20 Prayers for Exams And Studying

The time for exams usually feels longer and more stressful. To Combat this feeling you can commit yourself to prayers.

By holding God to his words you can find peace and calmness when you pray.

Follow me in this article as I list out some prayer points that will make you experience God’s peace in your studies and exam.

You can show more commitment by fasting intermittently, giving alms, staying away from sin, and keeping your spirits pure.

Check out this list of prayer points for studying and exam

20 Best Prayer Points For Exams And Studying

  1. Good morning father, I praise you for who you are; you are good to me. I heard this morning that my studies and exam are covered by your grace. My lord and God ancient of days my provider, lady studies of mine pay off in my examination amen. As I conduct my studies, Grant me wisdom befitting of Solomon and let me pass my exams with flying colors. I know you can do this for you are God, all these I ask in your mighty name. Amen.
  2. Dear Lord of the hosts, I am asking for your blessing as I’m writing my exam. As I begin my studies, I want you to bless me, let my going and coming in be blessed. Fill my knowledge till my cup overflows, and I will live to give you thanks forever. Dear Lord, I ask that you hold my hands, and let the holy Spirit Point lead. Give me the grace to abide by your will, all the days of my life amen.
  3. You are the king of kings and lord of heaven; you have had my education in your hands from the beginning. I am beginning my studies, let your holy spirit guide me and show me what is mine. Let my path be lit, I shall not stumble in your holy name. As I write my exam I want the holy spirit to be with me, the latest guide my hands through my papers. Dear God, do your will in my life. I know because of you I will rejoice at the end of my exam. You are forever praised. this is in your holy name amen.
  4. Dear lord, you are the mighty man in battle; you are the bringer of peace and joy. I ask for your focus on my life when I study. Give me your retentive memory, in my exam let me put down all others I’ve read. Father lord protect me, make this exam one that will bring me joy. Oh lord, I’m your servant, I Cast Away every spirit of forgetfulness. Send your angels to defeat every evil force trying to work against me. Prove yourself in my life Jesus and your name will be praised. Amen.
  5. Dear Jesus, you are my redeemer and strength. I worship you. I’m on my knees because of my forthcoming exams. I pray for a clean health result. Let sickness be far from me as I begin my studies. You have promised in your word that I will be healed, so I asked you to take charge lord. Every spirit of infirmity shall be free from me. Take me under your wings and protect me oh lord.
  6. Dear messiah, thank you for making me see another day. You have sheltered me from the darkness; I bow before your throne. My education is important to me, so help me God as I study let your power manifest. Dear God, in my exams, may I come out on top. You promise your children we will be the first, and not the last. I claim this prophecy upon my life, I shall fulfill the purpose for my studies amen.
  7. Christ our lord Jesus, you died for our sins and I am forever grateful. I am here because my exams are close, and I want to take my studies seriously. By your word, I refuse every spirit of anxiety in my life. I want the peace only God provides to dwell in me, fill me up oh lord. Let your holy spirit descend like calm waters on my soul. I bind every spirit of fear, let your divine power take overlord. I promise to come back and praise you, every living thing will hear of your good work in my life. I ask all this in your wonderful name. Amen.
  8. Dear Redeemer, my exams are here again. I proclaim by your power that every day I will have to write will be blessed. I bless myself, my supervisors, and all other partakers of the exam. In the bible, you said you bless the work of my hand. I declare my studies are blessed, let no evil force have power over me. By the end of this exam, I shall be blessed with distinction. God, save me from unrighteousness so that I will worship you to the end of my days.
  9. Dear righteous God, I am praying for my exam and my studies. I go against every spirit of exam fever, let your holy spirit drive them out in the lord’s name. Dear lord, I hide in your bosom. Feed me with knowledge from your throne of grace, anoint my head as I study. Let the radiance of your energy shine forth in my life, I shall bask in your confidence as I write every paper. Thank you, Jesus, for listening to me, as I ask so shall you answer. Amen.
  10. Prince of Zion your name is higher above all else. My studies have begun. Oh lord, I bring myself to your altar of excellence. Let your excellent spirit that possesses Daniel flow through me. I proclaim my exam shall be excellent. My father in heaven, thank you for the miracle you are about to do for me. Amen.
  11. Oh, Abba, father, you are God. Gracious is your name and your power holds the firmament of the universe. I will begin my studies soon, I asked that you remove every spirit of procrastination in my life. Give me the spirit to perform my duties when it is time. As I begin my exams, let me have the spirit of patience. Amen.
  12. Dear lord Jesus, you have paid day price for us. Thank you for dying for my sins. Let your blood speak and cast away every spirit of laziness in my life. As I study, send your holy spirit to fill me with strength from your throne of grace. I declare over my life I will not be tired when writing my exams. This I pray in your glorious name amen.
  13. My father my God, grant me the grace to study and pass my exams. Nothing on earth happens without your approval, I ask that you stamp your approval of distinction and merit when I am done with my exams.
  14. Holy one of Israel I worship you. You have made me more than a conqueror and for this, I will overcome my forthcoming exam. My studies shall never be in vain, every page I read shall be the right one. Dear God, you have done this before for me so I know you will do this again. Amen.
  15. I knew before your presence my God, presenting my studies and exams before your throne of grace.
  16. Dear god in heaven I am your son kneeling before your presence. Grants me an audience in your presence oh lord, later my desire is fulfilled. As I study for my exam every wall surrounding my success shall crumble likes the wall of Jericho. I shall have excellent assimilation of my studies and do excellently beyond my station in my exam. I ask this in the name of God in heaven.
  17. Abba Father, I am praying for my studies and my exams. Lets me find favor in your eyes, my creator, I come against every spirit or force of delay in my life. I proclaim over my studies that I will do well and not rewrite this exam again. Amen.
  18. Dear lord Jesus, my exams, and studies I have come to you to let you we’ll be done in my life. Every spirit of exam tension shall be removed immediately from my life. Let your holy spirit watch over me and soothe my nerves. I know and believe you have done this. Amen.
  19. Good morning Jehovah, I see your hand work in my life. I pray you continue to prove yourself as you have done in the past in my studies and education. Father send your word before me to prepare the place as I study and pass my exam amen.
  20. Dear God good morning. You have declared that your children would never suffer for anything. Let this word manifest in my life by ensuring that in my studies and exams, I shall reap the benefits of my efforts. Amen.
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In praying for your studies and exams, it is important to do so with faith in your heart. When you pray, having doubts will not make it work.

Make sure you spend a lot of time studying and preparing with the right resources for your upcoming examination.

Remember that faith without work is dead. So use these prayer points when trying to pray for your examination and studies.

Also, believe God when you have studied and trust in your heart that he will come through for you.

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