidence to pass this exam and please keep me safe from harm or accidents on your way there and back. Amen.
  13. Father, please help me pass this exam! If it is truly in your will, I know that you will help me. My guardian angel will be beside me every step of the way. Please keep my mind focused and calm as I study, and help me remember all the information I need to pass with flying colors. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
  14. Lord, we ask that you bless us with the grace to pass these finals. We have studied hard and have prepared well for this time, but we cannot do it alone. Please help us pass our exams so we may continue with our education. Amen.
  15. Lord Jesus, you have helped me my whole life and now help me to remember all that I have learned. Help me to be kind, friendly, and lovely as you are good. Grant that I may pass my exam with all marks including an A+. Amen.
  16. Our Blessed Lady, by your grace and virtue, protect my mind, heart, and soul. Allow me to finish this test in peace. Help me to not worry but be confident of your protection.
  17. Lord, please give me the wisdom I need to pass my exams. Give me the strength to keep my head held high and walk with confidence knowing you are always with me.
  18. Lord, help me to remember that an exam is not a way to prove how smart I am but a chance to show how much I’ve learned. Lord, help me realize that the test is not going to be like anything else I’ve had in class.
  19. Gracious Lord, who has given me the talent of reason and intellect, grant that I may use them well for Your glory in all things. Fill me with wisdom and understanding as I prepare for my examinations. Give me the ability to study, retain what I have learned, and to apply it practically so that it will be used for Your honor and glory, through Christ our Lord. Amen.
  20. Dear God, there is a big exam tomorrow, please help me to pass it. I know that a lot of school children pray to you when they are studying for an examination. It would be nice if I could make everyone laugh so that they would give some weight to my prayer asking you to help me pass the exam too.
  21. St. Joseph, patron of a happy life, please pray for me! I am so afraid that if I fail my exam today, I will not be able to pass this class. Please help me pass so that I may retain enough credits to qualify for graduation. I beg you, please pray for me because I have no one else to turn to. Help me make good choices and see the fruits of my labor come to life in the future. Thank you for hearing my prayer. Amen.
  22. Lord, give me the grace to pass this exam. I know that you want only the best for me and that exams are important because they allow us to test what we have learned. So please help me do my best, Lord. Amen.
  23. Saint Jude, the holy apostle, the faithful attendant at the cross, and beloved disciple of Jesus: pray for me to our Lord Jesus Christ that by His will I may pass this exam. Amen!
  24. Oh God, who art ever present to my soul, I come to thee as my helper and refuge. Grant that I may pass with honor this examination I am about to undergo; grant me grace and strength to be victorious in my studies and examinations, and so gain every honor which they can give me. Reveal to me the words of wisdom uttered by the mouth of thy saintly servant.
  25. Lord, I confess that I am unworthy of all your blessings, for I have sinned against you. Heave mercy on me and strengthen my weakness. May he who has called me by his grace and mercy give me confidence for the test that lies ahead, if only I truly want it! Protect me from every evil thing, especially from fear and doubt. Grant me in every concern of life Your wisdom to recognize the best way forward and Your power to carry it out. Amen.
  26. Lord, give me wisdom, discipline, and discernment to do the right thing. Give me the strength to pass this exam so I can share with others what little wisdom I have obtained.
  27. Bless me, O Lord, and these gifts which I am about to bring to you. Through your mercy and goodness may they be granted their effect in me. Let me reach an understanding of the subject in order that I may explain it well, so that I may give thanks to you. Amen.
  28. St. Jude, please pray for me today. I ask you to help me pass this exam and improve my knowledge. Thank you for your help and protection from evil, thank you for answering my prayer, thank you, Saint Jude.
  29. Almighty and most merciful God, we humbly beseech Thee that Thou wouldst be pleased to grant to all that hear the truths of this catechism a perfect understanding thereof, and unwavering attention in mind and body during its exposition; through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.
  30. Dear God, please help me to pass the exam today. I’m very worried that I won’t pass. I need Your help. Please don’t let me fail!
  31. Lord, I ask for strength and courage to face all that is ahead of me. Help me keep my mind focused on what is important to me by surrounding me with honorable friends who share my values and will support me in the journey I have chosen. Ad Vitam.
  32. Jesus, help me with my exams. Never let me fail in my studies and emerge as a specialist, then there is nothing that can stop me from getting into a great university. Today I will do my best.
  33. Dear Jesus, please grant me the grace of Your Holy Spirit to be able to pass this difficult exam so that I may be worthy of the high scholarship that You are offering me. Grant me the wisdom and courage to work hard during this exam period and give me a perfect result. Thank you for your infinite mercy and love, Amen.
  34. Dear Lord, I pray to you and ask for your blessing for these exams, please help me pass them with great grades. I know that you are very powerful and can do many things. Help me to stay focused during the exams and don’t let the temptations distract me from the task at hand. Dear Lord, I thank you in advance for this favor and give thanks for the opportunity to work hard on these exams. Help me pass them with great grades I ask this through Christ Our Lord – Amen.
  35. Bless my friends and family, who are at this time supporting me in an exam. Grant me the grace to know the material well enough to pass this exam, and help others around me with their studies. May this exam be the beginning of a new understanding between myself and You in the knowledge I gain today. Praised are You, my God.
  36. Dear Lord, please help me with my exams. Please give me the knowledge and wisdom to pass. Please open my eyes to see the answers and guide me in making the right choices. I ask this through your blessed son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
  37. Dear God, please help me pass this exam. I know I can do this test when You are with me. My faith will give me the confidence that I need to prepare and pray for this test. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
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When you pray these powerful Catholic prayers to pass an exam, you will have the best luck in passing your test.

Use these prayers regularly, every day if possible, beginning 2-3 weeks before the exam until you receive your results. The words are very powerful and I am sure you will get God’s attention with them.

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