53 Short Prayers Before Studying

Praying before studying is a good thing. It shows your trust in God, it shows your deeper faith, and it also helps you to focus better on your material by connecting back to what you love.

Of course, the method of praying before studying is up to you. If you go the extra step, try expressing to God what exactly you’re looking for help with specifically, even if it’s small things like confidence or concentration.

53 Short Prayers Before Studying

  1. Dear God, I pray that you will bless my mind, eyes, and ears so that they may be receptive to learning. Please make it easy for me to understand the material in this book. Thanks for making a difference.
  2. Dear Lord, please help me to think clearly and use my time wisely while I am studying. Help me remember that studying is a gift of Your grace and not a burden. Please help me to study diligently so that I can learn what it takes to be a good steward of the time You have given me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
  3. Dear God, I pray that the knowledge I gain today will be used to your glory and will help to create a better world. Bless me with wisdom and understanding, so that I may never surrender to ignorance, and use what you have given me for the good of mankind. In Jesus name, Amen.
  4. Dear God, I pray for understanding and guidance as I begin to study. Thank you for your presence in my life and the many blessings you have given me. Give me strength to endure each day, so that tomorrow I may be able to live a better life than yesterday. In Jesus’ holy name, Amen.
  5. Dear Lord, please help me to remember what I am studying.
  6. Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of learning and the opportunity to do this assignment. Please help me to understand it clearly and easily. Amen.
  7. Dear God, help me to memorize the things I need to learn today. Help me understand their importance. Give me the strength to complete my projects by the end of this school year.
  8. Lord, I come to you for help today. My mind is consumed with thoughts and worries but I cannot focus on what is most important. Please help me to focus on studying for the upcoming exam. Today, I am asking for your protection over my studies. May you shield me from any distractions and fill my heart with joy through this journey of learning. In Jesus name! Amen.
  9. Dear Father, we come to you and ask for your guidance in all the things we do. Let this time of study be special and allow us to better our minds, our bodies, and our spirits.
  10. Dear Lord, please give me wisdom and knowledge to learn about this subject. Please reveal the truth of this subject to me through your word. Thank you for the help that you provide me in my life every day.
  11. Dear Lord, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to learn. Please help me to focus, so that I may absorb all that I can from this experience.
  12. Dear God, please guide me in all things. Protect me from harm. Give me the ability to learn what I need to know, and then let it be applied. Thank you for your guidance and for helping me to always stay open for new knowledge and growth. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.
  13. I pray that I may be given the strength to study hard, the will to work well and persevere, and the wisdom to make my life an offering of real service to my fellow men. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
  14. God, please give me the strength to go through with this study session. Not only will I learn and perfect my skills, but also help others in their studies. Let Your wisdom be bestowed upon me today so that I may thank You for this opportunity. In Jesus name, Amen.
  15. Dear God, please help me to prepare for tomorrow’s exam and to enjoy studying so that I can learn new things. Please give me the energy and endurance to finish today’s work.
  16. Dear Father, please give me the wisdom I need to do well on this exam. Thank you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
  17. Dear Lord, please help me to focus my thoughts and place them on the task at hand. Help me to study and learn with clarity. Please let my mind be sharp and active so that I may grasp what You want for me in this moment. Amen!
  18. Lord, please grant me the wisdom and patience to understand whatever I may be studying today.
  19. Dear God, I pray that when I am studying, you would help me to use my time wisely and not waste it or allow distractions to draw my attention away. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
  20. Dear God, thank you for the opportunity to study this evening. Please help me learn the information and do well on my exams so that I may prosper in life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
  21. Dear God, thank you for the opportunity to study. Bless this time with a better understanding of the material I will be learning today. Amen.
  22. Dear God, please help me to focus and study. Please help me to accept what You have in store for my life. Amen.
  23. God, help me to see the good in what I do. Please guide my mind and my hands as I study. It is You Who made me and gave me life; keep me healthy so that I may live long enough to learn all that I can. Amen.
  24. My Lord God, I thank Thee for all the wonderful things that I have. Bless me with wisdom and patience as I study today. In Jesus’s name, Amen.
  25. Dear Big God, please help me to study well today. Please help me to have the right attitude so that I’ll learn what I need to learn. Thank you for all your help!
  26. Dear Lord, I ask you to please bless me as I study. I want to be able to understand and retain the knowledge that I am learning here today. Amen.
  27. Dear God, I want to learn today. Please make my mind clear so that knowledge will come easily to me. Help me to understand quickly, retain what I read and study, and make learning easy for me. Please grant me wisdom, discernment, light, and understanding as well as patience and perseverance in the face of challenges. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
  28. Dear Lord, please bless me with patience, strength and knowledge as I study today. Please keep me focused and let me make wise decisions when faced with challenges. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.
  29. Dear Lord, help me to always be diligent and faithful in my studies. Help me to become more knowledgeable each day, so that I can better serve Your kingdom. Amen.
  30. Dear Lord, help me to concentrate while I’m studying. Let my mind be quiet, so that the words you have placed in my heart can be heard and understood. Please give me the wisdom to understand what your word is saying so that I may use it wisely in my life.
  31. Bless me with good study habits, God. Help me to take advantage of all the knowledge I get and make it useful in life. May I use my time well in studying and not waste it. May I be inspired by the beauty you have created within me and around me. Bless me, dear Lord!
  32. Dear God, thank You for the opportunity to study and learn. Thank You for guiding me in all matters relating to this course and Your wisdom. Thank You for blessing me with a clear mind, capable body, and good memory. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen!
  33. Dear Lord, bless me with knowledge and wisdom to understand everything you want me to learn. Help me organize my studies in a way that will be fruitful. Let this learning be an act of love and devotion, to you.
  34. Dear God, I pray for help with my studies. Give me the knowledge and wisdom to acquire mastery of this subject. Help me to remember where to find any information I need. Guide me in my efforts so that I may avoid making simple errors. Make it easy for me to learn how to use references correctly.
  35. Dear God, please bless me as I begin to study. Please be with me as I find my way through this new subject. Watch over me as I work, so that my studying will be blessed and productive. Amen.
  36. Dear Lord, open the doors of my mind to Your wisdom and make me diligent in studying the lessons. Help me to understand and apply what I learn so that my efforts will bring forth good results.
  37. Dear Lord, please protect my mind and thoughts as I study. I know that studying is beneficial to me, so give me wisdom, knowledge, and the ability to use both effectively. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.
  38. Dear Lord, please guide me so that I may learn all that I can while I am here, and please keep me safe while I study. In your most holy name, Amen.
  39. Dear Lord, You know that I study to learn and to grow. Help me to keep my mind focused on what I’m learning and train my mind to think the way You do. Forgive me for any distractions along the way and help me stay on task. Amen.
  40. Dear Lord, please grant me patience today as I study. You know how hard it is to focus and stay on task, so please help me to stay focused and not get too distracted. Thank you for all that you do so we may be blessed every day. Amen
  41. Dear God, I pray that my study time would be productive and helpful to me. Please provide me with the strength and skills needed to gain knowledge of my studies so that I may make you proud. In Jesus Name I pray amen!
  42. Dear Lord, Before I begin this task of studying, I ask that You would help me to remember all I have learned in past years and assist me in understanding the material that is new to me. Dear Lord, please bless my efforts today as I prepare for tomorrow’s exam. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.
  43. Dear God, please help me focus my mind on my studies. Help me to have the discipline to start and finish. I know you will do your part if I do mine. Amen.
  44. Dear God, please guide me as I prepare for this exam. Help me to focus on the material and not get distracted by the noise of other students and the expectations of my family. Amen.
  45. Lord, help me to find joy in and value the process of learning. Give me a sense of peace and confidence as I learn about many new things, create new ideas and concepts. Help me to remember that knowledge is not only gained from books, but also from people and experiences.
  46. Oh, Lord Jesus, please surround me with Your peace and teach me how to discipline myself. Bless my mind and eyes with clarity, wisdom, and a hunger for knowledge. Give me confidence in myself as I learn from You. Amen.
  47. Dear Lord, please help me learn to study. If I am tired and can’t focus, help me stay awake. If my concentration wanders, lead me back to the task at hand. Thank you for all the knowledge I can gain. In Jesus’ name I pray.
  48. Dear God, please help me learn today. Help me to understand the lessons, and give me the ability to retain what I have learned. Please help me to be a good student and to do my best as I study. Amen.
  49. Dear God, please help me to study well today. I want to use my time to learn and gain wisdom. Help me to be prepared for the challenges ahead.
  50. Dear Father, please help me to learn to use my talents wisely. Give me the wisdom to study and pass the test, and help me to know what to do with my life. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
  51. Father, I come to you. I thank you for the gift of life. Fill my heart with joy and peace in your presence as I open my mind to study today. Please give me the wisdom needed now to study well, so that I may grow in knowledge. May your light shine through me brightly today as I share what I have learned with others. Blessed be Your name forever, Father God. Amen.
  52. God, please help me form the habit of studying. Please help me to understand the material and to retain it. Give me wisdom and strength so that I could study more efficiently. May Your holy word be my guide through the challenges of life and school, Amen.
  53. Bless me, Lord, to be open and receptive to the lessons you have for me today. Grant me the determination and dedication to see them through. Help me use my time wisely so that I might grow spiritually and intellectually. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.
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