36 Prayers for Taking Exam

When you are taking an exam, you need all the help you can get. So make sure you have taken five minutes to pray for it and then go and pass with flying colors.

These powerful prayers are to be read before you take an exam, or before any other important test of your ability.

This will bring you good luck and all the help that God can give you when you need it most. I wish you all the best as you say your prayers for taking the exam.

36 Powerful Prayers for Taking Exam

  1. Dear Lord, please help me to pass this exam. Please give me all the knowledge and the confidence to do my best. Help me to make good use of the time I have and to understand the questions so that I can give the right answers. Take away my worries and fears, and allow me to take this exam with a clear mind so that I can remember that you are always with me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
  2. Dear God, Please help me to pass my exam today. I understand that to pass it, I have to concentrate and focus on my work. Thank you for your strength and guidance. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
  3. Father God, please bless everyone who is taking an exam today. Please help us to stay focused, relaxed and confident as we take this important test. Amen!
  4. O Great God, he who created me and gave me the intelligence to see and know, I pray to you to grant me the ability to pass this test that you have given me. I know that you are great, merciful, and omnipotent and that everything is in your hands. Please let me pass this exam so that good will come out of it for me, my family, and others.
  5. Lord, help me pass this exam by helping me feel calm, confident, and ready. Help make the information clear in my head. Please clear up my thoughts so that if I ever forget what to study for, I will remember to rely on your guidance. If I have any worries about the exam, please erase them from my mind and let me be worry-free. Lord, you have blessed me with a good memory, so please help me use it wisely. Let me never fail because of laziness or ignorance! In your name, I pray! Amen.
  6. Dear Lord, I thank you and praise you. I ask your prayers that I would be successful in my exam today. I thank you for giving me the reading knowledge and skills required to write this test paper. Guide me with your holy spirit to do something productive that will help me improve my whole life. Please, give me the strength to overcome all negative results concerning this exam, so that I may receive a deserving grade and get admission into this College Program.
  7. Dear God, please help me be confident in my exam today. Please help me pass with flying colors. I know this is going to be a tough exam but I trust you to get me through. You’re good, you are faithful and your plans for me are great! Help me stay focused and pray for each of my classmates that they too may do well on their exams today.
  8. Dear Lord, please help me to pass this exam. Help me to understand the material and be able to articulate my thoughts. Please don’t let me forget anything! Let me take the time to organize all my thoughts before I begin writing so that my essay will flow easily and I won’t become overwhelmed by all the information. Please let me remember what information needs to be included in my introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
  9. Lord, I pray for strength as I take my exams and ask for grace as I prepare for them. Help me to focus on the task at hand and not get distracted by outside forces, especially social media. Please help me to build good study habits that will have a positive impact on my future success and happiness. Amen.
  10. Dear Lord, please bless me. Please help me to do well on today’s exam. Please help me concentrate and answer questions correctly. I ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.
  11. Lord, please help me to pass this exam. Give me the confidence and knowledge to answer the questions that are in my head. Amen.
  12. Father, I give thanks for this opportunity to prove my love for you and my dedication to knowledge. Please help me do this work God’s way, through persistence, resilience, and patience. I ask that you surround me with your holy angels and give me strength as I take this exam. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
  13. Dear Lord, please help me to do my best on this exam. Please give me clarity and confidence to do my best and shine. Thank you for being with me.
  14. Dear Lord, please help me to understand the true meaning of this exam. Give me the confidence and knowledge necessary to allow my abilities to shine through. Guide my hand, that I may write well enough for you to see my good intentions. Amen.
  15. As I prepare for my exam, I pray. Dear Lord, Please help me get all the right answers, and please let me keep calm as I take this test. Let your Spirit be with me, and lead me on the right path. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
  16. Dear God, please help me to do my best in the upcoming examination. Bless my mind, body, and soul that I may pass this test with flying colors. Please protect all those involved and be with each one of us during this time of preparation. Amen.
  17. Father, thank you for giving me the opportunity to take this exam. I know that it will take my potential and push it beyond all limits. I give praise to you for the guidance, wisdom, and knowledge which will be given to me during this process. In Jesus name.
  18. Dear God, I am about to take an exam. Please help me to type my answers and not write them down on paper. Please keep me focused and alert. Let me put my best foot forward and give it all the best; Answer all questions accurately and don’t make mistakes. Protect me from anxiety and fear so that I can do well without stress.
  19. Lord, give me the power to get through it and strength, intellect, and knowledge by which to pass. Bless my heart with wisdom as I study for my exams. Help me improve my memory during this study period, in Jesus Name!
  20. I pray that Your Holy Spirit comes upon me and guides my words during the exam and may God grant me the ability to use it perfectly well in all subjects, in Jesus’ Name!
  21. Help me in this exam Lord, make me pass. Pass the day and help me pass the test. In Jesus Name I pray, amen.
  22. Dear God, please help me to pass my exam. Please bless me with wisdom and knowledge, so I can make the right decisions when taking the exam. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
  23. Lord, I thank you that you have given me the grace to rise up to face my fear and take this exam. I know that this is just a small step in what I desire and plan for my life. Thank you for giving me the wisdom and clarity to see way beyond these four walls. Help me to hear and see what others do not at all times; help me to speak things into existence. I pray that you would use me in ways that only you can imagine by using my talent and gifts on earth. Release your wisdom on me right now so that I may pass with flying colors! In Jesus’ name, Amen.
  24. Dear Lord, please guide me through today’s exam and give me the strength to answer all questions accurately. Amen.
  25. Lord, grant me the strength to be focused and disciplined in my studies, so that I may excel in my exams. Thank you for keeping us safe during exams, especially while in crowded rooms with labmates or classmates.
  26. Dear Lord, I am extremely thankful for this opportunity to take the exam and become a licensed professional. Give me strength and calmness in my preparation. Help me trust you throughout the process. Amen.
  27. Dear God, please give me the strength and courage to pass this exam so I can get into college and make something of my life. Please help me do well on this test so I don’t let my family down. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
  28. Dear Lord, please bless me with your strength and courage to receive the knowledge You have provided to me. Grant me your wisdom today and open the doors of opportunity. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.
  29. Lord, help me to remember that I am not alone in this exam. It is You who has gifted me with the knowledge that I need to get through it. Give me courage and confidence, please help me to note down enough time and make this test a breeze. Amen.
  30. Dear Lord, my prayer request is to pray for me to gain wisdom, knowledge, and learning. I know that You are with me and that I will pass the exam and get high grades. Amen.
  31. Dear God, please be with me as I take my exam. Give me the wisdom to study hard and pray that I don’t miss any questions. Make my mind stay focused and relaxed, so I can do well on this test. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
  32. I know that You are the one who gives wisdom to those with understanding, and I pray that You would give me a good mind to help me understand the topics on which I am taking this exam. May Your mercy rest upon me as I take my exams, and may Your will be done in my life in accordance with Your love and mercy! In Jesus’ name, Amen.
  33. Father, I come before you as my prayer request. I know that You have led me to this opportunity, and I ask that You might help me to make good use of it. (Pause, then say each phrase slowly and thoughtfully.) I thank You for all the learning opportunities I have had in my life. I truly appreciate Your guidance in all that I do. Thank You for being with me now as I prepare for this examination. (Pause.) As I take this test today, please help me to represent well not just myself, but also your name and reputation among those who will be judging me. Father, use this opportunity for maximum impact – whatever happens in the exam room today may be used by you as an instrument of evangelism among my classmates or even teachers! As you prepare me for exams like these over the course of my life, would it be possible for one day you might use me in dealing with even more advanced discussions? If so Father, prepare me while there is still time so that You might use me at the appropriate moment in my walk with You!
  34. May You bestow me with the courage and strength to face what I have to do. May You protect me from fear and worry during my studies. May You keep my mind alert and focused on what I am doing. May you help me to get all the information needed for each subject that I am currently taking? May my decisions be guided by the knowledge that you will provide through our learned teachers and books. Amen.
  35. Dear God, I’m so anxious about taking the exam. Please help me figure out which questions to answer first and then guide my hand to write down only what’s necessary. And please give me enough time to go through the whole test. Thank you for hearing my prayers, Amen.
  36. Dear God, I come before You today asking for Your guidance, patience, and support for myself and my classmates as we prepare for our big exam. Give us the strength to do our best, knowing that it’s not just important to ourselves but also to those who are waiting on our results. May these exams bring no fear or worry into our hearts but rather peace and confidence because of knowing all that You are doing in our lives.
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The road is long and challenging, but you are being granted the opportunity to discover your capabilities. Take advantage of this time and learn as much as possible.

Study hard, pray always, give it all you can, and God will be with you every step of the way!

Do you have more prayers to add? Do share them in the comments section below and let us pray together.

May God bless you as you take your exam and all the best to you.

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