60 Prayer Points For The Last Day Of The Year

It is always a beautiful experience to see the last day of the year, no matter what happened in between.

However, it is crucial to end the year in prayers of thanksgiving and reminding God of your expectations, as something glorious can still happen on the last day of the year.

It is important to also pray, thanking God for the incoming year and stating your expectations to him in your prayers.

These prayer points are most suitable to thank God for the year and set the ball rolling for a glorious year ahead.

Underneath Are 60 Prayer Points To Say On The Last Day Of The Year

  1. Thank you, Father, for multiplying your blessings upon me. Day after day, you never cease from making provisions available to me. From the air that I breathe to my daily intake and expenditures, I extol you, my Lord.


  1. Thank you, God, for providing for my family. Every beautiful blessing I see around me can be attributed to you, dear Lord. I appreciate your mindfulness and great blessings. Your great hand has wrapped me around from the beginning of the year until now. You are greatly admired.


  1. I ask oh Lord for your mercies. Overflood my heart, wash me, and take me away from everything that contaminates my body to enable me to accommodate you as your temple. I pray for the forgiveness of sin and ask that great grace be made available to me so that I can live a life that is consistent with that of an accurate believer.


  1. I pray for the grace to obey God’s counsel. I ask that God enable me not only to study his word in the new year but also that the level of my obedience to his word in the upcoming year will be massive. I ask that your grace abound and that you stand by me in the coming year.


  1. I ask for enablement and the capacity to forget the unfavorable things that have taken place before now. I pray that your strength comes upon me to overcome tough challenges and stand tall during such times in the year to come.


  1. I pray for wisdom to run through the year as a success. I ask that you oh Lord impact upon me the spirit of discernment and that I will not spend the year making mistakes upon mistakes.


  1. Abba, may your hand protect you and keep me safe even as the year rounds up and into the new year. I ask that no form of harm will hijack me as you step out, but as I walk out and come back home, may my endeavors be profitable, and may my adventure end in safety. Amen


  1. I pray for the security of my loved ones. I ask that even as I have come to the end of the year, may the Lord safeguard my family members. Oh Lord, may my loved ones will not cease to enjoy your protection in the year to come. Amen


  1. Dearest Father, I acknowledge your help and I ask for your enablement in my spiritual life. I pray that my connection with you, Lord, should not die but that my passion comes alive and may my zeal for spiritual things not wax cold even as I cross over into the new year.


  1. I pray oh Lord that you guide every step that I take in the year to come. I ask that may you guide my steps not to deviate from the perfect and pleasant plans that you have outlined for my life.


  1. I ask that even as I mark the end of the year, dear God may make you open to me several opportunities to bless the lives of others. I pray for the ability to serve others from the whole of my heart much more than I did this year.


  1. Father, I pray for the spirit of love and the mind to love. May I not just live my life haphazardly in the new year. But I ask you, Lord for the grace to love from the depth of my heart, and by your spirit, may my life radiate love even in this new year.
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  1. I pray oh Lord that you direct my path and assist me in making choices that will not lead to my destruction. May you open my eyes and make my perception sharper to build solid relationships with the right people.


  1. Dear Lord, I request the right disposition towards friendship. I ask that you help me to maintain a friendly posture and grant me the grace to remain patient as I treat the people around me as prescribed by the Bible in the new year.


  1. I pray Lord that by your mighty hand upon my endeavor, may my life take a better turn in the coming year. I ask that in the coming year, may the blessings of the Lord rest upon your studies, work, skill, and all I put my hands to. I ask for the rain of your blessings too. Amen


  1. Almighty God, I ask that you smile upon me even as the year ends. By your right hand, make the difficult path an effortless thread in the upcoming year. I pray that I will experience a greater impact of your love for me in this season, in the name of Jesus. Amen.


  1. May your uncommon favour rest upon my life in the new year. I ask that your great mercy comes through for me even in times when everything looks tight. I pray that kings come to honor me as your favour places me in the spotlight.


  1. May unity spread round in the church of God. I ask that the little units of family, community, and every society at large experience the mercies of God, and may you bring them to a point of unity in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Abba, I pray for peace in war-torn areas and in places that are in glaring danger; may your peace change the rudder and eliminate every wicked plan to cause terror or waste life and resources.


  1. I thank you dear God for the many privileges I enjoyed throughout the year, bearing in mind that they will not cease in the upcoming year. I ask that it may open more pleasant doors for me even as you cross over.


  1. I request oh God for a large heart that will not forget to declare or acknowledge the blessings of God throughout the year up until this point. I plead that may my heart have no room for ingratitude.


  1. May my relationship with you not only get better in this new year but greater and not the other way around. I request that your presence go before, after, and beside me even as I move forward to the next year.


  1. I pray that your Heavenly Spirit fills and enriches my heart with pleasure. And as I position myself for the next year, may my expectations not be a hard task to achieve, but may doors open up for me and may men rise up to make my aspirations come true in the new year. Amen


  1. Heavenly Father, I ask that every form of confusion, lack of focus, and hopelessness that the enemy has packaged for me in this period comes to an end so that I can get a clear glimpse of what you are set to do for me in the new year. Amen


  1. I pray oh Lord that every plan of the enemy to stop me from walking in the manifestation of my pre-ordained purpose ceases to exist. I ask for your strength, courage, and wisdom in my life, even at this critical time.


  1. Heavenly Father, I speak against every form of frustration placed before me to make my dreams look invalid. I ask that every distraction set in my way to deviate me from figuring out the things that are of value to me be made null and without progress. Amen


  1. I pray for the spirit of discernment. I ask that even as so many things unfold next year, may I know the right actions to take and the perfect time to take action. Amen
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  1. I ask dear God that you grant me a clearer vision and may my will be submitted to yours. I pray that in this new year I will not insist on my own way and end in distraction, but may I wait patiently till you speak and take action in that regard.


  1. I pray oh Lord that you open my eyes and grant me a better perception of my purpose. In this new year, may I not be confused about the things to do that will lead to my fulfillment, and even as I press on, I ask that the grace not go in vain without clarity.


  1. Dear Lord, grant me the motivation to set goals that are not far from your plans for my life, and in the upcoming year, I receive the grace to do what it takes to make my objectives a reality. And I pray that my set goals will be great achievements in the end with your help.


  1. I ask Father that my needs will be met even as the year ends and up until the new year. May you uphold me closely so that I won’t remain in need because it is your will that I prosper in wealth even as my soul flourishes.


  1. I pray for a balanced life. Oh God, I receive your assistance in the upcoming year to be sound all around. I ask that may my physical well-being flourish as well in the name of Jesus. Amen.


  1. Almighty God, I open up to joy unspeakable in the upcoming year. As always, the devil will try to steal my joy, but ask that may your joy constantly remain in my heart, and I ask that you enable me to stay joyful even in trying and unfavorable situations. Amen


  1. I pray that my hope remains alive and waxes stronger and stronger. May my dreams and goals not die but may fresh vigor come upon me that will last till the end of the year. Heavenly Lord keep me motivated all through the upcoming year.


  1. Everlasting Father, I receive the grace to be resilient till the end of the year and may your consistent hand oh Lord stabilize my faith during the tough circumstances that will come up in the upcoming year. Amen


  1. I pray for the wisdom to make the best possible decisions. And I ask that oh Lord you make me wise throughout the year so I won’t fall victim to dubious people and may my choices not spoil the rest of the year for me. Amen


  1. I open up to rest during this period. I ask that dear God you grant me rest from the strain and turbulence that I faced this year. May you stabilize me, and grant me peace and great grace. In the end, may my family experience the same peace. Amen


  1. I pray for the grace to stay away from worrying. My deepest prayer is that your words keep me assured that beautiful things lie ahead, and as I stay far from worrying about life’s necessities, may your able hands teach me to trust in you at all times. Amen


  1. I received light. In this period, may the eyes of your understanding be not closed or blurry. My request is that in this new year, may my mind not be twisted, and may I think the right thoughts, and let my mind be renewed by the spirit of God. Amen


  1. I pray for the ability to pray at all times. And as long as my heart is open, may you help me to stay humble all through the year and beyond. As the year kicks starts, by your spirit, strength and grace, I will not faint, and as I maintain a praying posture, may I not fall into temptation. Amen


  1. Heavenly Lord, I pray that you will not help me not to faint in times of battle. I acknowledge my helplessness without your strength oh Lord, by your might, I ask that he empowers you greatly for the year to come. Pray that the year ends on a glorious note.
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  1. I pray for a large heart in the upcoming year so that I will not respond to everything that happens in my life, but I pray for the grace to be sensitive enough to understand the seasons I am in and by your help, I receive the grace to decipher what is best to do and may the will be made available to do what I ought to do.


  1. I ask oh Lord that you grant me the boldness and fearlessness to display my talent in the upcoming year. May nations come to my light and let every form of fear not take over my life. Amen


  1. I pray that your spirit oh Lord occupies my heart. And may your presence be with me every step of the way throughout the year to come. I ask for your passion to lighten every dark spot in my life and help me to get more intimate with your personality.


  1. Heavenly Father, I ask that you grant me a heart for people. May empathy, kindness, and compassion be my watchwords this year. Help my life, oh, dear Lord, and may the year be an outburst of love on every side.


  1. I pray for the courage to take risks. The word of the Lord says that the righteous are as bold as a lion. So, I ask oh God for the grace not to be frightened or run away from risky and tough situations. But may I remain full of courage and strength.


  1. I receive the grace not to be an instrument of limitation to myself and the future you have planned for you. I ask that every form of unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, hurt, and pride not take over my heart as I end the year or even in the new year.


  1. Dear Lord, I pray that the pursuit of money will not drive me far away from your presence but may you grant me the audacity to seek first your kingdom, not just as this year folds up but as the new year unfolds. Amen


  1. I pray for the fresh baptism of the spirit of humility. May no form of self-centeredness take over me in the coming year, but may I be promoted to let God take center stage in everything I engage in as the year ends and beyond. Amen


  1. I ask for the strength and capacity to stay pure, remain righteous, and be full of the spirit. May the intensity of my spiritual strength not dim as the year ends but I request that special spiritual vigor powers my activities next year.


  1. I pray for the grace and foresight to flee from temptation and all forms of impurity in the coming year.


  1. Dear Father, open me up to a generous heart to bless those in need in the next year.


  1. I pray that my talents, skills, and abilities find expression and are rightly channeled in the coming year in the name of Jesus. Amen


  1. Lord, I ask for the wisdom to spend time prudently. I pray that you make me diligent, patient, and smart as I engage in my daily endeavors. Amen


  1. I pray that my heart not be forgetful and shut to the glorious things that I enjoy. But I ask the Lord that in times where I am down, may I not forget to appreciate his faithfulness in the past.


  1. I ask the dear Lord for courage to speak and stand for what is accurate.


  1. Abba, I pray for the zeal and passion to focus on purpose and what matters in the upcoming year.


  1. Heavenly Father, I ask that you grant me a peace-filled year ahead. Amen


  1. I pray for a focused mind throughout the year to come. Amen


  1. Abba, I thank you for the year in advance and I appreciate your faithfulness from the beginning to the end.

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