70 New Year Prayers for School

New Year Prayers for School

It’s simply beautiful to begin another new year at school. It is also a chance to plan your grades and decide how the year will end for you as a student. No matter how crucial planning is for the whole year or even less, you need to say a prayer to the Father, who will … Continue reading

50 Prayers for A New Career

Prayers for A New Career

Climbing to the zenith career-wise is a powerful goal to aim for. This objective will push someone to study harder, gather as much knowledge as possible, and build relationships in order to get to the top. However, it is crucial to say a prayer at the point where you attain a new career. Here Are … Continue reading

50 St Anthony Prayers for Love

St Anthony Prayers for Love

Everyone wants and needs love. And because it is better to be on the giving end than on the receiving end, it is important to This is a prayer you can say to St Anthony for love. Underneath Are 50 St Anthony’s Prayer For Love O Holy Saint Anthony, a close friend of the Holy … Continue reading

50 New Year Eve Prayers

New Year's Eve Prayers

There is always a feeling of ecstasy or despondency at the end of the year. Depending on your disposition, especially if you permit your circumstances to determine your state of joy. However, it is crucial to put on a thankful heart no matter what is going on. This prayer is for anyone who wants to … Continue reading

50 Pastoral Prayers for the New Year

Pastoral Prayers For The New Year

Pastoral prayers are powerful, especially when they are said at the beginning of the year. It is usually a prayer of agreement, and even the word of God acknowledges that prayers made in agreement are potent; how much more so when a spiritual authority prays as well? Here Are 50 Pastoral Prayers For The New … Continue reading