St Jude 3-Day Miracle Prayers

Everyone needs a miracle, and aside from hard work and smart work, prayer is another way to get a miracle.

Prayer to the divine paves the way to obtaining a miracle from God, especially in a time of need. So, if you want to experience the supernatural, you ought to pray.

This 3-day prayer is for anyone who wants a miracle in strategic aspects of their lives.

Miracle Prayers To Be Prayed To St. Jude For Three Days

  1. O holy St. Jude, a companion of Jesus, the greatest miracle worker, here I am at your feet today in need of a miracle. Please pray to the Father concerning the mountain I’m faced with. I need a miracle right this moment. I received help. Amen


  1. Most Holy St Jude, Christ’s Martyr I pray for me that God brings help quickly to me even now that I’m stuck in the den of my distress. May this situation not last too long before a divine miracle interrupts it. Amen


  1. Most Holy Apostle St. Jude, as always, please come through for me. Pray for me for my help in this period. May the Father send down assistance to me by his miraculous hand. Amen


  1. Heavenly St. Jude, pray for me. Let him who lives in heaven assist me in weathering my storms. Human efforts can do little or not much in this situation. Thus, this is why I ask that you make a way where things are tough and let me experience your miraculous deeds again. Amen


  1. O Holy St Jude, on my behalf, ask the helper to come to my door with a helping hand. I can’t move out because of the shame I’m faced with. The responsibilities placed on me haven’t been met yet either, but I ask the Lord that you take the stage. Amen


  1. Jude, please intercede for me. Let your mighty hand lift me up from this great struggle. Let things turn around once and for all and let this frequent situation not sweep me into misery. Amen


  1. St Jude, intercede for me and let this challenge end. Something heavenly should put a stop to this tough time. By your mighty hand, lift me up and let your holy angels bring to me all that you have apportioned to me. Amen


  1. O St Jude, pray for me, make my heart light. No one around me can help, but there is nothing too hard for him. Let him come to my aid and change my circumstances for the better. Amen


  1. Heavenly St Jude, pray for me and use the power of your hand to turn things around so that I can see a new dawn in my hopeless state. I pray. Let your miraculous hand show me a way out of this situation. Amen
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  1. Dear St Jude, pray for me so that this hard time can expire. Let him grant me a supernatural entry into his caravan of mercy, and by his hand, may I experience a miracle even at this time. Amen


  1. St Jude, pray on my behalf for my health to experience a shift. May I be empowered to do what I couldn’t do before. Beyond my feelings, may he nullify the doctor’s result and help me bounce back full of life with my health uninterrupted. Amen


  1. O St Jude, pray for me. I’ve been burdened with distress. I can’t place things right now, but I trust in him. I know when he steps in, he will order my life. May he lead me to the path of righteousness. Amen


  1. In my time of distress, he promised to show up for me with all the hope that I could get and provision in his vast kingdom. St. Jude, pray for me and let his words for me come to fruition in my life now. Amen


  1. Heavenly St. Jude, intercede for me. Let my finances fall back into shape. May the power of his name destroy every sickness and hindrance that always catches my money. I receive all the money allocated to me from the heavenly realm by fire. Amen


  1. Dear St Jude, the companion of He who made the heavens and sees everything on earth, pray for me that my missing item may be discovered from wherever it is right now. Whether it be hidden in a place I haven’t searched or is in the hands of someone else, may it be found at this moment. Amen


  1. St Jude, pray for my safety along with my family, friends, and loved ones. May the power of your great hand help my admitted relative to rise up strong and sound. That blood disease checks back to its origin. Amen


  1. O St Jude, pray for my peace. Let him take away every cause of frequent anxiety and grant me perfect peace. May I sleep well and wake up energized even now. These symptoms will be nowhere close to when I wake up. Amen


  1. Heavenly St. Jude, pray for me. Let help come through for me. I acknowledge the reality that my life can change in a few minutes if a helper comes my way. Right now I have no one, but I pray that he will send me a divine helper. Amen


  1. O St Jude, pray for my speed. My life has been at a standstill for weeks now. But I trust that when he steps in, all I do will be fast forwarded. May his grace speak for me. Amen
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  1. Dear St Jude, pray for me. Although I have nothing in my life to brag about right now, I pray that you will get maximum adoration from my life. If it’s your plan, may this contract not pass me by tomorrow. Amen


  1. Only divine intervention can make a way for me in this situation that I find myself in. So I ask St Jude that you pray for me to the father. Let him bring a divine solution my way. Send the angels on duty from the heavens to where I am right now so that they will perform a miracle to help me out swiftly. Amen


  1. Heavenly St. Jude, pray for me. Maybe this opportunity will come by again. Grant the heartfelt request made by your child today and let glory be the outcome. Amen


  1. O St Jude, intercede for me to get an awakening. Let an original idea spark up in my head that has never been perceived before now. Lord, make me a replica of your son and help my idea to be good as gold. Amen


  1. Dear St. Jude, pray for my upcoming event that it will be successful. Even now, I’m in need of finances to conclude it’s planning, but I know that when he shows up for me, every hard ground will be meshed and good things will follow by his miraculous hand. Amen


  1. St Jude, intercede for me to experience divine shifts. I’ve dwelt at this spot all my life. It’s tiring and brings you shame. Let this condition change hands as I pray that his word be honored in my life.


  1. Holy St. Jude, pray for me to get the employment I desire. My chase will not be in vain. May the Father back me up with his angels and grant me favour before my interviewers and employers. Amen


  1. Saint Jude, intercede for me. I may stumble on ideas that will boost my bank account. Although my peers have gone ahead of me, I still believe in the power of your mighty name. I trust that new, better things will come to play in my life. Amen


  1. Jude, please pray for me that natural forces do not sap my energy as I plan my next move.When I’m down, let the Cherubs uplift me. Amen


  1. Jude, intercede for my perfection. May this symptom not lead to infirmity, and as it burns up from the roots, let it never return to me. Allow the blood of the Son to wash over and cleanse me. Amen


  1. St Jude interceded for me. Even as the Father sustains my life, let good tidings be my attraction to him. Every trouble set for me will be overcome by his power. Amen
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  1. Jude, please pray for the presence of the Mighty Hand in my life. May his angels go before me and overcome every wicked plan set to hold me stuck. I receive the wisdom to rise again. Amen


  1. Blessed St Jude, pray for me. Let every body part of mine align and work in unison. This result of irregularity will not occur again as I go for my next check. May you take control of my body and do the work of a therapist. Amen


  1. Help can only come from one source now. I will look up to you, creator, my only current source of assistance in this situation. St Jude, say a prayer for me so that I can receive a miracle from your outstretched arms. Amen


  1. Dear St Jude, pray for me. My next speech is coming up. My next speech is coming up tomorrow, and I’m quite tense about what to say and how to begin. I pray that he equips me with great confidence so that I won’t slack. Have the glory, Father.


  1. Heavenly St Jude, intercede for me as I look to you. Let his light shine in and through me so that I will be a sign and wonder with great manifestations in this world. Amen


  1. St Jude, pray for me to continue to know how to maximize the blessings of the Father. It is true that if I can do my best to make good use of the things in my possession, greater things will come. Oh Lord, multiply my good fortune as I ask. Amen


  1. O St Jude, intercede on behalf of me in my exams. Grant me all that it takes to step out with an astonishing result. Let your spirit grant me the grace to retain it beyond human comprehension. Amen


  1. Heavenly St Jude, pray for us that this nation will be helped. Let him save us from every kind of trouble. Release every person from the bondage they are in. May he continue to save us from the dens of the wicked. Amen


  1. Jude’s I’m going to pray to the Father for wisdom. Life’s situations cannot be successfully handled except with superior wisdom like yours. Help our ignorance and build us up in your knowledge with the capacity to stand out. Amen


  1. Blessed St Jude, intercede for us. May my life not be void of your divine presence. Let everything I come across be unexplainable by normal human phenomena. Bless, keep, protect, and preserve me, including everything connected to me. Amen

Heavenly St. Jude, pray for us and listen to our intercession. Amen

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