40 Prayers to St. Jude for Exams

It is possible to attend classes and even read throughout the night without coming out with a positive result after an exam.

But after reading adequately and praying appropriately, it becomes a straight path to a successful exam.

Although praying is not all it takes to pass an examination, prayer is a crucial factor in producing an excellent outcome from your result. So, before, while you write, and afterwards, make sure to ask St. Jude to pray for you.

This prayer to St Jude is for students who want to write their exams successfully and come out with outstanding results.

Here Are 40 Prayers To St Jude That You Can Pray For Your Exams

  1. O holy St Jude, parents, students, and teachers call on you in times of academic need as the giver of the highest level of excellence and intellect. Pray for me, as I’m getting set to write my exams. I pray to God almighty for me that he should grant me great understanding and a memory that retains me so well as my exams come up soon.


  1. Thank you, St. Jude, for your intercession over my life. I’m grateful that you have constantly stood in the gap for me, even when I was hopeless and didn’t know that I would get the opportunity to continue with school again. Because of your intercession, I’m about to write exams at school. Glory to God.


  1. St. Jude Thank you for interceding for me constantly. I’m grateful for the kindness I’ve received and continue to receive at school. I express my gratitude for answering my prayers even during this period of examinations.


  1. St. Jude, I appreciate your prayers for me. I’m grateful for the last examinations I wrote. It was evident that you interceded for me. May my upcoming examinations’ results appear much better than the first. Amen


  1. I prayed for a fruitful academic experience at the beginning of the session. The session has been wonderful. I’m so thankful for your intercession, St. Jude. May my exams go well and my results be spectacular. Amen


  1. St. Jude, please pray for my academic success. Let your spirit personally tutor me, especially in the things I’m finding so difficult to handle. Thank you again for your divine help in my academics this year.


  1. Heavenly St. Jude, you are the supernatural one, a friend of the Lord who intelligently made the heavens and the earth. I ask that you pray for me and ensure that my examination questions are brilliantly answered. Amen


  1. St Jude interceded for me even as I wrote my exams. I pray for good health throughout. Even after this exam, let no sickness or examination fever cross my path. Amen
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  1. I put my papers into your hands. There will be no complications during this period. Even when I sit down to write, I try not to be confused. St. Jude, please pray for my mental health. May I gain clarity every day of this examination period. Amen


  1. St Jude’s I am so full of fear that I may not do so well in the upcoming exams. Please intercede for me and see me through my examination. Help me not to lose focus and hope, but teach me every subject matter that causes confusion in my mind. Amen


  1. St Jude, I believe that you can reach out to the Lord for my upcoming examinations. So, I ask that this examination will be different from the rest I’ve written recently. It is impossible for me to recall every bit of what I’ve read for my exams.


  1. O Holy St Jude, let my examination results bless your heavenly name. Grant me excellence in all the subjects I will write. It is time for me to go beyond what I’ve ever done so that I can attain a height that will be praiseworthy to you. Amen


  1. St Jude, intercede for me to study precisely. Let my reviewing, reading, and recitations not be different from the examination questions. I know that placing this in your hands is the best decision I’ll make in my examinations this year. Amen


  1. Dear St. Jude, pray for me so that I won’t be distracted by people or things. Please pray for the preservation of everyone around me so that nothing unfortunate will befall any of them and that they won’t be a cause of concern that will bother me as I write my examination. Amen


  1. My hope is to pass this examination this time around. Beyond my ability to write, there is much more that I need to do to attain that height of excellence. Dear St Jude, I ask that you intercede on my behalf so that I can do better during this examination. Amen


  1. May I represent the Lord in a beautiful light, and in my school, may it begin with my good results. That’s why I’m asking O Holy St Jude that you intercede for me so that my ability during the upcoming examination will be greater than the former. Amen


  1. Thank you, St Jude, for your help in school. I’m honored to be prayed for by you. Please help me with my exams this time around and let the glory go to your holy name. Amen


  1. St Jude, continuously pray for me so that I won’t repeat any papers in this examination. May I write once and correctly. Please intercede for my accuracy in the delivery of my exam answers.
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  1. St Jude, intercede for my friends and me so that our efforts to study hard will not be in vain. May we all end up with outstanding results to the praise of your holy name.


  1. St. Jude in Heaven, Pray for me that the angels will speak to me in remembrance of anything that I forgot during the examination and let a divine bank of inspiration speak to my heart and direct me in your way. Make this exam a pleasurable one. Amen


  1. O holy St Jude, friend of my Lord, ask God on my behalf for wisdom in life’s issues. With your wisdom, guide my path and direct me even in my exams to successfully write my papers.


  1. Thank you, St. Jude, for interceding for me always. Please pray for me as I get ready for my examination. I request that the Lord direct my eyes and mind to precisely what I should study. Let the Lord’s light of direction shine on me even as I continue to study. Amen


  1. St. Jude, intercede for my movements during this period of examinations. I hope I will not encounter troubles that will take my attention away from reading. May I be protected from unseen harm and covered in the shadow of your covering. Amen


  1. I appreciate your prayers for me, St. Jude. May every veil preventing my understanding be shattered by your power. Grant me fresh understanding and a special interest in studying voraciously.


  1. St Jude, friend of the Holy Spirit, pray for me. Let the Holy Spirit teach me and inspire me with great knowledge of what I ought to learn. Holy Spirit, I humbly ask that you be my tutor and grant me insight beyond the norm. Amen


  1. St. Jude of Heaven, grant me supernatural strength to study my books. With your help, let this examination not make me weary but grant me strength and grace to keep on keeping on even when it seems burdensome. Amen


  1. St. Jude, please pray for me. Don’t let me get distracted and overwhelmed by the pool of impossibilities around me, but make all things possible by your might, including the subjects of concern that I feel I may not do well in. Amen


  1. St Jude, pray for me to avoid distractions, especially in this period of my examination. I take my eyes away from discouragers and people who profess negativity about any subject. Speak to my heart always.


  1. In your undying mercy, oh Lord, help me not to faint in this examination period. St Jude, please pray for me that when I feel exhausted and lacking courage, I will be energized and empowered to excel through all odds.
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  1. St Jude, pray that fear will not overpower me during these exams. Let the Lord take away my worry and replace it with great hope. Amen


  1. St. Jude, I believe that you will always come through in intercession for me when I call upon you. I ask that this exam be the best that I’ve written so far. Let your angels surround me with a calm aura to be receptive to my educational obligations.


  1. O Holy St Jude, intercede for me to gain favor before my lecturers and all my academic officers. Let your angels speak sweet words to them as they handle my scripts, and may the systems be receptive to my upcoming success. Amen


  1. St Jude, pray for my results. May the hands that receive my scripts favor me. There will be no misinterpretation or miscalculation all round. My examination will end in joy for your namesake. Amen


  1. Dear St. Jude, pray for me and my pals. May none of us have a negative complaint as to why we didn’t come out with enviable colors in these exams. Grant us outstanding grace and the intellectual capacity to stand tall in our examinations.


  1. None of my valuables will be missing during this period. May I not have reasons to be tense at any point in this examination. Dear St. Jude, pray for everything that concerns me to have a beautiful ending, including these exams. Amen


  1. Oh Holy St Jude, intercede for me. May your guiding light improve my reading. May your great light come to me when the road seems lonely, and may supernatural knowledge spring forth in my heart. Glorify you.


  1. Thank you, St. Jude, for intervening in my matter. I bless your kind heart for paying this great price for me. May your name be richly blessed. I ask that you continue to pray for me, guide my daily steps, and help me to remain focused as I embark on my studies.


  1. St Jude, please allow my prayers to reach the heavens. Overwhelm my heart with steady peace and comfort me all-round so I can write exams with a calm mind. Oh Lord, thank you.


  1. O St Jude, pray for me to stand strong during this examination time. Grant me the understanding I need to perform in a manner that screams excellence to the adoration of your sacred name.


  1. St. Jude, Heavenly I thank you for your concern for me. Thank you for always reaching out to the heavens for me. I appreciate your utmost show of concern. I ask that you continue your good work in my life even as I’m yet to write my exams.


St Jude, intercede for us and listen to our intercession. Amen.

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