50 New Year Eve Prayers

There is always a feeling of ecstasy or despondency at the end of the year. Depending on your disposition, especially if you permit your circumstances to determine your state of joy.

However, it is crucial to put on a thankful heart no matter what is going on.

This prayer is for anyone who wants to acknowledge God’s help at the end of the year and commit the incoming year to his able hands.

Underneath Are 50 New Year’s Eve Prayers

  1. Dear Lord, it is by your mercy that today is a possibility. I thank you so much for granting me this privilege to experience another New year’s eve. To you be all honor, Lord.


  1. Heavenly Father, I am overwhelmed by your goodness. It is so beautiful to have come this far because of the grace that you have bestowed upon me. Receive my praise, oh Lord!


  1. In this season full of estasy, I direct my prayer to you, oh Lord, raising my hands in thanks for the numerous blessings my family and I have enjoyed in this season. To you be all honor, great God.


  1. Father, at the thought of your good works, I can’t help but worship you. If God were a man, who knows what my lot would have been, but, Lord, you are excellent. And your might is indescribable.


  1. Thank you, God, for all you have done for me. I show my deep and sincere appreciation to you, oh Lord, for you have helped me greatly, and I am most thankful. As I step into this season, Lord, help me to practice only what counts for the glory of your name.


  1. Dear Father, in this season, may I not stop beholding you. Please help me to keep my eyes fixed on what you are saying, and may my heart not waver at what you are set to do, but help me to be persistent in fellowship.


  1. Open my eyes to see precious moments in the new year. May I not be blinded by myself or the situations I am surrounded by. But, Lord, help me to see things through the lens with which you view them, in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Father, may this year be a fulfilling one for me. May what you have written concerning me begin to unfold, and may I understand that it is your will for me. Help me to position myself correctly and teach me to trust in you better in the upcoming year. Amen


  1. I receive the grace to forgive anyone who has hurt me or done something that has caused me pain in the year that has passed. I ask, Oh Lord, that you cleanse me from every form of bitterness towards such a person, and may a new page full of refreshing air be opened unto me to let go of hurt and pain as the year ends in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. I appreciate your leadership over my life, Lord. Even now, I am certain that you are all-powerful. In the year to come, Lord, may your hand of leadership not separate from my extended network of followers. Oh Lord, lead me and guide me in the name of Jesus. Amen
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  1. Almighty God, it is such an honor to be your child. I appreciate your graciousness towards me. Thank you for strengthening me last year. I trust that with your help, the new year will yield a bounty. Amen


  1. Dear Father, I ask that your hand rest upon me mightily. I pray for enablement and stability in the year I am stepping into. Please, dear Lord, do not allow me to be stagnant in the new year, but let there be an overflow of your spirit in my life. Amen


  1. Dear Father, put great patience in me to gain swift stability even when I face challenges in the new year. May my heart be open to knowing and may nothing blow me off track in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Heavenly Father, I ask that you grant me the grace to trust in you from this year’s end through next year and beyond. Oh Lord may nothing take me away from your presence, but may you be my constant strength and stability.


  1. Dear Lord, I thank you for this delight-filled moment. I pray that, by your grace and strength, my talents, tendencies, and abilities will be put to maximal and profitable use in the coming year, in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Heavenly Father, may my life indeed be valuable in the coming year. May people far away and around me be positively impacted by me, and may your unending mercies make it sustainable. Amen


  1. I pray for peace, Oh Lord. I ask that the new year bring good tidings for me and my family. May no form of insecurity or conflict take over our environment, I pray. But I ask that you lead us continually. Amen


  1. I faced a lot of distractions this year, but Lord, with an open heart, I declare that may my path be clear to thrive through situations and may my eyes be full of light to end the upcoming year much more beautifully than I did this year. Amen


  1. In the coming year, dear father, help me to be useful to society. I pray that you grant me the discernment to be all that I should be and to live a meaningful life in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Dear Lord, I receive the diligence to strive to attain my goals in the coming year. In the name of Jesus, may your hand of wisdom lead me to take proper decisions and move in the right direction. Amen


  1. Dear Father, enable me to be full of hope in the new year. May my heart not accommodate worries, but may your goodness come fresh and alive in my heart anytime that I feel discouraged, in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Heavenly Father, I pray for a heart full of love. Empower me, Lord, to live up to the height you want me to attain in the coming year and, in the end, receive the glory. Amen


  1. Abba, I pray for your peace to overshadow war-torn areas. May people in disagreement and without hope see your light in the name of Jesus. Amen
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  1. Father, I ask for your protection in the year to come. May your guardian angel move beside, before, and around me and my family. Blessed Redeemer, keep us safe under the shadow of your wings. Amen


  1. May the journey into the new year lead me into a deeper relationship with you, Oh Lord. May my life be a pleasing sacrifice, and may all of you learn to trust me better in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. I raise a plea for those suffering from one illness or another. I pray that, by your hand, oh Lord, let help come through for them in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. I pray, Oh Lord, that your help will be my testimony in the coming year. May everything and everyone around me be an expression of your praise. I bless you, my helper.


  1. Heavenly Father, I receive the grace to remain thankful to you. May my eyes be constantly open to your goodness and love. Heal me from every trace of ingratitude in the upcoming year, and may my life praise your name. Amen


  1. Abba, I thank you for being a loving father. Indeed, you are Jehovah Jireh, and I know that even beyond last year, you will provide for me in this new year in Jesus’ name. Amen


  1. Elohim, my loved ones are in your hands in this new year, and I pray that you shower them with your care and concern. Amen


  1. Dear Lord, as you enter the new year, I pray for direction. May this year be far better than last year. Make my path clearer, take away every form of dilemma, and make my choices ones that are factored into your script for my life. Amen


  1. I pray, Lord, that as I enter a new year, you will make me a solution provider. May my life get more essence this year, and may you smile on me, Lord, and by your spirit, may my life make a notable impact. Amen


  1. Dear God, I pray for a strong bond in my relationships with people. May your mighty hand of love be shared abroad, from my heart to theirs. Help me sustain a proper relationship with my helpers and everyone around me in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Dear Lord, I ask for the grace to set my priorities straight in the new year. May my mind not be blinded by so much to do, leaving me with no notable achievements at the end of the year.


  1. Abba, I ask for guidance in the upcoming year. May my eyes not be darkened by the veil of darkness. I pray that you shine your light in my path and make my decisions look so much like you. Amen


  1. Almighty Lord, enable me to let go of anything that doesn’t please you in my life in the coming year. May they all be dedicated to you alone.


  1. Almighty Creator, grant me a heart full of focus. May my gaze not be haphazard, but I ask the Lord that you lead me, uphold my life, and see me through the year successfully in the name of Jesus. Amen
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  1. Dear God, in the coming year, I receive grace from you to be all that you want me to be. Lead me on the path of righteousness in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. May your glory within me be evident in the upcoming year. May my mind constantly seek you too and, in the end, be praised. Amen


  1. I pray for the spirit of forgiveness. Father, as you forgive me for all my mistakes this year, I receive great grace to forgive everyone I’ve hurt, even before I cross over to the new year.


  1. Abba, I ask for your constant blessings upon my life and family. May our lives be pleasing to you. We ask that your eyes be constantly upon us, your glorious face shine upon us, and our relationship with you wax stronger in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. I pray that you will strengthen me throughout the coming year. May the vigor with which I am starting this year not die or diminish. I receive a fresh baptism of help from above in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Dear Father, may I not be a danger to my society because you have blessed me time and time again in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. I pray that bitterness and every other form of resentment will not come close to me in the upcoming year. Father, teach me to live in a place of sincerity with you and people in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Father, I receive the resolve and spirit of perseverance to move in the right direction, according to your plans for my life. I ask that, by your spirit, my life not come to a stop as a result of the tough situations I will encounter in the coming year. Amen


  1. I open my heart to be joyful and full of peace. In the year to come, may nothing steal my joy. Open my eyes to the revelation that a lot of success lies in my ability to remain joyful. Amen


  1. My mind is open to unlimited possibilities this year. I stay far away from everything that has a limiting force, and I receive the grace to stand tall, holding on to my visions and goals as possibilities. Amen


  1. I pray for a courageous and bold mind to face challenges and uncertain situations. May my heart not fail, and may I not be confused or stuck in the middle of a decision about what turn to take. Make my heart full of humility. Grant me your kind of mind in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. In the coming year, I embrace the wisdom to attract pleasantness. By faith, everything around me speaks of your glory, Lord. Amen


  1. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for everything you have brought me through. I appreciate all of last year’s experiences, and even now, I believe that you have powerful plans for me, and you have empowered me to shine my light in the coming year. I bless you, Lord. Amen

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