Saint Anthony Prayers for Lost Things

We all must admit that whether we are careless or not, once in a while we lose a thing or two, and for the time that it lasts if we do find it, it hurts.

Luckily, we have a saint that we can pray to intercede on our behalf so we can find whatever was stolen or lost.

Saint Anthony is the patron saint for all lost things because, during his lifetime, his psalter got stolen. After he prayed, it was returned to him. Now it’s your turn, here are the prayers below:

Saint Anthony Prayers for Lost Things

Prayers to Saint Anthony for Lost Things

God’s angels and saints are to be praised. Your love for God and compassion for His creatures, O Holy St. Anthony, the gentlest of Saints, made you deserving of having supernatural abilities while you were still on earth.

This idea has inspired me, so I implore you to get.. (what you lost). Speak my supplication into the ears of the precious Infant Jesus, who loved to be cuddled in your arms, O gentle and compassionate St. Anthony, whose heart was always filled with human sympathy; and my heart’s gratitude will be yours forever. Amen.

  1. Anthony, a flawless imitator of Jesus who was given by God the unique ability to restore lost items, grant that I may locate what has been misplaced. At the very least, bring me back my mental tranquility and peace, the loss of which has hurt me more than any material loss. I also ask for another favor from you in exchange for this one: please grant me eternal possession of the real good, which is God. I’d prefer to lose everything than to lose God, the ultimate good. My greatest treasure, eternal life with God, should never be lost. Amen.


  1. Dear St. Anthony, you are the patron saint of the underprivileged and a guide for anyone looking for misplaced items. Help me to find what I’ve lost, (insert what you’ve lost here), so that I can use the extra time more effectively for God’s greater honor and glory. All those who are searching for what they have lost, especially those trying to regain God’s grace, need your gracious assistance. Amen.


  1. If our request is for the benefit of our soul, St. Anthony, the great wonder-worker, please intercede on our behalf so that God will grant it. We come before thee in patience and purity, that we may find what we seek. Amen.


  1. Godspeed, Saint Anthony You have been one of God’s most effective spokespersons for us. We have chosen you to bring our stolen and lost items back to us. I sincerely ask your assistance in finding my misplaced item, as you have done for countless other members of God’s flock. I entrust what I’ve lost to your care in the hopes that you will return it to me. I pray that God will enable you to locate my misplaced item and bring it back to me. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, I make this request. Amen.
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  1. Holy Anthony, I beseech you, O most pious and kind of Saints, to return my material possession. O loving Saint Anthony, kindly inform Jesus Christ of my prayer and request. You have my heart and my soul. You have the most amazing abilities. Please accept my sincere condolences to the person who decided they had to take my item. I beg you to take this person into your arms so they can learn how to walk in your light rather than the shadow of evil. Please use this incident as an example, I beg you. I ask that you prevent others from having to experience this. In the name of Jesus, I ask. Amen.

Saint Anthony Prayers for Lost Things

  1. I have lost something that is important to me and am asking for help finding it, dear St. Anthony, who has been given the divine authority to intercede on our behalf for all lost things and people. I have hope and faith in your mighty power, and I am confident that with Your assistance, I will recover what has been lost. Amen.


  1. Blessed St. Anthony, you have used your divine ability to recover what was lost. Help me to experience God’s grace and become devoted to serving God and practicing virtue. Help me locate what I’ve lost so you can demonstrate your kindness to me.


  1. Please assist me in locating my [Name of lost item], Saint Anthony, perfect follower of Jesus, who has been given by God the special ability to restore lost items. I have faith that you will direct me to the precise location where I can find it. I appreciate your assistance in getting my [Name of lost item] back.


  1. By the grace of God, you have been designated as Saint Anthony, the patron saint of finding lost or stolen property. I confidently approach you because I know you can assist me in locating my [Name of lost item]. You have assisted many people in finding their misplaced possessions, along with hope, faith, and other things; I am confident that my case will be no different. I have faith that God will quickly restore my [Name of lost or stolen item] through you.


  1. Saint Anthony, when you prayed, you received your stolen prayer book back. Please start a prayer for everyone who has lost something important to them. Pray for everyone who has lost their faith, hope, or God’s friendship. Please say a prayer for those of us who have lost friends or family. Pray for anyone who has experienced mental or spiritual unrest. Ask God to give us new faith, new love, and new hope. Pray for the return of lost items that are useful and necessary to us. Alternately, if we must continue to grieve, we can ask for Christ’s peace and comfort in our prayers. Amen.


  1. O holy St. Anthony, special heavenly patron of those who pray to recover lost or stolen items, assist me in finding those items that are valuable and dear to me, in particular (mention the name of the lost item here). Help me out with this urgent need. Restore my mental calm when I’m confused, forgetful, or reckless. Please pray that any lost items that are important or helpful find their way back to me safely. Amen.
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  1. O, blessed St. Anthony, by the grace of God, you have become a strong advocate for all of our needs and the patron saint of recovering lost or stolen property. With childlike love and unwavering confidence, I turn to you today. You have assisted countless God’s children in finding both material and spiritual items that they have misplaced. I have faith in you to meet my current needs because I know you can. I entrust you with what I have lost in the hopes that, if it is God’s Holy will, He will bring it back to me. Amen.


  1. How many people have you lovingly helped, especially when they asked for your help to find lost or stolen items? How great and mighty is the grace and power of God in you, blessed Saint Anthony? As you can see, I’ve also humbly come to you in my need. Please, help and comfort me even though I am unworthy of it. I am confident that the Baby Jesus in your arms will answer your prayers. As a result, I commend to thee the subject of my prayer: that what was lost (or stolen) may be returned to me through thy intercession, and that I may always rejoice in thy love and protection. Amen.

Saint Anthony Prayers for Lost Things

  1. Amazing Saint Anthony, renowned for the miracles he performed, had the pleasure of holding our Blessed Lord when he was a young child. Please grant me this favor, which I humbly ask for, from His mercy: (mention your request). Consider the glory of God, which will be exalted through you by the salvation of my soul and the granting of the petition that I now humbly present to you, rather than the lack of merit on the part of him who calls upon you, seeing as how you were so kind to poor sinners. I beg you to accept my promise to live more faithfully going forward in accordance with the teachings of the Gospel and to be committed to serving the poor whom you have always loved and still love so much. This is my way of showing you how much I appreciate you. Bless this decision I’ve made, and grant me the fortitude to stick with it through to the end. Amen.


  1. Grant us the benefit of Saint Anthony’s fervent intercession for the graces of holy purity, meekness, humility, obedience, the spirit of poverty, and complete abandonment to God’s will. Saint Anthony, attentive to those who invoke thee.


  1. Father, You are always with us, always by our sides, giving us each day the gift of love, truth, and hope. I beg you to tell me what I lost that was so valuable. You recognize how significant this object is to me. I have faith that you will guide me there. Please give it back to me. Dear Lord, I appreciate all of your comfort and care. Amen.
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Litany For Lost Things

Saint Anthony Prayers for Lost Things

This is a very long prayer but it is just as effective. You can add whatever things you have lost and ask the gentle saint Anthony to help to find them.

If it is something you no longer possess like a place to live, he would help you find another:

  1. Anthony, pray for those of us who have lost our health.

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost our peace of mind,

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost our housing,

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost our financial security,

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost a loved one,

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost our dreams,

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost our talents,

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost our initial zeal,

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost our sobriety,

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost our faith,

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost our self-respect,

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost our perspective,

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost our innocence,

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost our independence,

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost peace within our families,

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost civil peace,

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost our trust in others,

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost our virtue,

St. Anthony, pray for us who have lost our homes.

  1. So let’s pray. St. Anthony, the patron saint of the lost, serves as an intercessor for people who are in need of your mercy. All-loving God, thank You for giving him to us. Please hear him as he prays to You on our behalf, and give us whatever we need to advance in Your love. Through Christ, our Lord, we make this request. Amen.

Short Prayers To Saint Anthony for lost items

Saint Anthony Prayers for Lost Things

If you can’t memorize any of the ones above or you feel they are too long, you can easily learn this and pray these prayers whenever you lose something and you need help:

For us to have a greater devotion to the blessed Mother of God, Saint Anthony, Mary’s servant.

  1. Greetings, Saint Anthony I beg you to come and assist me in recovering the lost object.


  1. Anthony, please aid me in my efforts to locate my stolen (item name). As we look together, let your light shine into my heart. I appreciate you being such a friend. Amen.


  1. O great St. Anthony, who has been given by God a special ability to find things that have been lost, aid me in finding what I am currently looking for. Amen.


It is said that nothing can stop the prayer to saint Anthony especially if it is said with a trusting and honest heart so pray these with faith.

Fun history fact, June 13th is the feast of saint Anthony and the anniversary of his death. Keep in mind and join the celebration.

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