20 Prayers for Reliable Transportation

Are you concerned about getting reliable transportation for yourself? Do you have fears when you plan journeys or use your regular route? Committing this to prayer helps to channel your energy properly.

Stick with me as I take you through my list of prayers, which will help your anxiety in getting reliable transportation.

Every single prayer mentioned here is direct communication with God and tells him exactly what you want. It has the strength to keep your mind at ease, while also ensuring you have good transit.

You will want to go through this list of prayers.

Best 20 Prayers for Reliable Transportation

  1. Dear father in heaven, I thank you for who you are. You have brought me from the deepest abyss and set me on high, and for that, I am eternally grateful. I seek your guidance in securing reliable transportation as I embark on this journey. Help me travel smoothly and come back with no hitches. I ask that your angels will direct my step and show me unmerited favor in securing the best means of transportation today, all this I ask in his holy name. Amen.
  2. Lord Jesus, you are the king of kings and the highest. Your throne has reigned since the beginning of time and would reign for eternity. As I go out to work today, I pray that will not be found in any vehicle that is not reliable. You have blessed me with my daily bread and I seek that you also bless me with hitch-free transportation as I go out today. Amen.
  3. My father in heaven, I bless your holy name. You have saved me from the clutches of the enemy and for that, I; worship you forever. The blessings you have promised me in your word, I have come before you as your humble servant to ask you to be given me the joy of reliable transportation today. Let my family be covered in any vehicle or transportation by your grace, I ask that no form of malfunctions would accost them as they travel. All I want is for you to favor the desire of my heart. Amen.
  4. Dear lord. I love how much you have taken care of me and showed me your strength to conquer every enemy before me. I have come to you asking that you shine your light upon my path. I pray for the gift of reliable transportation; may I not fall, victim to any delay, as I go out today. Let your love and light be the fuel that propels my journey in all safety and protection. I give thanks because I know you have already answered my prayers. Amen.
  5. Dear Jesus. I know that your grace is sufficient for me. You have proved yourself many times by saving me from the teeth of the devourer and my enemies; I bless your holy name for this. I have come on my knees before you, as your child seeking the blessing of reliable transportation. I want your grace to cover my going out and my coming in, any vehicle marked by the devil and his minions would be far from me today. I pray I will only enter the transportation that has been ordained by you Jehovah. Amen.
  6. My father in heaven I speak to you today as your child. I pray for your blessings to cover me and everything I do, including my family members. I use myself as a point of contact to those I love and ask that you provide us with reliable transportation as we travel today. Dear God, you know struggles and fears, I; pray for all my family and friends on the road today and for safe travels in all their movements. Amen.
  1. My lord and God. I am here again, a humble servant that worships you every day. You are the highest and I bless you for you are God. As you carried me in the safety of my mother’s womb, I pray you to continue to protect me. I pray for good tidings and reliable transportation today, tomorrow, and forever. Jesus you are the one who sees the end from the beginning, let my steps be ordered by you every day, and all transportation I take favor me. Amen.
  2. 8. In the name of our father, the kings of kings and lord of lords. I give the highest praise on earth to you. I thank you for all you do for me and how many more you will do. My God, I pray for you to offer me reliable transportation every time I go out. Let your heavenly host be my guide as I travel back and forth strange forces upon my movement shall never come to pass. Amen.
  3. Dear father. You are the lion of the tribe of Judah, and I feel blessed to know that you are God. You have kept me under your wings and I am grateful lord. I have come to you to ask for the grace of reliable transportation today. Dear God, the ways of men cannot be compared to you and I ask for this supernatural blessing to cover all the routes and vehicles I ply today. Amen.
  4. Dear Jesus. You are I am that I am and no one else can take your place in my life. You have always made sure my feet never hit the stone, and I thank you for this. I am here bowing before your throne, asking you to provide me with reliable transportation always. let this journey be graceful easy and swift. Amen.
  5. My father is almighty in heaven. I thank you for my daily bread, and I offer myself as a living sacrifice to you. I thank you for my family and friends because you have always been good to me. I pray for this goodness to extend and offer me reliable transportation as I travel today. Let my journey be observed by your angels and may they watch over the car. Amen.
  6. Oh God of the heavenly bodies. You are the ancient of days. I come asking you for your unmerited grace in providing me with a means of reliable transport. I pray for you to see me through every hurdle as I move every day. Amen.
  7. Heavenly father, you are the highest and I thank you today. I am praying for you to give me reliable transportation in your holy name. You are the one who does things that seem impossible for men and I am convicted of your love for me. I have asked and I know that you will come through. Amen.
  8. Dear God, I worship you for who you are. I pray you to give me reliable transportation as I transverse dear lord. Dear Jesus, it’s only you that can do this for me and I know you will not disappoint me. Amen.
  9. Dear Jehovah, I see you are good. You have been a miracle in life and I thank you for all you are doing. With a contrite heart, I come asking you for the grace to experience the ease of reliable transportation. Amen.
  10. Abba father, you have not disappointed me since you brought me into this world. I ask for your blessing in gifting me reliable transportation today. Your promises for me are good, so I’m asking you to make my journey smooth. Amen.
  11. Oh, heavenly father, you alone made the heaven and the earth and I thank you today for the gift of life. I pray you make my transportation today reliable. Let your peace flow through me and touch everyone I meet today amen.
  12. Dear lord, your word last forever and cannot be altered by anyone Jehovah. I pray you become a shining light and give me reliable transportation today as I go out. Let today be joyous and filled with your blessing. Amen.
  13. Dear lord, help me have an easy journey as I move to travel. I want you to have reliable transportation God, let me travel like I am carried by your angel’s wing. Amen.
  14. I pray for reliable transportation dear lord, let your divine wisdom bring me good tidings as I move today. I ask that you become my shield and strength in Jesus’s name. Amen.
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Prayers are an intimate way you can create a relationship with God. You will use this medium to genuinely tell God your innermost feelings, and thoughts.

You can pray any time of the day you choose and don’t have any restrictions on location.

When traveling or using transportation systems, it’s important to commit yourself to prayers.

This can be a routine and means you are keenly aware of the importance of God in your life.

Prayer is the key to many personal conflicts and doubts that may arise in your life, activities, decisions, etc. if you do this often, you will experience the joy and calmness that comes with being a lover of God.

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