49 St. Anthony Prayers for a Miracle

Everyone is in need of a miracle. If you need divine intervention in any aspect of your life, praying to God is a sure way of getting answers. And St. Anthony is always ready to intercede on your behalf if you ask him to.

This prayer is for someone who is in need of a miracle and requests that St. Anthony pray for them.

Below Are 49 Prayers To St. Anthony For A Miracle

  1. O Holy Saint Anthony, a friend of my Lord, I appreciate your kind heart for always saying a prayer on my behalf. I thank you so much for the unexpected blessings that I have enjoyed. Even now, in my times of need, I send thanks to the Lord for me because I know that the divine will soon step into my case.


  1. I come to you with much thanks, St. Anthony, for always interceding for me. Many of the good things I have today are masterminded by your prayers for me. I thank you so much. Even now, that I’m in this state in need of supernatural intervention, please intercede for me again so I’ll find help.


  1. St. Anthony, I bless you for always saying a prayer for me. Even now, I need you to send another to my Lord. I’m desperately in need of direction to know the right decision out of the cross-road. Please send my prayers for my current state of need of healing to the Father.


  1. St. Anthony, please say a prayer for me, even now that I’m not completely stable. Let the Lord stretch his healing hands over me. I pray


  1. There’s no way out of this situation I’m faced with except for you to come through for me. St. Anthony, please say a prayer for me. Let this difficult time not sweep me off my feet. Keep me stable.


  1. St Anthony, say a word of prayer for me to the Lord. Let him speak to my heart and inspire me to make the right decision so that I’ll not experience disaster by making the wrong choice. See me through, I pray.


  1. O St Anthony, please pray for me again. There is no strength greater than yours, even now. Only your help that supersedes that of man can open doors for me in this organization as I desire. I received help from you today.


  1. Everyone has concluded how swiftly my end has come. But the word of the Lord says that those who put their trust in him will never experience shame. St. Anthony, please pray for me to the Father that he will show up for me even though there are many predictions that my end is near. Save me and lead me.


  1. Dear St. Anthony, I ask that you intercede for me. Even now, as I’m taking the popularly rough route, let the angels be with me. At every turn, by my side, by my front, let me experience a miracle.


  1. St. Anthony, pray for me. May my expectations today not be cut short. With men, it isn’t possible, but I trust God and I know that help will come through for me when I call on him. So, I ask that everyone and everything in that office favors me. Amen


  1. St Anthony, pray for me. Let the sweet presence of the holiest one overwhelm me so that as I step out, good tidings shall not be far from me. And all that is needed to accomplish my goals becomes available miraculously.
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  1. Thank you for the life that I live. I look to you for your intervention. Dear St Anthony, pray for me and help me to stand out even though I look disadvantaged. I’m sure that miracles still exist, so I ask that, with raised hands, this dream becomes my reality.


  1. Dear St Anthony, pray for me. I ask the Father to heal me from this infirmity that has held me stagnant. He said we should call him in any circumstances, even in times of distress like this. So I requested that help come for me.


  1. St Anthony, intercede for me; let Father imprint my name in the hearts of the invigilators and let my words be pleasant to their ears. Although it is obvious that they are strict, during my turn, I pray that divine help will show up for me.


  1. Dear St. Anthony, pray for me that this fear that has clouded my mind becomes positivity. His spirit in me doesn’t accommodate fearfulness. So, I ask that it not be found in me.


  1. The storms in my life are too sophisticated to handle. St. Anthony, please say a prayer on my behalf. Even now, let his unmerited help be my testimony.


  1. St Anthony, intercede for me. Let an unexpected sum of money hit my account and let my finances not remain the same to the penny.


  1. St. Anthony, pray for me. Let none of life’s tests towards me overwhelm me. Let him hide me under his wings and cause systems to open up to me from now henceforth.


  1. Even now that I need to complete the money for the project before me, I know that my salary from now till the end of the year put together will not sustain me. And the father multiplied food and made sure everyone who was hungry didn’t lack anything to eat. In the same way, St. Anthony prayed for me. Even now, when I need supernatural supplies, that even now is my experience.


  1. St. Anthony, pray for me. Let my thoughts not swallow me up. I know everyone else sees the smiling version of myself, but no one really understands me properly. Let me send an angel to wash away every negative and anxious word in my heart. The power of transformation is a miracle. And even as I become pure, let every negative thing in my life not stand in my way. Amen


  1. St Anthony, please pray for me to exceed this level. I’m thankful for all the mercies and blessings that I enjoy. But there’s more, so I won’t relent. I hope I don’t spend too much time on this mountain. Lord, elevate my levels and make me go higher for your glory.


  1. St Anthony, intercede for me. Let this conspiracy against me be fruitless. May the plans of these wicked ones that conspire against me not find expression. Save me, O Lord, divinely, and let your name be praised.


  1. His thoughts concerning me are perfect, pure, and beautiful. I ask St. Anthony that during these difficult seasons I face, they take a new turn. Let him take away sickness from my household and lead us into perfect peace.


  1. St. Anthony, pray for my safety. May the danger zone not swallow me up. Let my talents and abilities not be dragged away from the limelight. Yesterday, I lost an extremely good opportunity, but I trust him that greater ones will come even as time rolls in. Amen
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  1. I look to you even now that I can’t place my hands on the best possible thing to do. St Anthony, pray for me to the Father, for he has promised to restore all that the wicked ones have stolen away from me. I still trust him that he will see me through.


  1. St. Anthony, please pray for me. Allow the father to keep both my departure and return safe. There are so many mishaps out there today, but I refused to be afraid. May the road not swallow me as I board this vehicle to travel.


  1. St. Anthony, please pray for me and keep me from despair. Let his angels surround me and let your Holy Spirit comfort my heart and grant me the courage to move on from this confused state that I find myself in.


  1. St. Anthony interceded on my behalf, allowing me to be open to creative thought. Allow my mind to generate an idea that will propel me from where I am to a higher standard for your glory.


  1. Intercede on my behalf. May your guiding light shine upon my heart. Lead me and guide me. Much more than human imagination, let the touch of your spirit search my heart and make my path clearer. Amen


  1. St. Anthony, please pray for me. I’m still here, trusting you. Do not let me remain mediocre. My peers are much better than I am, but I still trust you that your mighty hand will lift me up and help me stand.


  1. Even in the midst of my dilemma, I still realize that great things can come my way. Allow St. Anthony to intercede for me, and let this time pass. This opens me up to greater possibilities.


  1. St. Anthony pray for me; let people from every cardinal point turn to bless me with good tidings. And may his angels bring them swiftly. I pray. Amen


  1. St. Anthony, intercede for me. Let my sins be cleaned. Let me be washed and cleansed from every impurity. May I be free from every shackle of the wicked. I hope they don’t have any say over me.


  1. St. Anthony, a friend of the God of impossibilities, prays for me. Let something life-changing burst forth from my life. Maybe something new will burst forth to evade all the terror I’ve faced. Amen


  1. It’s been years of trusting and I am still full of hope that help will come for me. St Anthony, pray to the Father to take away this addiction. Allow me to start over without these impediments, and grant me a pure heart, O Lord.


  1. I look up to you to say a prayer for me that the plans of my enemies concerning me cease to become a reality. Let systems submit for my sake and let greater levels of opportunities be open to me.


  1. St. Anthony interceded for me to gather the strength to face these mountains in front of me. Just like you came through for those who experienced hard times, let this to pass, and let it pass without delay.


  1. St Anthony, pray for me even in this time of distress that I face. Help me not to weep as I look up to you. Let me depend on no one, even now. Let him grant me assurance and enable me to build my trust and even my character on solid ground.
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  1. The owner of the entire universe promised not to leave me or allow the wicked ones to defeat me, and I trust him. without an iota of doubt. St. Anthony, pray for me to stand strong. I don’t know the things that are yet to come, but may they not sweep me off balance.


  1. St. Anthony, please pray for me to blossom as a sage. I received great wisdom, one that is much more than the usual understanding. Help me not to see this level that I am currently in as the final level. because he said he could do far more than I could imagine. My current experiences do not determine what I believe for myself. change things for my good Lord.


  1. I receive divine direction. I will not miss my step or step into mischief. St Anthony, please pray for me that even in these trying times, my gaze will remain fixed on you.


  1. I receive the grace to live above the norm. St. Anthony, pray for me to encounter supernatural provision. Let my economy be showered from above so that inflation and wealth eaters will not come close.


  1. St. Anthony pray for me to the Father of light that every condition that doesn’t look like him in my life ceases to exist. Let him work on me to the point that my life will be clear evidence that his presence is with me.


  1. To rule, explore, and command influence in this world, a certain level of wisdom is required. Dear St Anthony, that is a major goal of mine, so I request that you pray to the father for me to gather all the wisdom and knowledge that is required for me to make waves in this life.


  1. St. Anthony, pray for me that the hand of the Almighty continues to be with me even now in a great manner. So that everything around me will beam glory and everyone that encounters me will give glory to the Lord.


  1. The Almighty Father gave sight to the blind. Even those who had been written off as deaf until their last breath began to hear due to the power of his name. St. Anthony, pray for me that no adversity will overcome me but that I will remain firm to the glory of him who is in the highest.


  1. St. Anthony interceded on my behalf so that supernatural occurrences would become commonplace. Let the hand of the divine be evident in and through my life.


  1. In this time of peril, let help come for me. St Anthony, pray for me that my hope not shrink, but just as the Father wrought great miracles through the hands of the disciples of Jesus, let that sane grace come upon me for greater accomplishments.


  1. St Anthony, I appreciate your constant intercession for me. I want to thank you for investing your efforts towards my welfare. I ask that you pray for me even now that I’m in need of divine intervention. May I experience your help and may it come in time. Amen

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