36 Powerful Prayers for Board Exam

These Powerful prayers for board exams are powerful and very effective in getting you good grades.

They will result in your success and better grades on your exams. These are powerful prayers that can help you to get through your school examinations with flying colors.

36 Powerful Prayers for Board Exam

  1. Heavenly Father, I come to you with great expectations. I believe that my exams will be passed. Holy Spirit, open the eyes of my mind and give me the wisdom to understand and use the information that I have learned in school. Please guide me with your mouth of wisdom and teach me to encourage those who are taking their exams and pray for those who may fail or have failed. Help them to look upon these times as an opportunity to learn, because you have told us that we are not going anywhere without learning something first.
  2. Lord, we ask for your guidance and wisdom as my son prepares for the board exam. Help him to focus on his studies and remember that all material he needs is within himself. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayers. Amen.
  3. Lord, please hear my humble prayer. Please help me with my exam, especially when I’m taking my board exam. Please guide and direct me to the right way of doing things. Grant that knowledge comes to me and I will have wisdom in answering rightly every question that comes to mind. Lord help me to understand the questions and also guide me to answer them correctly. May you bless my family with peace, happiness, and prosperity all throughout our lives.
  4. Father, we ask you to guide us in this time of preparation and help us to put our trust in your word. We know that boards are not all about doing well but also about building our character, and growing closer with you and with others. Give us your wisdom as we study and prepare for the exam. Help each of us to understand how wonderful it is to live in alignment with your will. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.
  5. Dear God, I come before you with gratitude and thanksgiving. Each day that has passed has made me a better person than the last. I pray that my knowledge of the subject will expand as my prayerful spirit increases. And Lord please help me stay focused as I study for this test because I am ready to take it! In Jesus name, Amen!
  6. Dear Lord, please plant strength, protection, and wisdom in my life. Please assist me to develop a more academic attitude towards my studies. Let me have the grace of God every time I open my books! Thank you Lord for being with me every step of the way and may my blessings keep on multiplying as I continue to trust in your mercy. Amen.
  7. Lord our father, thank you for blessing me with this day, on this exam that I have prepared for. Lordy I am so scared and nervous but i always remind myself that it’s just an Exam and that You are the God of all knowledge and wisdom, so by Your mercies help me out.
  8. Lord, help me to find the correct answer with the right solution for each question. Provide me with the knowledge and courage to overcome this test. Guide all my actions so that I can pass with flying colors. Amen.
  9. I pray, Lord and God, for a blessing of your Holy Spirit to rest upon my mind and study. May I become familiar with Thy Word, so that I may not fall into error as I teach the pure word by which Your church is to be guided without deviation throughout all time and eternity.
  10. Please help me, Lord, by your grace. I pray that you will bless my daughter every step of the way in preparing for her board exams. May she be successful and receive the grade or score that she desires. Thank You Lord for hearing my prayer and letting me know that you are always with me.
  11. Dear God, please help me do well in my board exam. After all, it is not just about myself but also about my family and loved ones who have spent so much money on my education. Also, I’d like to be a good role model to my peers.
  12. Dear Lord, as I prepare for my board exams. please guide and give me the strength to follow your path. Thank you Jesus!
  13. We thank you for all your blessings Lord, as we approach the last stretch of this exam. Help me to use my time and knowledge wisely and display the qualities of a leader. Bless all those who are taking their board exams this month and may each of us receive our hopes and dreams through you. Amen.
  14. In the name of your son Jesus Christ, I beg you to send me grace during my board exam. Give me whatever strength is necessary to pass this exam so I can graduate with honors.
  15. Lord, we ask that you grace us with the knowledge and intelligence we need to succeed on the board exam. That you help us to find our purpose in our lives and make it the foundation of our education. Please guide us as we take on this challenge and make us confident that we can succeed with your help in our hearts.
  16. Dear God, please bless me now that I am taking my board exams. Please give me a good score, and also give me patience and concentration during the exam to do my best because You have given me the knowledge needed for this exam. Thank You for blessing me with Your love and peace.
  17. Dear God, please guide me and help me to get good grades in the board exam. And if it is in your plan, I will be successful as a doctor when I grow up.
  18. Dear God, please grant me the wisdom to answer the questions with accuracy and confidence. Please give me your support to be able to pass with flying colors. Amen.
  19. Lord, help me to review my lessons so that I may know what is needed to pass the board exam. Let Your Holy Spirit guide me and give me the courage, confidence, and determination that I need in order to do my best on the exam. Help me to focus during the test and answer each question correctly. Thank you for your love and guidance, Father.
  20. Lord, please help me in studying for my board exam. Help me to be calm and focused during the exam and let me gain high scores.
  21. Lord, bring me through this exam. I ask that You will help me remember the things I need to know to pass my exam because You have a perfect knowledge of what is needed to put me under Your protection so that I may be successful and pass this board exam with flying colors.
  22. My Lord, this exam will not be easy, but I ask that you will be with me and help me get through it. Please help me to do my best and give me wisdom so that I can study the right things and keep my focus during the test. Thank you for hearing my prayer and thank you for everything. Amen.
  23. Lord, I thank you for the privilege of being a student and for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams. I am committed to doing my best in this exam, so please guide me with your Holy Spirit as I write my exams from now until I’m done. Thank you for your blessings and may I always remember that you are with me each and every day.
  24. Dear Lord, Please guide me in this exam and let me pass with flying colors.
  25. Dear God, Please guide us and bless the board examiners with their work, so that they will pass all the examinees. And bless those who are giving examinations to always give the correct answers and also bless me to take good advantage of every situation I am facing right now. In Jesus name. Amen.
  26. Lord, please guide me through my board exam. May your grace be with me in this critical period of time. Guide me through my dreams and make sure that they come true. I want to thank you for everything that has been given to me in this life. Thank you for all the blessings that I have received and may the same continue until the end of my life so that I can give back all my blessings to you, Lord, by serving others with joy. Through you, Lord Jesus Christ our Savior we pray…
  27. Dear Lord, please give me the strength and wisdom to do well on my board exam. Help my parents, especially my dad who is supporting me and taking care of our household needs even though he isn’t feeling well. Thank You for blessing me with family and friends who are always there to help in times of need. Amen.
  28. Heavenly Father God, thank you for the opportunity to prepare for this board exam. Give me patience and the wisdom to answer all questions correctly in your name, amen.
  29. Oh Lord, please bless me with wisdom and patience and strength. I ask that you give me the ability to face whatever comes my way and stay positive all the time. Enlighten, guide and protect me all throughout my preparation period.
  30. Heavenly Father, please be with me and give me your strength, endurance, and courage to pass my board exam. Through this exam, I pray that you will bring about such blessings for me and for the people who have eyes but do not see… ears that are deaf… hearts that are closed to your healing touch. In Jesus’ Name, amen.
  31. Dear Lord, I thank you for this chance to show my knowledge and skills. Please help me perform well in the board examination, by giving me strength and wisdom so that I will be able to answer all questions correctly.
  32. Dear God, please give me the strength and wisdom to pass my board exams. This is a request from me, who has always been a good and faithful student in life and I believe that if it’s in your will, you can do all things. I don’t ask for much but this is very important for me. May you guide me on the right path and give me the strength to overcome the obstacles that may arise during my board exam… Amen.
  33. Dear Lord! I am very grateful for the many blessings that you have bestowed upon me. I thank you for all my achievements and successes. I acknowledge that all these would not be possible without your help and guidance. Even this opportunity for me to score well in the board examinations is your gift to me. Pray for my success with good results.
  34. Lord God, please make me a fortune in my exam, so that I could succeed in my examination. Please provide all the knowledge and wisdom needed to pass this exam with flying colors. Help me to understand all the lessons so I can do well in my exams. Amen.
  35. O Lord, God of all knowledge and wisdom, we entreat your merciful protection during this examination. Grant me the intellect to absorb and retain what I hear and read, a good memory to recall what I want to learn, and the gift of speech to pronounce well ideas that come out of my mind, and write them down in a clear manner. May it also be granted that I may express myself clearly at this time so that everyone understands what I mean.
  36. Dear Lord, I thank You for the opportunity of preparing for my board exam. Thank You for blessing me with guidance that I can trust and believe in. Please give me all the strength and guidance required to pass this exam. May all my concepts be clear, and may the right answer be on top of my head. Guide me during exam time to study well and not get distracted by other things.
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