20 Thank God for New Born Baby Quotes

It’s a blessing indeed to carry your baby or experience the rare treasure of a newborn in a family. The journey from conception to delivery is always a miracle, especially when successful.

This means you need to commit yourself as a pregnant woman, your wife, or someone you know who is pregnant into God’s hand in prayers for safety during this period till delivery.

Prayer can avert complications during delivery as well.

After safe delivery, you ought to return to the miracle worker in prayer and adoration for what he has done, especially for the gift of the newborn, because human knowledge cannot fathom the whole process.

This article is for someone who is expressing their gratitude to God for a baby in their family or for someone around them.

Here Are 20 Thank God Quotes for A New Born Baby

  1. Adonai, I appreciate your mindfulness toward me. This baby is super cute, just like the angels in heaven. I really can’t believe my vision is so clear. So, I join the hosts of heaven to shout out your praise. May the sun shine brightly on you from sunrise to sunset. Oh, what a blessed season to welcome this miracle in the form of a child.


  1. On seeing this blessing, I confess that good gifts like this are a great reward from the Lord. Blessed be your mighty hand on my family. Everything around me screams pleasure because of your good-looking handiwork in my family. My happiness cannot find total expression, nor can my joy be bottled up. Glory and praise to you.


  1. Father of all beautiful things, including this lovely gift in my hands, you deserve all the praise you deserve. I give thanks for the rare dew you’ve caused to rest upon my abode. It’s such an honor to handle this precious one from you. I wave my hands in adoration of you, dear Lord. For your majesty, dear Lord, for all your mercies, including this most recent one.


  1. My God!youI can’t stop staring at these prettiest eyes. I’m still surprised that no human is perfect because this creature is a wonder. This blessing is more rewarding than when a gold miner digs the biggest rock in search of pure gold. I thank you, Lord, for this babe. His/her tiny hands wrapped around my fingers gave me a heavenly sensation. Please accept my thanks. El-Shaddai.
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  1. As I close my eyes and roll my hands through this babe’s wimpy hair, I’m getting more ideas for how a creature like you can be this amazing. This miracle is too much for me to explain, and it’s amazing to know that the last nine months and a few days have brought forth this beautiful package. Glorify you.


  1. Dearest Father, I do not take this treasure for granted. I simply look up to you with an appreciative heart. It’s a pleasure to be a witness to your goodness by adding glory and beauty to this family. All the glory to you, mighty creator. You have showered us with grace through this time. We honor you. You only have to be hallowed.


  1. Lord, as I hold these cute and tiny hands, I can only thank you for your kind heart. I bless you for not turning your back on me when we called on you for safety before, during, and after delivery. I appreciate you because there was no confusion or complications during the tense period, and your help calmed our tense hearts so fast. Truly, you are always on time.


  1. If these small ears could hear me and convey my message to the creator, my heart says thanks. I can’t stop staring and thanking you. I thought of this moment as a joyous one before now, but I never knew that it was so full of awe. I’m delighted to experience this moment. Glory to the father of precious gifts and glowing kingdom stars. May this joy roll on in our hearts.


  1. Oh, what an innocent, sweet soul! This blessing is too much to restrain me from shouting loudly. I wish to get to the mountain top and amplify what’s in my heart. For the great experiences, you put me through, big thanks. Indeed, this one you’ve formed will testify to your glory, for you are praiseworthy, dear Lord.
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  1. Father, I thank you. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to raise this child. If I were to be rated and granted this opportunity based on merit, then I might have failed without the need for a second chance. But you never stop being God. Thank you for turning a blind eye to my insecurities and limitations. Your help amazes me to the fullest. Even now, I remain full of thanks to you.


  1. Dear Lord, although this seed was sown, you made it productive. For this infant, thank you. Who would have known what would have happened in the time to come but for your mercies that ensure that the lines fall in pleasurable places for this family? This timing is perfect, this gender is perfect, and nothing is missing because there is a divine source of provision and help.


  1. Father, I’m taken aback by this baby’s innocent expression. He/she looks so innocent with a clear heart, so tender as a lamb. I ascribe all the glory to you, dear Master. Continue to shepherd me, for your ways are just and the end result is glorious. Glorify you.


  1. It’s such a joyous feeling to know that someone is depending on me even as I am looking up to you. Your goodness looks stunning on me, including this lovely babe. He/She is so beautiful. I’m privileged to share this daily experience with this lovely kid. May you grant me the grace to be as trustworthy to this babe as I am to you. A big thank you to the father of fathers.


  1. Dear Father, joy unspeakable has been our experience through this wonderful arrival. May your all-mighty hand continue to lift up your own. Let this fact grow in the atmosphere of glory, praising your name now and forever more. May no awful circumstance draw this baby away, but as we offer him/her in praise, be magnified.
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  1. This house was fantastic with the pioneers of the family in unison, but you have embellished this house with so much life. There is now a baby to play with and run around with. Thank you in advance for securing this babe. This one is secured under your cover. Forevermore, glory to God in the highest for this pleasure that recently reached the earth.


  1. Adding a baby to this family calls for gratitude. Gracious father, thank you for smiling on us and beholding us in glory. You are a worthy, mighty God, and just like the earth is full of your amazingness, this one will show forth your praise. His/her life will continuously bless you.


  1. Dear Father, thank you for trusting me with this rare gem. Not everyone who desires or envisions these moments gets their desires granted, but this possibility is so marvelous for this family. Thank you for assigning this interesting and amazing responsibility to this household. It has added colour and more reasons to worship your mighty name.


  1. Thank you, Father of light, for making this home fruitful. You regulated everything and made this precious one, in particular, come forth at this time that is just perfect for you. It is satisfying to us. We join the hosts of angels to lay ourselves before your throne in reverence to the God of possibilities.


  1. Father, this has been a long journey for Frank, but you have made it successful. Many desire to go on this journey, but they haven’t been granted this chance to. In this season, however, this family has felt your all-gratitude hand. Heaven’s mercy was poured out upon us down to the delivery period. Glory to Abba


  1. For this unlimited favor that you’ve granted unto us, Lord, you are great. Even with this addition, take dominion. In honor of your name, I dedicate this great favor you’ve shown me in the form of a child to you and you only. This one will shine as a light in your kingdom. I’m brimful with gladness, and my thankful heart adores you.

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