92 Short New Week Prayers For Hustlers

Welcome to the start of a new week! We hope that you had a restful and rejuvenating weekend and that you’re ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities that the coming days will bring.

As hustlers, we know that the start of a new week can often feel overwhelming, with endless to-do lists and the pressure to perform at our best.

But it’s important to remember that we are not alone in this journey. There is strength in community, and by coming together to support and encourage one another, we can tackle even the most daunting tasks.

With that in mind, we wanted to start off this new week with some prayers and positive affirmations for all of the hustlers out there.

We hope that these words will provide you with the strength, courage, and motivation you need to tackle the week ahead:

92 Best Happy New Week Prayers for Hustlers

  1. Dear Lord, you have been faithful in the past, and now I can profess anywhere I go that you have helped me greatly. Thank you profoundly for being so thoughtful of me. My mind doesn’t skip so fast in fear of what the day holds because you are always near me.


  1. Thank you, Father, for your love toward me. I’m amazed by you. Every morning when I open my eyes, I don’t cease to see your loving kindness all around me. Thank you for revealing your love, which grants me hope every passing morning.


  1. Father, in your words, you said that there is more hope for a dog that is alive than for a lion that is dead. You promised never to leave or forsake me. Even when things get tough, I look up to your word, and I’m all fired up to press on. Thanks a lot.


  1. In you, Lord, I find rest for my soul. Thank you, blessed Lord, for blessing my heart with your peace. This peace passeth all understanding, indeed. I love the assurance you grant me every morning when I wake that it is well with the works of my hands.


  1. Dear Lord, I’m super grateful for my progress. I planned so much in the past. Although I haven’t gotten there yet, I’m so optimistic that the lines are falling into pleasant places for my sake. Thanks a lot.


  1. Father, I love your presence, which gives me favor every day. All the giant strides I’ve encountered recently are a result of your favor in my life. I give you thanks, Lord.


  1. Lord, I thank you for the excellent spirit you’ve put inside of me. I’m outstanding in my endeavor because of you. I pray that you’ll continually lead me and direct my path. Amen


  1. Dear Lord, thank you for my unique personality. It’s amazing to know the manner in which you created me. Continue to help me be diligent, I pray.


  1. Father, I pray that you constantly remind me of my responsibility. And even as I take steps to become better, bless the works of my hands and enlarge my capacity. May my barns be full as well.


  1. Heavenly Lord, even as I step out today, help me not to rely on my strength but let your spirit direct me on the right path to follow and guide me on the best actions to take.


  1. Father, bless my day today. As I step out, may the east, north, west, south, and everywhere else possible favor me. From today being Monday, I’m opened up to greater possibilities by your spirit. Lead me and guide me.


  1. Abba, I remembered the story of Peter and how he toiled all night and wasted his efforts. Last week was rough for me, and I trust that that was my night. By day, you gave him an easier route and made his life better. I trust you this week that my hustle will pay off well, even more than ever. Amen


  1. Heavenly Father, I trust you that supernatural help will show up for me in this new week as my eyes are fixed on your help, Lord.


  1. Dear Abba, one thing I’m sure of is that your mercies are freshly available every morning. So, I know that this new week is packed full of your blessings.


  1. Jireh, I know that you are always there for me to supply my every need. Even as I step out, I pray that everything that encounters my hands becomes productive in this new week.


  1. Dear Lord, I believe in your restoration. I know that you’ll continue to help me so long as I trust in you. So, I keep my hopes high on you.
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  1. Father may my business, and everything that concerns me in this new week, there shall be no loss. Help has come for me, and I remain open to what the spirit of God is doing. None of my properties are permitted to go missing as well.


  1. Lord, I trust that you’ll go before me today, and every path that is bent and unreceptive to me will become straightened and accommodative. Thank you, Elohim.


  1. Lord, thank you for the great favor that I see. I trust that you will grant me wisdom to navigate through this season of my life and that my business will blossom in the end. Amen


  1. Lord, I believe that there is nothing impossible in your name. Even right now, I pray that as the week begins, all those difficulties I faced at work last week will be gone, and the week will be blissful in your name.


  1. Thank you, Lord, for an overflow. I trust that the lines are falling into pleasant places for my sake. Thank you, dearest Father, in advance for all the clients and a productive week ahead.


  1. Lord, I receive from you what it takes to be outstanding. Let the works of my hands be favored. Uplift me and uphold me. In this new week, please give me the wisdom and discernment to make wise business decisions.


  1. Dear Father, please grant me the strength and endurance to persevere through the challenges and obstacles that come with being a hustler. May this hustle not see my end.


  1. Lord, make me resilient. Even as I consider my emotions, may they not take complete hold of me so that I won’t bounce back when tough times come this week. See me through, Lord.


  1. Father, open my eyes to see opportunities even in places that look tight and dark. Those riches in secret places you spoke of in your word, help me to stumble upon them and maximize them.


  1. God, please provide me with the resources, relationships, and privileges that I need to grow my business and attain the goals I’ve set for it this week and beyond.


  1. Dear Lord, help me to understand what I will come across this week. Help me to be in no way irrational, but guide my every move and action towards people.


  1. Lord, please give me the courage to take risks. May my heart not skip in fear like last week. Prompt me to know when I’m in the wrong lane and grant me the faith to trust in your plan for my life as a whole.


  1. Father, help me to know how important it is to work in your plans. Do not let money take over my conscience, but help me to be mindful of you at all times. Let money not be my motivating factor even as I even strive harder to improve my hustle.


  1. Lord, teach me to continue to be diligent. Help me not to fix my eyes on getting quick wealth that will fly away when the wind blows. Help me focus. Help my heart to be open-hearted to receive corrections and perceive the best possible way to take action. Amen


  1. Father, please give me the discipline and focus I need to stay on track and stay motivated. May nothing push me out of your way, but let my eyes be steady on you, even this week.


  1. God, please grant me the creativity and knowledge I need to stand out in my industry and bring so much value to my customers.


  1. Father, may my efforts not end up being of half-baked value.


  1. Abba, in the labor market, where a lot of people do the same thing as I do, help me to stand tall and make my path smooth.


  1. Dear Lord, I thank you for last week because I foresee that this week will end much more wonderful. Continue to be with me, Lord.


  1. Heavenly Father, may your guiding light be my shield today and throughout the week. As I step out, every form of accident, even in my place of work, is abolished by your power. Amen


  1. Lord, please grant me the wisdom and discernment to surround myself with the right people who can help me grow and succeed.


  1. Abba, may the wrong association not steal all the virtue you’ve deposited in me. Open my eyes to know the people I should walk around with, and grant me what it takes to bring value to their lives as well.


  1. Father, where my voice tends not to reach, elevates me. Amplify my advertisement and grant me more sales today, through the week, and beyond.
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  1. Dear Lord, I’m nothing without your direction. May I not be confused today? Grant me great conviction as to why I should take every action.


  1. Father, please give me the strength to overcome fear and self-doubt and the courage to pursue my dreams and passions.


  1. Lord, help me not to forget the big picture ahead of me because of the circumstances of life that hit hard daily.


  1. Heavenly Father, overwhelm me with sufficient grace, so I’ll end my journey halfway.


  1. God, please provide me with the resources and support I need to build a successful business that makes a positive impact on the world.


  1. May my going out every day not end in satisfying my pockets alone, Lord, but let my service be imprinted in the hearts of the people I encounter.


  1. Father, please give me the wisdom to handle my finances wisely and the discipline to save and invest for the future.


  1. As I plan to begin new projects for my business this week, teach me personally and grant me the ability to listen and to do so with grace.


  1. Father, please give me the courage to take calculated risks and the faith to trust in your plan for my life.


  1. Lord, take away my selfishness! May I not dabble in what I ought not to for personal gain?


  1. Father, give me a sense that is beyond the common. By your Spirit, take full charge of my helplessness and save me, Lord.


  1. God, please grant me the enablement, strength, and endurance to persevere through the tough times and not remain stuck in the unfavorable outcomes of the past.


  1. Father, help me to do rigmarole in confusion. Save me from making stupid mistakes again and again.


  1. Lord, please grant me the insight and discernment to prioritize my time and focus on the most important tasks.


  1. Abba, open my eyes to carefully break away from things that I shouldn’t spend time on.


  1. Father, please give me what it takes to bring new and innovative ideas to my business.


  1. Heavenly Father, teach me to love people so that I’ll not only serve them but let there be a deeper connection so I’ll leave them as better people, adding more value to their lives.


  1. Dear Lord, even as I make new strides, save me from pride and help me work diligently and make profitable decisions in my business.


  1. Lord, grant me the discipline to remain fixed on my aims. May I not compromise this week; speak to me on every move I take, Lord.


  1. Father, enable me to overcome fear and self-doubt. I believe that I am made for more. In moments when it seems contrary, let these words penetrate my soul through your sweet, small voice.


  1. Heavenly Lord, for the courage, zeal, and steady intensity with which I pursue my dreams and passions, I look up to you and know that you make it possible.


  1. God, you have promised not to leave or forsake me. Even as I solely depend on you in this new week, provide me the support I need, and I pray.


  1. Lord, take away every form of foolishness from my life. As my business blossoms this week, help me to make the right choices.


  1. Abba, by my strength, my hustle will not yield much, but help me to keep trusting in you and aligning myself with principles that work for my business.


  1. Father, all these achievements and the intensity put into this hustle will not just die down all of a sudden. Oh Lord, sustain my handiwork with your right hand.


  1. Father, help my faith in you to grow, and even as I take risks for this business, help me not to permit fear to take over me.


  1. May setbacks not see my end, oh Lord, but I pray that you back me up constantly and uphold me.


  1. Lord, please put in me a fresh and fierce desire to succeed in this new week. Refuel my passion and keep me motivated to move ahead.


  1. Father, with you in my life, I’ve got an added advantage. Even as I keep holding on, I ask that your creative spirit in me find expression.


  1. Heavenly Lord, as circumstances and unfavorable situations stick around to derail me, I pray that you keep me stronger.


  1. Thank you, Father, for the gift of a supportive family. I pray that you bless my hustle so that they’ll benefit as well.


  1. Father, I give thanks for my hustle. As I step out today, I pray that you grant me what it takes to be a productive hustler.
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  1. Lord, help my eyes to see beyond now. I pray that you open up greater possibilities for me as well.


  1. Dear Lord, I ask for special ideas that work and a calm mind so that my mind will be receptive to your words as you speak to me at work today. Amen


  1. May I not be lackadaisical about life, but, Lord, by your mercies, let help come for me.


  1. Abba, build in me the virtues of a great personality so that I’ll only dispense positive energy everywhere I go and even as I hustle this week.


  1. Father, help me not to underestimate your investments in my life. Teach me to utilize my talents, and may your gifts in me glorify you this week.


  1. Assist me, Father, to see how much you love me and enable me to use this privilege to make my life worth living.


  1. Abba, strength comes from you. So, in this new week, I shut the door against laziness and receive the grace to work harder with wisdom in Jesus’ name. Amen.


  1. As founder and custodian of good success, I ask that you’ll increase and amplify my efforts. Grant me success in all I do, Lord.


  1. Heavenly Father, as I look up to you for enlargement, I pray that you’ll make a way for me so that I can be an employer of labor and that society will benefit from your help in my life in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. In this new week, may nothing steal my joy. Please help me to prioritize my happiness as well so that my days at work will be full of joy.


  1. As I step out in optimism that things will work out for my good, I ask the Lord that your peace flood my heart and that you’ll grant me a stable mind.


  1. May everything around me work for my good this week and beyond.


  1. Father, I declare by faith that I will not borrow but lend to people in need.


  1. Dear Lord, I’m under your emblem. I cannot and will not be hurt by any man. My life and surroundings remain untouched in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Abba, everywhere I go, I carry your presence along. With you, I know and am sure that I’ll rejoice this week.


  1. Thank you, dear Lord, for the wisdom that has come this week. I’m all fired up for this new week because I know that I’ll experience your goodness again.


  1. Dear Lord, as you’ve started beautiful work in my business, I know that you’ll continue to sustain it. This week is blessed for me.


  1. As the day dawns and my eyes are open to see your goodness again, I’m sure that you’ll grant me a blissful experience in my hustle today.


  1. I receive wisdom from looking back at your faithfulness when it’s tough. Help me to set up my foundation strongly on the rock so that I’ll remain even through hard situations.


  1. My hands are occupied with the blessings of the Lord, and your blessings, oh Lord, add only joy with no touch of sorrow attached. So, the work of my hands can only get better.


  1. Thank you, Lord, as you’ve started such a marvelous thing in my life and won’t stop. I’m set for a bounty this week.


  1. Abba, the testimonies that have emanated from this hustle can only be from your hand and by your power. Thank you because it’s another bliss-filled week.


  1. Dear Lord, I appreciate your loving kindness toward me. Your goodness is all around me, even very obvious in the works of my hands. I’m grateful.


  1. For this point in time where I am Lord, I give you thanks.


  1. I do not take for granted the fulfillment my hustle brings. Though it’s still a process, I thank you for making it this beautiful.


  1. Dearest Father, I thank you for this sense of purposeful fulfillment. I know this week on this path, I’ll experience much beauty to the glory of your name. Amen


  1. Thank you, Father, for everyone that has come my way, especially to bless me. I know that this week I will stumble upon more helpers and attract people who will help my business grow as well.


  1. Blessed Redeemer, thank you for the great privilege of last week. I know that this new one will be greater, and my hustle will flourish.


  1. Thank you for my hustle. Heavenly Lord, I believe that you will not leave me hanging in this new week but that help will come through for me in the name of Jesus. Amen

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