15 Catholic Prayers to Find Something Lost

Losing things can be very painful, especially if they are things that you can not easily replace or can never replace, like an old photo, or a car.

With this pain, we have prayers that would help you find what you are looking for, whether they were lost, misplaced, or stolen:

General Catholic Prayer For Lost Things

Catholic Prayers to Find Something Lost

Father, You always walk alongside us, giving us daily access to love, truth, and hope. I implore you to locate the valuable object I’ve lost. You realize how significant this item is to me. I have no doubt that you will lead me there. Please give it back to me. Lord, I thank You for Your Constant Comfort and Care. Amen.

Catholic Prayer For Faith And Strength

Father, I’ve come to you filled with anxiety and fear. I am doubtful of what I’ve lost, and I understand that the only way I can recover it is by using your omnipotent power. Lord, give me back what I lost. Give me wisdom, the Holy Spirit, and the ability to retrace my steps with joy at the end. Amen.

Catholic Prayers For The Thief Whole Stole My Items

Lord Almighty, Father in heaven, In my prayer to you today, I ask that you accept it. I am aware that you taught us to renounce our material possessions in exchange for eternal life. Your assistance is requested because I value my belongings more than they are worth in this world. I beg you to instill fear in the minds of those who took my item so that they might decide it would be better to give it back to me. I beg you to show the thief how to turn away from sin. I ask that you find the thief’s heart and move them to seek pardon for what they have done and the suffering they have brought upon me. In the name of Jesus, I ask. Amen.

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Catholic Prayer For The Recovery Of Stolen Items

Catholic Prayers to Find Something Lost

Dear Lord, I am aware that Satan works constantly to sway us from doing your will and toward his own. I am aware that Satan finds joy in people’s suffering, pain, and worry. I ask you to remind whoever took my item to turn away from the devil. You, Lord, who is all-knowing, know what the thief will do next and what lies within them. You are aware of their intentions regarding my item. If they choose not to return it, I kindly ask that you assist them in finding the strength to stop stealing in the future. I beg you to take away my desire to find my stolen item and heal my heart. I beg that if I don’t get it back, please take away my worry about losing it. I must allow myself to be at peace with the possibility that I might never get my item back. Through Christ, our Lord, I make this request. Amen.

People’s Prayers For Lost Items

God, I say a prayer for everyone who has lost their way, for those who have turned away from God, for their loved ones, and for their friends. I’d like to offer a prayer for those who have abandoned the right path in favor of the wrong one. I’m sure we’ve all played the prodigal son, but if the son could be found, we can too. Help us to reject self-righteousness, immorality, and false beliefs that prevent us from adhering to your truth. Although we are lost and separated from you, things that are lost can be found. Lord, please help us locate You. Amen.

Catholic Prayer to Find a Lost Love One

We urgently and fervently seek Your divine assistance, O Exalted One, in order to locate our missing loved one. Please protect her from harm and assist us in imagining all the possible locations she could have gone. Give the police guidance as they organize the search. If she is able, we ask that she try to contact someone for assistance by making a call or sending a message. O Lord, You are aware of when we sit and stand, so guide us to where we need to go. Amen.

Catholic Prayer For The Return Of Stolen Property

Father in heaven, Please ask the person who stole my things to give it back to me. I beg you to do everything in your power to remove the thief from my life. I ask that you submit the thief to your will. I kindly request that you be granted the ability to secure the return of the items that were taken from me thanks to the strength of your intervention. My loss of the items has made my heart heavy and anxious. Although I make an effort to avoid thinking about material things, this object holds a special place in my heart. In the name of Jesus, I ask. Amen.

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Catholic Prayer For An Important Document

Catholic Prayers to Find Something Lost

O God seated in the heavens, You understand how important it is that I locate this crucial document, but I have no idea where it is filed, if it is accidentally mixed up with something else, snuck behind a desk, or what happened to it. But since You are all-knowing, kindly assist me in calming down, considering all the plausible locations where it might be, and conducting a methodical search until I locate it. I appreciate all of Your devoted love and steadfastness. Amen.

Catholic Prayer To Find Lost Vehicles

O glorious God, Now, I require Your assistance. I should have remembered to record what level and aisle I was in when I parked, but here I am in this enormous parking garage. I feel so foolish, but You, Lord, know how long it will take to search level by level and aisle by aisle. I’m also exhausted and have a lot of things to carry. I ask that Your Spirit guide me in the right direction. Thank You for returning my calls when I call. Amen.

Catholic Prayer For A Cherished Possession

Catholic Prayers to Find Something Lost

O Lord, I give thanks for You and enlist Your help in finding my misplaced beloved item. I resemble the woman in Your parable who misplaced a coin, lit a lamp, and swept the floor in search of it before sharing a joyful moment with her neighbors. May Your Holy Spirit guide me as I look for it and assist me. Even now, with all my heart, I thank You. Amen.

Catholic Prayer to Find Lost Phone Numbers

Blessed be Your name, O God. Now, I require Your assistance. I need to find all the phone numbers from friends, family, contacts at work, and more that were on my phone because it broke. Help me to unwind and direct my thoughts into methods for finding these numbers so I can keep in touch with the people who are significant in my life. May Your guiding hand lead me as I seek. Amen.

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Catholic Prayer To Remember Where Something Was Placed

Lord, You know everything about me and how frustrated I am right now looking for this item. You are aware that valuable time is currently being used to trace my steps and determine what I did with it. Please help me maintain control of my emotions and retrace the events leading up to the loss of this item. May those tiny details rise to the top of my memory until I can recall where I placed it exactly. God, thank You for caring about even the little things. Amen.

Prayer For A Valuable Item To Be Returned

Lord, You are my God; now aid me in finding this priceless item that I misplaced today while I was away from home. I hope that it will be found and returned to me by an honorable and kind person. I thank You, Lord, for standing up for the weak, and I beseech You to meet my urgent need right now. I put my trust in You; kindly hear me out and respond right away. Amen.

Prayer For Finding Lost Things

Dear Lord, thank you for being there for us always, for supporting us, for walking alongside us, for loving us, and for giving us hope each and every day. Please give me what I lost back; that is all I ask. You understand how important that item is to me. You are aware of my anxiety over losing this thing. You are aware of the pressure I have been under while trying to find it. I ask for your assistance so I can quickly and stress-free locate this item. I appreciate you letting me come to you with this issue. Through Christ, our Lord, I make this request. Amen.

Prayer to Let Go of Lost Items

Catholic Prayers to Find Something Lost

Our Lord and Savior, I thank you for everything you have provided for me. I thank you for all that you have done to make my life possible. I am grateful for the ability you have given me to support my family. I am aware that I am angry with the person who took something from me. I need your assistance in letting it go. I should be grateful that it was only a piece of property that was taken. That it was a replaceable item and, even if it couldn’t, that it was a material possession rather than a loved one or a friend. I ask your assistance in keeping that in mind. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


And that’s all the prayers we have. Don’t limit yourself to these and pray as the spirit leads. Maybe all that we have ever lost will be restored to us in the end.

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