40 Saint Anthony Prayers for Protection

With the way of the world, there is danger at every corner. Even in our health, there are times when we fall I’ll or as we travel.

However, we can pray to our patron saint of wonders, saint Anthony to protect us in our times of need. Here are some St. Anthony Prayers for Protection.

Saint Anthony Prayer For Protection Against Storms

There is risk around every corner because of the way the world operates. Even when we’re healthy, there are times when we get sick or get lost while traveling. To be protected in difficult times, we can turn to Saint Anthony, our patron saint of miracles. These prayers are provided.

Saint Anthony Prayer For Defense

We also ask the Lord to keep us from harm, O holy saint Anthony, defender of the defenseless and exposed. Let it continue to be under the protection of his wings as his holy angels defend us from the devil’s trap. So that we can continue in peace, safeguard our home and keep us all alive. We pray that you continue to bless us, through Christ, our Lord. Amen.


O blessed Saint Anthony, intercede on our behalf and grant us the Lord’s protective wings. Allow him to take cover from harm and shield it from evil. Lord, be merciful to us and watch over us. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.


Be our defender and protector, Holy St. Anthony. Request the Holy Angels from God to protect us from all harm so that we can come out of every situation in perfect health and wellbeing. Help us on our life’s journey so we can always travel safely side by side with you in the friendship of God. Amen.

Saint Anthony Prayer For Guidance

Dear St. Anthony, you guided countless souls to the care of our Divine Lord through your holy example and apostolic life. I implore you to secure the same safety and direction for me and the people I hold dear during these difficult times. Keep watch over our nation and those who serve it in your tender charity. acquire bravery and fortitude for their loved ones. On earth, your heart was overflowing with sympathy for those who were in peril or need. You have never let those who trusted in you down in heaven. I have confidence that you won’t let me down right now and that you’ll always work to draw me nearer to our Lord. Who is the Divine Guardian of humanity? O strong Wonder-Worker, grant my request in this time of need. Amen

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O my God, through the intercession of the glorious Martyr St. Anthony, please recommend us to Your goodness so that his protection and direction can help us achieve what our own merits alone are unable to. Amen


Oh, Saint Anthony, mighty patron, and exemplar of purity, whose defense before the throne of God is so great, so strong, and so prompt. I beg for your safety. Oh Saint Anthony, please help me through your mighty intercession and secure my protection from all enemy ills through Jesus Christ, our Lord. So that I may express my gratitude and homage to the most loving of Fathers after having engaged here under your heavenly power. Amen.

Saint Anthony’s Prayer For Shield Away From Danger

Oh glorious Saint Anthony, a perfect example of all virtues and an unadulterated instrument of God’s grace! Here I am, bowed low at your feet. I beg your loving heart to intercede on my behalf before God’s throne. In all the dangers that constantly encircle me, I turn to you. Protect me from my adversaries and encourage me to model my behavior after yours. May thy blessing always be with me, that I may avoid the occasions of sin and avoid doing anything that the Lord forbids. Kindly ask God to grant me the favors and blessings that I so desperately need in order to get through life’s difficulties, tribulations, and afflictions. To those who were suffering or troubled in any way, thy heart was always so full of love, compassion, and mercy. You have never turned away someone who sought your help without offering them comfort and support. In order to benefit both the greater glory of God and the welfare of my soul, I, therefore, invoke your powerful intercession in the confident hope that you will hear my prayers and secure for me the special grace and favor of perfect and complete protection. Help me, O holy Saint Anthony, to be ever obedient to God’s holy will, to live and die as a faithful child of God, and to achieve the eternal joy of heaven. Amen.

Saint Anthony Prayer For Protection And Blessings

Godspeed, Anthony I praise God for giving you His grace to put Him first in your life. Please make intercession on our behalf through the cross of Jesus Christ so that God may bless and protect me, my family, my home, my property, my possessions, and my place of employment today and always. This will ensure that we are never apart from Jesus, Mary, and the company of the blessed. We ask for deliverance from temptation, spiritual oppression, physical ills, and disease through your intercession. Guard us against alcohol and drug abuse, immorality and impurity, unsavory company, and negative attitudes. Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Saint Anthony Prayer For Physical Protection

Oh Blessed Saint Anthony, our patron saint and protector, You are aware of the numerous physical risks we face today, many of which are a result of or prompted by human inventions. Be truly a “Blessed” one for us by protecting us from bodily, mental, and spiritual toxins. Amen.

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Saint Anthony Prayer Against Defilement And Bodily Harm

By the love that gave birth to them, I beg you, O Blessed Saint Anthony, devoted guardian and protector of virgins, to keep me free from all soul and physical defilement so that I may always serve them with holiness and purity of love. As I perform my duties in the service of our great God, shield me from the evils of the world. Amen.

Saint Anthony Prayers For Spiritual Protection Against Enemies

Saint Anthony, who is our most powerful protector, be gracious to us and help us from above as we battle the power of darkness; shield God’s Holy Church from the enemy’s snares and from all adversity; and shield each of us with your constant protection so that, encouraged by your example and your assistance, we may be able to live pious lives, die sanctimoniously, and find eternal happiness in heaven. Amen.


St. Anthony, shield us from evil and the devil’s pitfalls and defend us in disputes. We humbly pray that God will correct him, and we ask that you, blessed saint of miracles, use the power of God to hide from the enemy’s evil eyes and direct our steps away from the evil oath. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

Saint Anthony’s Prayer Of Protection For Travel

Lord, give me that vigilant eye. that as I move by, I won’t get hurt. You gave life; I fervently hope that nothing I do will take it away from you or taint your gift. Protect me from the dangers of fire and all calamity, O Lord my companion. Teach me to use my car for others’ needs so that I don’t miss anything out of an excessive speed passion. O Saint Anthony, our revered miracle-working patron, guard me and direct me safely to my goal. Amen.


Please guard me today as I travel the road, holy Saint Anthony. If danger approaches, give me your signal so I can stop while the road is still clear. When the vision suddenly becomes hazy, be at my window and point me through. Bring me safely to my intended location, just as you carried Christ in your embrace. Amen.

Saint Anthony Protection Against Illness

O blessed saint Anthony, our patron saint of miracles, a servant of and a close friend of our savior, Jesus Christ, we beseech you to promise to release us all from all harm, who with complete confidence turn to you; and by your unmatched protection enable us to advance each day in the faithful service of our God.


I humbly ask God for the grace to receive the grace to serve Him in good health by cheerfully carrying out the responsibilities of my state of life through the intercession of Saint Anthony, who during his life endured so much discouragement and always showed great compassion for the sick. But if it is His holy will to send me sickness, pain, and suffering, help me with your strong prayer to submit humbly to His chastisements, to accept illness in the spirit of penance, and to endure it patiently in accordance with His holy will. Amen.

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Saint Anthony’s Prayer Of Protection To Close The Body Against Illness And Evil

Saint Anthony, my great little protector, you who help thousands of people and you who guard thousands of believers, help me too right now! Dear glorious saint, I need your assistance right away so that you can close my body. So that you can protect my body from harm, bad vibes, envy, the evil eye, and all other attacks from my foes, both visible and invisible. I beg you for assistance in a desperate manner and with great faith in my heart, oh dear saint, everlasting protector. I beg you to keep me safe, to be there for me, and to let all of your light shine through my life, my heart, and my soul. shut my body Close my soul, Saint Anthony, and don’t let anything in or torture me! Amen.

Saint Anthony Prayer For General Protection

You are Saint Anthony, the kind and powerful, who does not put up with injustice or betrayal. Protect my soul, take away my illnesses, broken hearts, and evil intentions, and close my body. Holy protector, grant me the ability to remain undetectable in the face of injustice, enmity, and other negative emotions. Protect my happiness and shield my thoughts from evil, O blessed patron. Save everything I am, including my joy, essence, and calling. Protect me from all adversaries who wish to do me harm. Mighty saint, erect a barrier and a shield within me. Great Saint Anthony, guard my body. Amen.

Saint Anthony Prayer for Protection For The Family

Kind Saint Anthony, keep me and my loved ones safe from all harm as you did for the Holy Family. Please continue to keep us devoted to you, ever-united in the love of Christ, and ever-fervent in imitating the virtue of our Blessed Mother, your sinless spouse. Amen.

Saint Anthony Prayer Of Protection For The Home

St. Anthony, guard our house. Blessings from heaven, come down upon our family. Remain here with us. Please make it possible for us to live in harmony, peace, and joy. So that virtue may adorn what we do and our path may lead to heaven, may the wholesome fear of God strengthen us. I am giving you the key to our house today. Keep out everything that could hurt us. Jesus and Mary, please take my house and my loved ones into your hearts. Amen.

Saint Anthony Protection Against The Forces Of Evil

We have turned to thee, O glorious Saint Anthony, in our distress, and we humbly implore thee to also take us under thy protection. Protect us, o gentle saint and servant of God, and keep everything that is corrupt and tainted away from us, most loving Father. Help us from above, most stalwart defender, in our struggle against the forces of evil. And just as you saved the infant Jesus from imminent death in the past, you must now protect God’s Holy Church from the devil’s traps and all hardship. Protect us always under thy protection so that, inspired by thy example and strengthened by thy assistance, we may lead holy lives, experience joyous deaths, and achieve eternal happiness in Heaven. Amen.


All prayers must be said in faith and with an honest heart. You can pray these prayers at any time and receive your desired answer.

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