37 Powerful Prayers to Pass an Exam for a Friend

Sometimes it is difficult to explain the true power of prayer for success. I wanted to allow for a more personal connection, rather than post just any kind of prayer.

In this way, I made sure that it was as personal as possible. This explains why there are so many run-on sentences, comma splices, and so on.

I believe that the content of the prayer is enough to show your sincerity, and I hope it shows your friend how much you really care.

If nothing else, reading my prayer should help you identify ways that you can pray or help a good friend in need.

37 Powerful Prayers to Pass an Exam for a Friend

  1. I pray God blesses you with superior wisdom, knowledge, and courage to face the final exam. May You be well prepared and qualified to complete your studies with flying colors. May God lead you towards success in your test and help you attain your dream job.
  2. Lord, please bless my friend with all the success in her exams. Please give her the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to pass her finals and know that you are with her always. Amen.
  3. Dear Lord, please guide my friend as she studies for her exam. Guide her as she reads her book and study notes. Please help her through her test with all the knowledge that you have given to her. In your name, I pray, AMEN.
  4. Lord, I pray for my friend. Please help her pass her exam tomorrow. I pray that the time and energy she spent studying be worth it tomorrow when she passes with high marks…Amen.
  5. Dear Lord God, I ask for you to bless my friend who is taking an important exam tomorrow. Please guide his/her thoughts, so that his/her may remember all his/her study notes and be able to answer all the questions correctly. Help him/her feel calm and confident in themselves so that they do not get nervous. Bless his/her in this moment of need and help them pass with flying colors. Thank you for being there always.
  6. Dear Almighty God, please let my friend pass this exam so that he can fulfill his dream. Please help him stay calm and focused as he takes the test. Also, please bless his teachers who are helping him prepare for this exam. In your name, Amen.
  7. Lord, I ask that you guide my friend in all his endeavors. Help him to succeed in the exam which he will be taking soon. Help him to remember what he has learned and not forget those things that he is still learning. May he develop a deeper understanding of each subject and learn how it relates to other parts of his studies. May it lead him closer to you and help him become a more well-rounded individual. In your name we pray, Amen.
  8. Father, I thank you for the opportunity to study. Please help my friend pass this exam so that he will be able to move forward in his life and achieve his dreams. Bring peace into his heart and guide him to make the right choices in life. Thank you Father. In Jesus name I ask this. Amen.
  9. Dear, I am interceding on behalf of my friend. Give him the light of your presence and wisdom to succeed in this exam. Give him the strength and energy he needs to be successful. Guide him in his studies, so that he can achieve great results and receive what he deserves from your blessings.
  10. Dear Jesus, I come before you now to ask that You help my friend in her studies. Please guide her answers, dear Lord, and make her exam a success. Help her think clearly, so she knows the right answer when the time comes. Let this young lady feel confident in herself, knowing that You are with her throughout this test. Help her understand what is needed of her, so she may pass this very important exam with flying colors. I hope this prayer will be answered in Jesus’ name Amen.
  11. Dear Jesus, please bless my friend as she prepares for her exam. She is a good person who works hard, and this test means very much to her. Give her the courage and strength to do well on the test. Help her to feel confident that you are guiding and protecting her as she walks this path. Please guide her thoughts as she studies so that she is able to retain the information. Thank You Father! Amen.
  12. Dear God, I pray that you would hear my prayers for (insert name here) and help him pass his exam. Please let him have a positive attitude towards the test and make sure that he is well rested and relaxed before the exam begins. Please also help him be calm, confident, and focused when taking the test. May he receive good grades on all tests in this course so that he can pass with high marks. Amen.
  13. Dear God, I come before you today praying for the strength and courage my friend needs to pass the exam. Please grant him/her the wisdom and knowledge to pass with flying colors. Thank you and amen.
  14. Dear God, please bless my friend and his/her self-confidence. Give him/her the wisdom to think through problems quickly and calmly, so that he/she can perform at their best in the exam. Keep him/her in your care and guide them to success. In Jesus’ Name I pray, amen.
  15. Dear Lord, I would like to pray for my friend to pass tomorrow’s exam. Please help him or her see his or her exams clearly and make decisions that are right. Guide him/her in taking the right steps according to what You will have him or her do. I believe that You can help him/her pass his/her exams, so open up this book, Lord, and bless him with great success.
  16. Dear Jesus, may Your Holy Spirit give my friend the strength and confidence to pass the exam for which he has prepared so diligently. Give him the wisdom to do what is right and true. Be with him at the time of his examination; keep him calm, alert, and free from obstacles.
  17. Dear God, please help my friend pass the exam and bring good results, please remove all the obstacles he faces in his life. Please show him the way that he should take and give him the courage to face all the challenges that come his way.
  18. Oh God, the Almighty Father, almighty and powerful God. I pray that you give the grace of passing the exam to my friend (name). Give her wisdom, ability, and faith to pass the exam with flying colors. In Jesus name we bless your name for all time amen.
  19. Dear God, I pray that our friend [name] pass her exam with flying colors. Please guide her and help her to relax and perform well on the day of the exam. Provide her with the faith she needs to pass it with confidence. Help her be prepared for whatever questions are asked of her so that she can ask you for guidance when needed. In your name Jesus Christ, Amen.
  20. Dear God, please help my friend pass his exam. Give him the knowledge and experience needed to pass this test. In your name, Amen.
  21. I pray that you would bless me and my friend so that we may pass the exam we will take on Friday. Without your help, I am sure we will fail and that our grades would drop even more as a result of this failure. Give him/her wisdom and strength in studying today so that he/she will have good results tomorrow. May your blessing be upon my friend, Amen.
  22. Dear Lord, guide my friend through this exam and help him/her to pass. May You be with them as they study, guiding their thoughts and actions. Give them wisdom in choosing the best answers and courage in accepting their mistakes. Let everything fall into place for them so that they can reach their goal. Help him/her to remain faithful to You during these moments. And even when they have finished and their work is done, I ask you Lord to guide his/her footsteps throughout the rest of their life until they meet You face-to-face where there is eternal happiness. Amen.
  23. May God grant you the most perfect understanding of all that you have studied, increase your knowledge of the subject, and help you pass the exam with flying colors.
  24. Dear God, I pray that you help my friend pass this exam. I know that you are with him through every step he takes, and I am asking for you to give him confidence and guidance as he takes this test today. Please help him be at ease during the exam and guide his mind so that he is able to do what’s right and pass. Also, please help the professor be understanding if my friend makes mistakes or forgets something.
  25. Dear God, I pray that my friend will pass his exam today with flying colors. Help him to focus on the things he needs to be concentrating on and give him the strength to face his greatest challenge with confidence. And Lord if it is your will that this friend passes the exam, please bless him with the wisdom and insight he needs to do so. Thank you for letting me know you are listening. In Jesus’ name, Amen!
  26. I pray thee, Dear Lord, to help my friend pass his exam. Give him wisdom, courage, and confidence to handle all questions during the test. Guide him in expressing his thoughts clearly and concisely. Thou art our guide and strength, help us to pass this test with ease so that we will be able to gain knowledge for the betterment of our future.
  27. Lord, please cover my friend, who is trying to pass his exam on Monday, with grace, love, and protection. Please guide him and give him the calmness to focus on the task at hand. We ask this in Jesus’ name! AMEN!!!
  28. Lord, I pray for my friend today in her search for knowledge and the pursuit of wisdom. Give her the ability to be still, reflect on her goals and develop a plan to achieve them.
  29. Dear Lord, please help my friend pass this exam. Give him the confidence and courage to answer all of the questions correctly, and guide him on the path of wisdom. In your merciful name we pray, amen.
  30. Dear Lord, please help my friend pass the exam. Let him answer all the questions correctly, Lord Jesus Christ. Help him to study well and prepare well for it. Thank you in advance…Amen!
  31. Heavenly Father, Grant my friend (name) wisdom, peace, and calmness as he or she prepares to take an important examination or test. May the grace of your Holy Spirit be with him/her as he/she reviews his notes and prepares for the test. Help him/her remember the many blessings of faith, family, and friends that surround him/her always in love, trust, and prayer. In Jesus’ name we ask and pray Amen.
  32. Lord, I ask that you give my friend strength and courage as he prepares to take his exam. Please also help him to remember all the good things that you have given him. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.
  33. Dear God, please help our friend pass his exam. Please give him peace and confidence, the wisdom to know what to do and the strength to execute it. Please allow him to use this opportunity to become all he can be. Give him a path that leads to success in all endeavors. You know best and have promised to guide us in our lives and career. Give us all courage & strength today.
  34. Dear Lord, please watch over the health and safety of (Your friend’s name) in his/her studies. I ask for this to be a time of great learning and understanding for him/her. Please help him/her pass every test with flying colors and make studying knowledge that you alone have given him/her
  35. Dear Lord, I pray for my friend. He is going to take an important exam on Wednesday and needs your help to do well and pass. Please send him a good night’s sleep and give him enough energy for the exam. Please also help his mind to be clear and alert so he can make important decisions during the test. We know that you have a perfect plan for Joe’s life. In your name we pray, Amen.”
  36. Lord, please help my friend pass her exam. She studied hard but feels so stressed out at the moment. Please give her the strength to put forth her best effort, as well as confidence in knowing she can do it! Thank you for your help and for listening to me. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.
  37. God, I pray that my friend passes her final exam today. Please help her succeed and use this opportunity to gain the skills needed for future employment.
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I have now provided you with unique prayers you can use. Sincerely ask for assistance from God and watch how things will unfold in the best possible way.

Things will look up for you and your friend as long as you believe in the grace and power of the Almighty.

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