20 Bible Verses For Blessing A New Car

Do you want to bless your new car and are looking for bible verses that can help with this? A new car is a blessing to anyone.

It brings a kind of joy to know you got something that you prayed for. If you are stuck on some repetitive prayer cycle, you might look for some bible verses you can use.

Continue reading and I will show you some spiritually potent and divine bible verses you can use to give unlimited blessings on your new car. Besides blessings, bible verses are a more potent form of prayer.

You should check out the verses below.

Best 20 Bible Verses For Blessing A New Car

1. Genesis 49:25

This bible verse works well as a blessing for a new car. It is powerful because it carries the full weight of God’s blessings and promises.

When you use such bible verses, speak them deep from within your heart, letting them resonate in your being.

God has promised to bless you with heavenly blessings, combined with that the deep and freshness of the womb. Pour these blessings into your new car and experience God’s blessings.

2. Proverbs 10:6

Using this bible verse to bless your new car is worth it. It has a strong spiritual connection linking the blessings of God upon anything you do. Add this Bible to your prayers and blessings you place on your car.

With this verse, you are keying into direct blessings from God, while also claiming the added promise of having no sorrow present in your activities.

Hold God’s promises close to your heart as you recount these blessings on your car.

3. Hebrews 6:14

You are assured of the blessings of God on your new car when you use this bible verse. The blessings of God should be sought upon new things we gain and even projects we undertake

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It’s important to keep your new car in mind as you attract the blessings of this bible verse to you.

The blessings this verse carries are stamped in the assurances it offers to you as a child of God. It completely shelters you from any doubt that you will be blessed.

3. Hebrew 6:14

This bible verse is excellent in blessing your car, its message is clear, precise, and divine.

When you pray and add this verse as a blessing, you challenge God on his word and he will come through for you. It is important to keep your heart pure as you pray for his blessings.

This bible verse talks about the promising to bless you and also multiply the works of your hand. It’s a good verse for blessing your car.

4. Ezekiel 34:26

One bible verse that keeps its promises of God’s blessings is this. Use this verse as a medium to add more blessings to your car. You are in sync with the spirit of God and can feel the touch of God when you combine these blessings in prayer.

In this bible verse, we have seen the promises of showers of blessings. This is the perfect verse for blessing you anytime and day.

5. Genesis 49: 26

A very grounded bible verse that can be used as a blessing for a new car is this verse here. This verse invokes the prevalent blessings of God from above and how permanent these blessings will be.

When you use the divine words of God to bless, having a total belief in the outcome is vital in observing the manifestation of God’s work.

6. Genesis 12:2

If you want your car blast, this bible verse should be ever ready in your prayer arsenal. It is effective when you understand the depth of God’s love for his children and everything that they do.

God uses this verse to explicitly tell you of his divine blessings, promises, and name. God places his reassurances in your path, which is perfect for use as a blessing anytime.

7. Deuteronomy 28:2

Firm lovers of God use this bible verse for attracting blessings and you can use it too on your new car. Finding time to dedicate your things to God is a very Christian thing to do, and it’s important to do it right.

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This bible verse tells of God’s blessings upon those who listen to his words. God promises to pour out blessings that will reach them and even overtake them.

8. Psalm 133:3

You can bless your car easily by using this bible verse as a strong reference point in prayer. One thing that works is constantly reminding God of his promises by bringing his words back to him. When you pray for blessings, quote the verse and see God work in your life.

Here, God likens your blessings to the dew that descends on mount Hermon. He will command his blessings to fall around your new car.

9. Deuteronomy 28:8

I love using this bible verse when I want to give blessings to God. You should use it to for placing good blessings upon your new car. Good things come from God and a good Christian learns to appreciate God for this.

This bible verse promises to bless anything that God has given you, such as your new car.

10. Deuteronomy 3:37

If you are confused about a blessing from the bible that works for your new car, then this verse is for you. I like the intimacy that adding bible verses to prayers brings.

This verse talks about the blessings of God and their guarantee to be sufficient for his people. It increases my faith and I believe it will yours.

11. Isiah 44:3

One good bible verse to place on your new car is this one. You can choose to speak it out loud and bless your car every day this is the verse God tells us of wetting dry grounds and pouring out his blessings upon our offspring and possessions.

12. James 1:17

A new car is a wonderful gift from God and this verse is one that can hold God accountable for his promised blessings in your life. In this bible verse, God establishes his promises and blessings by saying all things he gives are blessed and no sorrow added.

13. Psalm 107:38

Are you a child of God? If yes, then these blessings are for you and your new car. Here God gives his children a blessing that keeps multiplying and would not also decrease. This verse has done wonders in helping me out.

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14. Psalm 24:5

When blessing a new car, you can use this verse from the bible in tandem with your prayers. Bible verses are used in blessings because of their sacred nature which holds the divine truth of God. This verse clearly outlines the blessings, and righteousness of God.

15. Philippians 4:19

A potent bible verse that can be used as a blessing for a new car is this. When you connect to God in this bible verse, you can feel the divine nature of his blessings. Here, God promises to provide your needs from his ever-filled storehouse.

16. Genesis 35:9

If you want a bible verse that would do well as a blessing for your new car, you can begin with this verse. It incorporates the blessing that God has given to other of his worshipers in the bible. Here, you are attracting a similar blessing upon yourself.

17. 2 Chronicles 14:6

If you ever get confused about the proper bible verse to use for blessing your car, a verse like this offers a maximum blessing. This bible verse aims to bless you with the blessings of the children of Judah, it is also a verse that brings protection upon you.

18. 2 Samuel 7:29

If you need a bible verse that can bless your new car, look no further. Bible verses use practical words from the mouth of God to offer you assurances of his blessings. This verse does more to proclaim the word of God on you.

19. Hebrew 6:7

Bible verses for blessing a new car help a lot and give you protection from God. The blessings from God do not add room for sorrow. This bible verse places the blessing of the earth, bringing the freshness of herbs and the soil on your new car.

20. Philippian 4:6

You can use this bible verse to place blessings on your new car. This verse holds for telling you of God’s supplication and abundance in your life.


Bible verses are strong and spiritually imbued words that hold the power of God Almighty. When you pray or talk to God, you can use them as nickels in a reaction, because they help in bringing quicker results from prayers.

Bible verses can place blessings upon yourself and your possessions. A new car should be blessed with sufficient bible verses from the word of God. This will cover your vehicle in the shroud of God’s protection.

You can choose to place your hands physically on your new car as you bless them. I read out these verses of the bible directly to my possessions. It carries a different meaning when I do this and can help you too as you bless yours.

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